How do people get paid the highest?

There is a notion in the corporate world that the highest paid are the best skilled.
In today’s world, it needs to be revisited.
How do people get paid the highest?

In today’s world,  employees hop jobs every year, taking advantage of all the numerous genuine and ungenuine reasons available in the market. Project closure, no growth, company relocated, project shut down, fixed term contract, third party engagement, promises not kept by the employers, Working on Holidays, work stress, company shifted, down-sizing due to lack of projects, no increment etc..,  so on and so forth are few of them.
Few questions to ponder over
Does every company verify all the reasons to the core? No. Every HR is happy that his positions will be filled.
In such a scenario, Do genuine candidates constantly shift?
Such employees are not super active on job portals; they are busy with their jobs working towards vertical career growth in their company.

Does any company give an existing employee more than a 20% increment in the appraisal?
No. The standard market operates on an 8 to 10% increment.
What is the only way to achieve more salaries in junior and mid-level careers?
Hop jobs.
Do candidates learn anything in-depth when they hop jobs?
Widely No, they learn the skill and tactfulness to give interviews and impress the interviewers.
When do the employees learn in-depth business knowledge or obtain technical skills in any job?
Only when they stick on to jobs for longer durations, commit with heart and soul to learning a skill thoroughly,  run through multiple business cycles, explore and analyze different phases of the project,  develop multi-dimensional view and approach, have hands-on,minds-in the assignment, employees empower themselves with skill,  technical knowledge, people management knowledge, and tact.
Is all this possible to learn by hopping jobs and getting hikes on each job?
I have come across the most skilled people with the least salaries in the junior and mid-level of their careers who eventually take the highest leap when grabbing the senior positions, and most of the seniors who can relate to this journey where they started and struggled through their junior and mid-level careers facing financial challenges, dejection from seniors, working in demanding conditions to gain good experience, exposure, knowledge, visibility, and trust of their Managers and Management.
Is it an easy task to find such employees?

Do you still feel all the lower-salary candidates are the least skilled?

-Sucheta Gour

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