Everyone can’t be pleased always. Even God can’t please everyone always

When anything goes wrong, the first question many ask God is  “why me?”
Its very easy to answer this question. It is you now and it is someone else tomorrow. Everyone have their share and turn of difficulties and problems sooner or later. The degree of intensity of these problems vary for different people at different times. Just because few dont glorify them, doesn’t mean they hurt them less.And fewest of the lot are so strong that they are so busy finding the solution to the problem that they make the problem itself feel meagre.

So choose to chill. Its ‘OK’ to have problem. Life doesn’t end there. The problem is one among many. God isn’t at war with you. All of us are His darlings. He has the highest bandwith. So not His fault. He need not answer the question “Why me?” Everyone can’t be pleased always.Even God can’t please everyone always.

The next question is what about the disasters like someone lost their son at a very young age or their house is washed away in a flood or any other extreme condidtions. Certain questions can’t be answered by us because we dont have the visibility to everything. The balance is created by God well because He has visibility to everything from where He is.So let Him plan all the lives and operate the world. We are too small a being to understand, justify or debate the logic.
All I knew is His shots are bang on and perfect.

-Sucheta Gour

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