How can she be more intelligent than me?

Most men always want to give a shoulder or lend a  hand to a woman. This is the culture we have followed since childhood . So, most of the ego clashes which they have with women are, how can she be more intelligent than me or independent to an extent of not needing me?
Most of the times the fights are not because she is wrong. But because its proved that she is right.
And the argument goes like, “She thinks she is always right.” Rather, there are minimal efforts to raise their intelligence levels. There are only attempts to subdue the other.There are attempts to despise upon her by making fun of her or nastily commenting.
But on the other hand, men want a working woman who can financially contribute to the family without carrying the confidence and pride of supporting the family. She should not be earning more than the husband, and more successful than him career wise. Even if she is earning more, she should not carry the pride of earning more and the financial control should be in the husband’s hands. If she is better capable too, she should make the compromises on her career when she has to opt between career and family responsibilities. You hardly see cases where any man taking a sabbatical and the woman working during the time when it comes to raising children or looking after parents.
Have we started raising our sons to give equal opportunities for their wives? Not yet.
We will realize this when our daughters are the support system and more ambitious in a family.

Modern, yet a hypo critic society.
Ideology conflicts.

-Sucheta Gour

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