Understanding Life, Identity & Feelings by Yourself

All I understood till now in my life was that you got to keep yourself exhaustively busy with constructive and some result-oriented work.

Understanding Life, Identity & Feelings by Yourself & Others
Else you end up peeping into others life more or bothering others to an extent of causing nuisance or reading between words and not lines alone or living others life losing your own identity.
Of course, as a mother/father you got to live your child’s life and as a wife you need to live your husband’s life. But there has to be a thin, definite line to define the extent of losing yourself.

                                                                                  -Sucheta Gour

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Famous Quotes on life, Family, Education


We work all our life to earn a peaceful and classy time in life leaving aside work, worries of future or present and by the time we earned it, it is so late” This is what we feel. We grow so old and we cant enjoy the way the imagination and expectation was.

True. But if we were to enjoy that way then, there were many more challenges. Money, and secondly all the responsibilities towards secured life for family, education for children, growth in everything would have been compromised.

Now count what you gained and what you sacrificed, the reasons for sacrifice. After reaching towards the end of life it is very easy to say life would have been better the other way because we don’t take a count of our blessings-achievements and curses- sacrifices collectively.

-Sucheta Gour

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Life Quotes | Inspirational Quotes about perfect life style

So many notions to your lifestyle.Which one is correct?

When you are famous, successful and still prefer to stay in a small house, own a commoner car, and wear non branded clothes, it is highest degree of humbleness. When you are not famous, successful and still prefer to do all the above though you might be able to afford, it means you don’t have class.

When you are moderately famous and successful, you can afford a moderately classy life style, it is called doing show off, carrying attitude.

When you are famous ,successful and living a very high class lifestyle, it is a style statement or the other way round extremely that you are wasting money which could have been of help to people otherwise.

All that finally matters is ‘How much we give in charity ?

and How much we utilize on self ?

If there is a balance striking well, we are on the right track.

-Sucheta Gour

Motivational Quotes for your Boring Life | Tips to enjoy life

You need not wait or earn big money or go to the costliest destination or wait for a week off to enjoy .

Life can be enjoyed wherever you are. You just need to have the will to enjoy and a child’s heart.

Enjoyment or entertaining yourself can be about having seen something wonderful on the way back home from work or having come across a different person with a contented expression, a bird hopping road side, child playing at the signal unaware of life’s challenges, a woman bargaining with road side vendor, a fat person struggling with his big belly, a thin person trying to hold himself tight not to fly away with the wind, flower or leaf blowing with the breeze, trees and branches swaying to the music of the wind, a dog wagging its tail for food, birds going back home in a seguence flapping their wings, cab driver trying to entertain you with his endless talk for a five star rating. Sales boy trying to sell anything or everything to you. People arguing in traffic.You had a new dish,a nice meal, your spouse looking beautiful, your child is behaving funny, wise, some one is arguing illogically. You see people sunk into the mobile watching serials or playing same installed games 100 times. A person trying to behave older than his age.( younger still makes sense).

So much to enjoy and be entertained about. You yourself could be equally entertaining under any circumstances.

Do you still feel that life is boring or enjoyment is difficult?

-Sucheta Gour

Motivational Child Quotes

Is there a rule book for right and wrong things of life?

When we were children we had. But as we grew up maturity, exposure and analysis showed us so many versions of right and wrong.

Today if we refer the rule book we had in childhood we are all wrongs and if we refer our rule book today, most of the times we are right.

What an irony of life and wisdom?

Knowledge, growing up and wisdom made us right or wrong is a question which we are in so much of confusion to answer. Our parents gave us a rule book so clean, well defined and with beautiful rules.

Now I wonder why did we ever grow up to build our rule book. Struggling and prefering to follow your rule book …Oh Lord.

Forever……your child.

-Sucheta Gour

Motivational Quotes and Inspirational Quotes

When in a crowd, you aren’t visible, your flaws are hidden, your personality isn’t visible, you aren’t judged, your actions aren’t followed.The real show and adventure begins only when you climb up the ladder in life, in career, in parenting.

Eyes follow you even in solitude. Thereon in every area you need to lead by example. Start practicing what you preach. Own up your mistakes and correct them in others lives.

Learn and acquire all the new skills in zero downtime. Life gets challenging only then. And very few people win this phase with dignity,sacrifices,humility and hard work. Else most of them resort to escapism, blame game or sympathy.

But all these lead to either poor parenting, poor people management or poor self management and disrespect from people.

-Sucheta Gour