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How do you manage work-life balance? Well, I wondered was it that difficult?

On numerous occasions, I have been asked, how do you manage work-life balance? Well, I wondered was it that difficult? I just had to think that I’m managing nothing which was the truth.

All I had to do was detach myself from work when I’m with my family and friends, not carry the ego of my designation or make the work a burden, glorify it or crib about it when I’m with family. Not read any face or mind. And when I was at work, I was required to be analytical about things beyond my visibility too.But, I did not miss the fun of being with friends or feel I’m in too much stress. Rather, I felt involved and contented at work.

In personal life, I was reluctant to grow. I didn’t have much topics or people to discuss on personal front in any of the social forum. I felt everyone around was wiser than me. So I went monkeying around, laughing, singing, dancing, giggling. I enjoyed everything my eyes saw without being judgemental about anyone or anything.
When I was at work, I was supposed to think beyond visiblility, analyse every action of people, be a paranoid most of the times, execute my duties with authority and mindfulness.

On personal front, I hardly allowed anyone in the innermost core of my mind.
On work front, I was in the innermost core of myself and everyone else too.

I was once told by my grandfather that whatever you are doing eating, studying, sleeping, playing; do it as if you are born to do it while you do it.

To put it in one line, I just switched off my mind when I wasn’t at work. I only had to decide how much time I had to give for both the lives, not allow them to interfere with each other. Prioritise work but also belong where I physically was. Everything else got managed on its own.

-Sucheta Gour

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