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Working women aren’t good Moms. True or false?

Full time Mom or Working Mom?

Working women aren’t good Moms. True or false?
Most of the Mom and Mom-in -laws have only one common complaint about their daughters/ in -laws that their grand child suffers due to the working moms. How true is this? Of course, the struggles for a working Mom are real. The child also is required to compromise on certain luxuries which he/she would have with a Mom around. But, dont we agree that, with a Mom around too, 70% of the times she would be handling house hold chores than spending time with the baby?
If this isn’t convincing enough, the children of working women are independent, develop thinking process sooner, can handle situations without support, aren’t looking around to cling to someone always, understanding on balancing responsibility between career and family, prepared for future working wives, have better gender equality sense and better prepared to deal with life.
I suppose, this is enough for a family to be less worried about their following generation.

-Sucheta Gour

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