Acceptance levels – Exploring the Phases!!!

Everything is expected and accepted.
We need to appreciate ourself for all the transformation we have gone through.
Child’s tantrums at all ages for incorrect demands,
Society’s hypocrisy,
Ill-treatment of spouse,
Children turning out to spoilt brats,
Our parents’ unreasonable behaviour towards us,
Growing children turn insensitive to parents,
Spouse’s/ Partner’s infidelity,
Friend’s deceit,
People’s ignorance or interference,
Employees dis-integrity,
Employers shrewdness,
Colleagues tactfulness.

We have acceptance to all and expectations too under different circumstances.
Perhaps, nothing seems grossly wrong. We justify, or they justify with the most genuine reasons and point of view which brings in a paradigm shift. What is the threshold in either cases? If we justify every individual from their point of view, will we ever have a proper definition for right and wrong? If yes, how would it be? The innocent, victim would suffer and the culprit will be free.

We had lot of simple moral science which we learnt at different ages in school or from our parents. Can they be adhered to? Should they be valued? Or is it just a way for people to run over you? Or does it allow a relaxation towards bending our rules for self benefit?
All scenarios present.

-Sucheta Gour

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