Idealism is a myth and unreasonable!!!

An ideal vendor is…..
The one who works on no margins providing the best service in the least TAT without asking for the money for the service rendered.
An ideal client is
The one who doesn’t demand quality or a specific TAT but pays for the service in time without questioning the percentage of margins.

An ideal employee is
One who is intelligent, hardworking, not demanding or throw tantrums, multi-tasking, obedient, smart, less- supervised, reach 200% targets, retire in the organization but still work on peanuts.

An ideal employer is
One who pays salaries without performances. Provides exorbitant appraisals and promotions without expectations. Gives the world’s relaxation and benefits. Never ask Questions. Support in upskilling, training and trials.

An ideal husband is
A combination of handsome, sincere, integral, helpful, hen-pecked, rich, strong, non- egoistic, fun-loving person.

An ideal wife is
An intelligent, beautiful, obedient, witty,  well groomed, earning a handsome salary, great cook, wise mother, sincere daughter-in-law and home keeper.

An ideal child is
One who is intelligent, has good habits, creative, obedient, responsible, disciplined, into multiple activities like sports, cultural etc. Makes good friends.

An ideal parent is
The one who gives the world’s relaxation, doesn’t question, provide luxuries, doesn’t expect, pays good pocket money, allow their decisions and  tantrums, friendly, doesn’t object on anything.

All ideal ones are nothing but unrealistic expectations which we bound to stick on to. Moderation’s aren’t acceptable though that is the only possibility.

-Sucheta Gour

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