Are Men doing enough to protect Women? who created ths bias?

All men need to carry only one ethical social responsibility towards women.Create a world where their daughters, wives and sisters will be safe. The actual problem is the division  between their dear ones and others in their mind. The belief that I will keep my world protected and cast an evil eye on other’s world. As the saying goes, “What goes around has to come around”, so , none of the women turn out to be safe.Your daughter, wife is someone else’s prey. Other’s daughter, wife are prey to you.

We are still in the animal thought process. We dont stand for or with a woman insulted, humiliated, despised, mis-behaved because the fire hasn’t reached our homes yet. We are waiting for it to reach by adding fuel by promoting this culture. We are fine to pass comment, degrade as a woman or a man on another woman who is a colleague, boss. Because we see competition for self in her or our ego being hurt. Our egoes are hurt on a woman arguing and not when a man argues. So, who created ths bias? We are envious when we have a competitor, male or female but we attack the gender perpective when women, why? We complain about a woman’s commitments back home. We never speak about the man who doesn’t help her in her chores.

There are good and bad people in both genders. We can’t term anyone bad just because of the gender. Agreed 1000%. Then why are we trying to protect our daughters, wives more than our sons or husbands? Dont we trust our own kind? 

And I appreciate all those men who say I’m not this character described above. Done.
But, being a silent audience watching this all around even with our closest relatives, friends being on the attacker or tale bearer side. Aren’t we being passive ?

-Sucheta Gour

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