Happy Quarantine!!

Happy Quarantine!!

Only time you get in life to spend with yourself.
Speak to all the school, college friends who complained about you not remembering them.
Read or hear all the ebooks you felt you didnt have time to read.
Sleep as much as you want to, no one will ever disturb you.
Have all your wish fulfilled of playing games or sketching or painting or any other hobby.
Chat with your girl friend/boyfriend for all the time and resolve their complaints,
Gain sympathy and attention, if you like, from all your relatives and friends.
Get all your tantrums tolerated from the family. They dont have a choice.
Demand all your favourite dishes cooked from your mom or sister you wished to eat.
Watch all the OTT movies, web seriesĀ  you felt you didnt have time for.
You need not hurry to start the day or wind up the day either.
Peep outside to see the lush green tree outside your window which you never noticed.
Hear the bird’s melody in the early morning which you never bothered about.
Listen all the songs you wanted to hear.
Pull out those old memories from your store on your system, some pics or diaries and refresh those moments.
Speak to yourself. Peep into yourself and know yourself better.

Test your will power and build your immunity with all the antibiotics and vitamins.
Keep yourself busy to avoid negative thoughts.
If you develop any symptomns like fever, cough or cold , panic less but treat yourself with a Doctor’s medication.
Death rate is very less compared to other ratios. Avoid news on COVID
Thank God for being in Quarantine and not on a ventilator.
Thank God for being tested positive and that your parents are safe because your age supports you in recovery sooner or you are better stronger compared to your other beloved ones. Probably God chose you over them.
Lots and lots more to feel good of.
Make the most of COVID.
Life will look the best.

Take care.

-Sucheta Gour

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