Words or actions?

Words or actions?
Traditionally we have been hearing that actions matter more than words.But we have been fooled and manipulated because 99% of the times we believed in words.
Which ones we generally chose?
We always choose words to begin with , becauseĀ  actions took longer time to be executed and the impact to be visible.
There is a whole vocabulary to convey ‘n’ number of feelings.
There is hardly any vocabulary for actions though visibility is higher.
Words appeal more than actions and communicate instantly. So general tendencies are to get carried away with words.They influence more than actions in the first go.
This has been a major reason why so many get cheated, fooled and manipulated.

Infinite experiences and still we are struggling to chose between both.
There are many relations which have been surviving on nothing but words, deals cracked only on words, and hopes raised with words, trust built only on words.
I wish actions were also gauged.And people had the patience to execute actions and expect reciprocation. On the other patience to witness the action and further build the trust.

Sucheta Gour

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