Adaptability and Flexibility…

Adaptability is so dominantly visible at every stage of our life. Yet, we have to come to terms with many aspects of our life. Especially when we have to adapt to many a things to be successful.

We aren’t trained to adapt to working for 9.5 hours after our graduation, travel 2 hours, cook or buy food for self for real long years, take responsibility of marriage and children. We kept changing and adapting in seconds, minutes, hours, days without reluctance, without sounding deliberate, accepting what seemed like a dream ,to a reality which turned out to be like the most normal way of living.

When it comes to job or career, we feel everything to be a rocket science, acceptance to even changing your workstation seems like a punishment, travelling to office like a roller-coaster journey, attending meetings like a herculian task, adapting to a client like a marriage with an alien.

Acceptance issues are too high. In spite of the best of our awareness, that’s the only way to grow, to meet our aspirations, to do better in our life, to cater to our daily needs and luxuries, we still want to behave ignorant towards the sole truth of all our lives. Why do have this indifferent approach?

-Sucheta Gour

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