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How stable and sustainable planning to opt for the future?

Indirectly, more stringent control on the people, and better initiatives by Govt. Hopefully, the implementation also turns out successful. I just predicted this in my blog on May 2nd and here we go…..
Three months pandemic -lockdown effect impacting a forthcoming three years functionality and pulling a few sectors two to five decades behind. How stable and sustainable planning to opt for the future?

• Landbank being developed in Gujarat. Tamil Nadu, Andhra to offers twice the land for companies opting out of China.
• UP Govt appealing new ordinance on labor reforms.
• India already preparing the road map to accommodate business out of China.
• More investors, more companies to be welcomed to India to revive the economy and make a golden opportunity out of the situation.

Though sad, a very historical initiative by UP Govt to
• Give holiday for most labor laws for the next 3 years
• 72 hrs engagement per week and 12 hours working/day as normal
• No minimum wages applicable
• Hire and fire at Company’s will.

Will there be a cascading effect upwards with these norms. Will there be a better engagement of well-paid resources too Or will only the lowest rung suffer?

-Sucheta Gour

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