Why she isn’t loved? Is it beneficiary to be strong or is it better to be timid and dependent?

Strong women face depression not because they aren’t wanted by anyone. They are very important and effective in all lives associated with them. They can make a difference to even 1000 lives they associate with.
But they feel lonely because, they are not wanted by anyone to be loved or cared. But only to love and care for others.

Why she isn’t loved?

Many people assume she doesn’t need to be loved because she already have many who love and care for her.
Or few assume that she is so strong and practical, that she doesn’t value emotions at all.

Is it beneficiary to be strong or is it better to be timid and dependent?

I would still say strong, because a life with favours ,sympathy from others in the name of love which people will one day drown you in the debt of gratitude and drive you weaker emotionally is not worth it. And no one can shield  you and prioritise you forever.

There is a statement, ‘Fake it before you make it’. And if a life faking strength makes you so powerful from within, then why not? Eventually you get used to live a life full of contentment that you are self made and you do not need support. Expectations make you sad. A shoulder always makes you weaker. A giver is always contended.
What best can happen to you than to be in a place not to receive from people but from God Himself. Invaluable Blessings for all the good you’ve done and stood by all.

– Sucheta Gour

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