A journey of friendship….progress in approach with age.

A journey of friendship….progress in approach with age.
When you are in junior school, friendship is being and enjoying a relation which is not bound by limitations, priorities, expectations and rules. You dont even know who is a friend and who is your enemy. You are going to play, fight and have fun with all in the school, colony or apartment. At times you also involve parents, they fight on your behalf and create distance between each other and ruin their impression. But you are again back with your friend. There is no memory maintained for good or bad. Fun and company to play are the only criteria on which friends are made. And since communication is on daily basis, and no great expectations so life and people (friends ) are beautiful. You dont think before you speak.Your anger, happiness, appreciations all are momentary. So no baggage carried.

Then you go to the next phase college, you start developing emotions for others’ actions. You start categorising and labelling people as good, bad, closest, not so close and further reciprocate in accordance. Your memory card starts popping up their actions from past making you judge people on their long term sustained actions, behaviour. You avoid people based on compatibility issues. You want people to be a part of your problem and fun, both.

Thereon you move to next phase, your career, you lose touch with many of your friends from school and college. But when you interact with them you relive that approach in words alone. But now, when you make newer friends, you are very cautious about their status, their background, judgemental and calculative at the same time. You have limitations, expectations, rules and priorities well defined against each friend of yours. Relations get formal. Assumptions are made about what other thinks, the behaviours are judged. Lesser communication leads to misunderstanding. You think before you speak. Further distance and extremely busy life adds to the relation turning out more formal.

-Sucheta Gour

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  1. Excellent and very true, we all should learn not to Carry baggage of any sort for to be happy truly

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