Revamping HR policies

Revamping HR policies….
It’s time to create a new HR Manual by all the Companies now.
New HR policies, Standard Operating procedures, Templates, and Agreements for all activities of all the departments.

To build a complete analysis of what will work, the processes, the challenges, the workaround -based on the forthcoming scenario will be a great task for any organization now. This activity will definitely take 18 to 24 months for the reason that, the scenario will keep changing every quarter. The impact on each Company, OEM, and Sr Management will have a cascading effect on the Sectors, Suppliers, and all the employees respectively.

Govt has already come up with historical decisions supported by new reforms and ordinances like never before. In the following months, the Government will also make a lot of amendments to the reforms at regular intervals to revive the economy and be a Model Nation to the rest of the world.

The change will be constant and at a faster pace than experienced ever before.
The need to survive will bring in this essential approach. Now the race is set up to excel with newer and tougher targets. Who adapts faster will win the race.

-Sucheta Gour

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