Modern Moms…

She doesn’t wake up at 5 and cook for the family, but still she sees no one goes hungry.  She doesn’t spend all her time feeding and teaching her child because she goes out to work. But still she raises her children to be responsible human beings.
She doesn’t compromise on all her dreams and wishes for her child but she doesn’t make her child compromise either.
She doesn’t give examples of great heroes, she herself is an example of heroism.
She doesn’t regret the responsibilities of the child and family, she takes pride in maintaining the balance.
She needs to be equally respected and loved because she is actually multitasking with multi-dimensions.
A home maker mom or a working mom, perfectionism can only be measured by the child’s happiness and not by a certificate from others.

Hats off to the modern moms. She is a responsible Mom, best friend and the best mentor to her child parallel to a successful professional too.
Happy Mom’s day! Your existence matters and not the rules.

-Sucheta Gour

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