Dont listen when someone comments on you, Ignore it.

“You are very ugly,”
“You can’t achieve this in your life.”
“You are dumb.”
“You are dark, fat…etc…,”
Dont listen when someone comments on you, Ignore it. Its demotivating to hear unappealing and hurting comments.
But I say….
Listen to them. Record it and keep on your mind.They can act as a fuel for your success. The obstinancy with which you want to prove them wrong works towards actually to overcome your weakness.That’s the reason why we mention it even in future when we overcome it, when we are successful. And we do remember both… the statement about us and the person who made it.
How can such valuable statements being ignored?

But then there are majority of oeople who go into depression on hearing something negative about themselves. Trait of a weak mind. And they get into a war with the person or avoid meeting him/her. It’s only the perspective to use everything for self benefit that keeps us on track.

-Sucheta Gour

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