The Journey to Leadership….

As leaders, while we grow we need to understand what is happening to us. Else we are confused and resilient throughout the journey. Learning is poor, observations are weak, adaptation takes longer resulting in delayed milestones. And the process of metamorphosis to other roles is intimidating.
There are many things which people don’t even justify on the path to the top. Few instances would be
ACCEPTANCE to the visibility you have.
FILTRATION – How much to filter the facts you know to your people below due to the visibility you have.
CONFUSION -To believe in the limited exposure of past or infinite opportunities of the future. 
INDECISIVENESS – To go by logic or limited visibility or to go by the instinct and vision of the Senior management.
DENIAL- The art of denial to the reasons of failures.
IN-SENSITIVENESS towards their own team members’ irrelevant reasons or empathy towards fellowmen.
TRUST BUT VERIFY -To trust blindly or to verify not only out of distrust but to avoid gaps alone.
PROCESS CREATION – To spy on every person to identify risks or to create a process to be caring for itself.
OPTIMISM & PESSIMISM- To go with the positivism of the seniors and conquer the negativity of juniors or to get demotivated by juniors and bring down self morale.
EXTENDED WORK HOURS –  To increase productivity and motivate a team or to feel stressed with multi tasking.

-Sucheta Gour

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