How do you define Love!!!

Love has been defined and redefined many a times.
To suit ethics, emotions, needs some times and some other times for convenience.
All said and done, the truth doesn’t change when it comes to loving someone. And the truth is
When you can prioritize someone more than yourself, its love.
When you can stand for someone knowing you aren’t strong enough,
When you can think of nothing but his good, When his dreams become your dreams,
When you are always trying to help him get better at everything,
When your happiness and grief is in his happiness and grief,
When you keep him happy in sadness and multiply his happiness when he is happy, its nothing but acceptance that you love him more than self.
You correct him when he is wrong and support him when he is right, you fight on different ideologies or momentary disappointments but deep inside you strongly know that’s were you ought to be – in his heart.
You feel happy in giving and expect only his acknowledgement in terms of respect and the results of your efforts, i.e., his growth, happiness, good health.

-Sucheta Gour

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