COVID Scenario

COVID Scenario
Everyone’s hypocrisy surfaced.

Here we get to know, who valued lives, people’s security, money, or their wrong decisions as Govts and Leaders in the world.

But we as people (society), do we value our own lives, Do we take precautions, follow social distancing, save for future, better our performance to support our company, economy, and country?
So eventually, we also got to know how we as people behaved. We expected others to care for us and did not deal with ourselves logically for our benefit.

State Govts fighting over who would bear the travel cost of migrant workers
Projects, Manufacturing plants given green signal along with migrant workers to travel back home. Who is expected to work in factories, projects, and make them functional?

The economy needs to be supported by sympathizing with people or supporting the assignments of these sectors? How is our lockdown exit-plan or was there any plan in place?
Was our focus 360 degree or we just thought we had a magic wand?

We haven’t learnt our lessons. The crowd outside the liquor shops, the way we gave reasons to authorities to go out for unimportant things, the way we reacted to health workers and journalists, the way we cared for the poor as human beings.

We complained of no food, no job and there we were paying double the amount for liquor or standing in long queues in the hot sun.
Any society has a mix of good and bad. But if not for such scenarios will we ever be able to hold a mirror to ourselves and understand ourselves as a society?

-Sucheta Gour

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