Applying to most of the scenario

Applying to most of the scenario…..

When a woman is aked in an interview, are you married?
The question doesnt mean her potential decreases after marriage. It only means thereon she cant prioritise her wishes and ambition alone and she is bound by the influences and instructions of her husband and in laws who wouldnt prioritise her career like his own.

When  a woman is asked do you have children?
It doesnt mean her responsibilities have increased and so she is incapable of handling them. But, it is understood that she wont get any help from her husband in raising the child and only she has to own the sole responsiblity of raising the child. There would be only financial aid from husbands in the name of owning the responsibility.

When a woman is asked, are you willing to relocate?
The answer is ‘No’ in most of the cases.
Who is saying this ‘No’? Is it herself or she is just being a mouthpiece?

Still do you feel, these questions are pointed out at woman or are unnecessary?
Well…I dont feel so.Rather let us ask the husbands and family answer these question for wives and daughter -in -laws.
Is it a common practice that the family and husband follow a woman’s career? No.It isnt.
That explains it all.

-Sucheta Gour

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