The journey from a girl to woman is painful and lonely.

The journey from a girl to woman is painful and lonely. You have your family, your spouse with you. You feel their love will lead you through everything. But still there are thousand of things which you do not know and no one is there to guide you. You are alone through too many aspects of your daily life. There are petty things which turn around in the most ugly way sooner or later. You are exhausted with directionless thinking, repetitive activities, tedious work due to lack of knowledge of smart work. Cooking, cleaning, self care, caring for family, contributing to family finances with your earnings, your career, work life balance seems like a herculian task. And the fact that you are going to be the person responsible to set the culture, practices, approach, habits and ideologies for good health, financial hygiene and well being of the family makes you more stressed.

All the above will be basis your learning and analysis. At times, you will eventually repent if right learning is not acquired on right time. Or blame everyone around or self for your failures. Not justifying the role as a wife, mother, daughter, sister in law is disheartening. There is a need for a guide or a book to give thousand commandments for a married girl. Intend to create one soon. Share your or your daughters problems too.

-Sucheta Gour

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