What are the ideal preachings Vs what they should ideally be?

No one is preaching on managing stress effectively. Everyone is preaching about running away from Stress. And in today’s world managing job, career, family, finance, Spouse (girl friend) and children is stressful. Well, If I’m not wrong, isn’t this everyone’s life story. Why are these basic responsibilities termed stressful activities?
So what are the ideal preachings Vs what they should ideally be.

Job stress – Take a break from work.Go on a vacation. Its ok not to give 100% to your job. Your physical and mental health is important.
Do not feel you are doing something great. 99.99% of the people have felt pressurized at work more than 80% of the times in their job. Everyone has the same story. Some do not glorify it, you do. Figure out gaps in your thought process, align them to make your job better ,speak to your friend/colleague for the right kind of advice and let that phase to pass by, but keep your efforts and positivity intact. Any job will have challenges. Learn to deal with them.

Career: Its ok if you do not grow in your career. All cannot aim at being Steve Jobs.
Everyone’s career should be important to them. Everyone should make an attempt to discover their maximum potentials. God hasn’t been partial when distributing knowledge or potentials.We have to make maximum use of it. How we used our potenials define our career path. Steve jobs also went through a lot to be there.So, if you are facing challenges. You are in the making of one more Steve jobs. So, go for the kill.

Family: Not everyone can be satisfied. You need not make your life hell to satisfy all your family members’ needs.
Family is an important part of everyone’s life. Keeping them happy is your basic responsibility. But set the right expectations about what they should expect from you. At the same dont feel guilty of not doing some thing.Showing love is not giving expensive gifts to your family. Care for them, love them. That should suffice.

Finance: Money isn’t everything. How much is enough can never be defined when it comes to money.
Still no one lends you a penny when you dont have any.
Money is a fuel to a good living, good education and secured old age.Let us accept.There is nothing wrong in striving to earn it. Let us work towards earning money without creating stress about did I earn enough? Let us not have this approach of “grapes are sour”. We know we have to earn enough. Let us systematically plan, ethical earn, cautiously spend and wisely save it.

Spouse: Women are nagging and very emotional, men are boaring and insensitive. Their expectations and demands are sky high. So ignore them or try your 1000% efforts to satisfy them.
Keep the balance. Be verbal about your feelings because most relations are stressed because of lack of communication. Love and respect each other enough to build understanding. Accept, you aren’t twins. You are two different individuals with different likes and dislikes. You are bound to disagree or fight. You did that with your parents and siblings. Treat the differences the same way. No one is going to award you on winning a battle or proving yourself right.Keep the love for each other intact. Stop asking why he or she does this to me. The other side also has same questions probably on different contexts.

Children: What they do, what they are learning, with whom they are, what will they be, do they have everything I didnt have. What else i can do so that they have a comfortable life, love me, idealise me and respect me.
Dont stress yourself with these thoughts.Build a good bonding so that the child reveals about their activities, friends and plans. Be cautious, track your child to certain extent, but remember, you arent God.You cant know everything, be everywhere, do everything right all the time. Stop trying to become an ideal parent. Bring in acceptance about you in your child, give right values and strong ethics. Reiterate.
Keep them occupied in constructive activities and in a right environment. Stop feeling guilty.

If we complain of all the lives best of the things and unavoidable things as stress factors, then we have to become a saint and meditate. Irony is,  we will be stressed with that too.

Sucheta Gour

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