Be Grateful and Contended…

We always regret of not having done many things when people go far away from us. Be it parents, children, friends etc.

Parents- when they die, we feel, they should have stayed some more years, they would have been able to spend more time with us, our children, witnessed our success, their grand children’s wedding or success. Even parents speak of their intentions in the same way when they would have been alive.

Children- when they go away, you repent your wrong parenting or inadequate time spent with them or gaps in the approach as a parent towards your child.  Its fine if your children are’nt able to give you that time now. They do not have to compensate for your lapse.

Friends- I would have gone to those places, enjoyed life a little more with him/her. We had to part ways for our own life’s commitments and demands.

I feel when we speak of contentment and self control, the lesson and implementation should start from here. Do cherish them. The good times. There will be loads of them. Bring a smile on your face with their memories. Justify your existence in their lives when they would be alive or with you. Don’t regret their absence or your doings after they are gone. They were human beings, they had to go, they didn’t come to stay here forever with you. And no one on the earth is 1000% satisfied with life, relations , God and everything they have. 

You can only ‘TRY’ to please people when they are alive or with you. You can’t bring them back and satisfy them either. So let your self free from regret and grief. Be thankful and contented for the time spent with them. No one was born with us and will not die with us either. Same applies to all.

-Sucheta Gour

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