Happy National Girl child day!

Happy National Girl child day!
Every girl child in a modern, progressive society and advanced culture is valued by the family. She is educated, given freedom to make choices, take her decisions, treated like a princess and given a career of her choice, wedded in a home with a hope of infinite happiness and prosperity.
Adverse situations are created.
The society brings her many levels down as soon as she is out of her maternal home OR
She makes disadvantages of her freedom, converts her lifestyle to self diminishment. Freedom to be unruly also adds on.

Every girl child in a conservative society is still considered a liability and eliminated from the family to the earliest by getting her married. Her lifestyle is filled with hardwork, restrictions on everything and anything, zero freedom, zero dreams and zero expectations from life. What would such a life mean? A breathing deadbody.
So, how should we raise our girl children? What should they grow up to be?
What is the meaning of giving a balanced approach to life?
How much of a transformation is expected from the society?

Sucheta Gour

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