Perfect parenting- Be within the Circle….

There is nothing called as perfect parenting. Every parent struggles with their first child. Lives in fear and inhibitions about being right or wrong. Most of the parents are either overcautious or very relaxed while raising the second or third. Which action or no action of yours will lead to favorable or unfavorable outcome is a very uncertain scenario. What are the influences, threats, fancies he has can’t be judged in a linear thought. His strengths, efforts, confidence about certain things aren’t measurable with clarity all the time. His likes, dislikes aren’t predictable in different phases of life. To add to all of it, there are hormonal changes which make the assumptions more fluctuating. Their ambitions, skills, interests, focus are basis their instincts towards their dreams, fantasies or observations. How much to speak and hear is not dependent on what we can take but on what keeps the child’s mind in good hygiene.

At one point of time, all parents regret of having been incorrect, principled, rigid, liberal, so on and so forth…
Our own child, our blood and flesh, our genes and still we run through an emotional roller coaster ride while bringing them up.

So finally its all about keeping all your activities in a circle and not restricting it to a dot. And this circle will be created based on our parents inputs while raising us, observation from other parents, certain lessons learnt and  certain principles followed. Any level of deviation is fine but within the circle.

-Sucheta Gour

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