The worries of today’s generations

The worries of today’s generations
I dont have a girl friend.
I dont have luxuries.
I dont have a car.
My parents aren’t rich.
How will I earn money?
I dont have branded clothes.
How to seek attention and be popular without sacrifices?
How to have a better style, swag and fashion sense?
How I look outward is more important than how I look from within.
When the focus is so much diverted to materialistic things, how will the knowledge advance and will they ever understand the importance of giving.

Eventually, there will be only a bunch of people who will focus on giving back to the society, discipline and mankind. Majority of the population from this generation focuses on receiving. And the receiving might be any way – wealth, luxuries, career growth, love, attention, success or respect. The world only revolves around themselves. Me, My life, My happiness, My ego, My word, My self respect.
No one is keen on creating a better world. Everyone has created their own world within the actual world and limited themselves to it. Inclusive thinking is a myth.

There has to be lot of brain storming and reiteration on how we want the world to look like. Else there will be such pandemic, habitat and biodiversity loss, water and food scarcity, gender inequality, poverty which will occur to reset out thought process. The  primary focus should be,  to have a  bettter world for our future generations.

-Sucheta Gour

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