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The Perfect Team Member…

Every Manager is on the look out of that person who wont take too many leaves, doesn’t need follow up for every activity, who can understand the pulse of the client, who can meet deadlines without reasons, who believes in every target set by the Company, who will not show tactfulness in managing Manager but the team, who will not do the same mistake twice but does different mistakes everytime and learn from every mistake, who will be open to learn throughout his career, who will belong to the company or team he is working in, who will not involve in office politics,  who will not consider his team just a tool for his own success, but as his companions for the journey to succeed.

Seems like more than what is expected in a bride or groom hunt.
Do you find such people?
No, Managers can raise such people provided the team member believes in the Manager.

-Sucheta Gour

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