Professionalism and Ethics…

We all came from an era when teachers and Doctors were Gods. One imparted knowledge and the other saved lives. Both were the most essential people in every human beings life. They changed lives. But eventually both succumbed to the need and greed of livelihood like any other professionals. Most of them became great businessmen at the cost of values and ethics to survive and flourish. The world also moved on in synchronization negotiating on their fees for their services. Who started the trend is unknown. Who is impacted or who is the victim is unclear.

Who is wrong is indecisive. Who needs to be punished also is a question. All that can be drawn out as synopsis is only that both are wrong or right based on different scenarios. From a generalist approach, we have reached the phase of a case to case basis approach. So ,it isn’t possible to blame the crowd or the professionals distinctively. Both transformed in just one generation.

-Sucheta Gour

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