Difference between Stress and Tiredness.

Difference between Stress and Tiredness.

During the process of doing something
When fear haunts you about – being unsuccessful in some task or not completing the task on time.
When you fear the result of unacceptance about your action or thought process.
When you unnecessarily worry about things not in your control.
When you worry and not think.

After completion of doing something or at the fag end of it.
When you have given 100% to the task and contented with your efforts leaving the results to God.
When you are exhausted after giving 1000% towards precaution of  an ugly outcome.
When you can hit the bed and get into deep sleep.
When you get exhausted thinking.

Chose tiredness over stress.
Stress is a complicated word which did not exist before a decade or so. Tiredness existed from ever since man was born. Tiredness did not cause psychological disorders or weakness of mind or infunite worries.
Stress never solved any problem.

Our previous generations worked more rigorously, were more efficient in handling life’s problems, Carried better memory, handled the families well and held them closer inspite of too many people to take care of. They never made anything so complicated. For our generations going to office also is stressful. We never enjoy life as is. We always want glorification in everything. We need vacations, weekend hangouts, pubs, long drives and still we arent able to win over stress. Our previous generations enjoyed a contented life without these luxuries too.

-Sucheta Gour

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