Erase the boundaries. Clear the baggage, Increase the bandwidth. Remain a child. Explore throughout your lives.

The boundaries we draw around ourselves are the only limitations we have in life. And these boundaries are drawn when we grow up to be adults. As a child we never had any boundaries or limitations. We believed in everything that was told to us. As adults, our capabilities increased but our boundaries got narrower stronger too.
As a child ,we studied seven subjects with different logic, we had time for play, extracurricular activities and what not.
As an adult our thought process got constricted. We struggled with one subject. We started carrying more baggage about future worries past troubles, fears of failures or envy about others.
Erase the boundaries. Clear the baggage, Increase the bandwidth. Remain a child. Explore throughout your lives.

-Sucheta Gour

How much and when the child deserves something. How it should be given? How to accept their status and richness?

Poor or middle class family kids have only one medium to earn respect, popularity and money…so they resort to education. Rich kids have money, luxuries and borrowed identity from their parents which brings them respect under the umbrella of their family name or parent’s authority in society. There isn’t any rejection or despising which they face. They don’t come across a reason to drive them to rise above where they are. They feel, they are already on the top.

They are exposed to our discussions about practically every aspect.

As parents, we should know, how much and when the child deserves something. How it should be given? We should teach them, how to accept their status and richness? How much to carry of it at any given point of time? We ought to chose what we should filter out before giving to our child so that they do not develop the overconfidence and misuse our success to their opportunity.

Raise children with right and clear expectation about parents, life and people around. Else we give them so contented a life, that, they do not yearn for anything from their life. A contented life beyond necessity doesn’t take us even a step ahead.

-Sucheta Gour

Happy Teachers’ Day to one and all!

Teacher is one person whom everyone will have come across in their lives. Everyone might have come across a teacher in different ways. In a mother, father, teacher, Mentor, Manager,Friend, husband, wife, Child, Client or even a stranger. How much we learnt from any of them can never be measured or evaluated. The Return On Investment of any teachers’ efforts are seen in their student’s success and not in the remuneration they earn.
Hats off to such teachers and the feeling of owning their student.
Happy Teachers’ Day to one and all!!! I owe the best in me to you all.

-Sucheta Gour

Let us respect people for their knowledge or experience. Things are always easier said than done.

Let us not despise upon our Teachers, Parents or Managers just because they have achieved certain level of mastery in their subject or skill or lived life in the best possible way they knew and reached wherever they are by demonstrating the same consistently. Unlike us who are jack of all though we claim of knowing all. Given a chance all that we know put together, will not be able to arrive at anything constructive and sustainable but knowledge in bits and pieces which doesn’t take us anywhere.


We get judgemental about them just because they might not know facebook or twitter or some app on the mobile or info on the latest car or bike model .These would anyways not be the gauging criteria for anyone’ s knowledge in technology or any subject. Any of these just make single statements or give partial info or someone’s version (who might not necessarily be an expert in the same) with forward messages.
Let us respect people for their knowledge or experience.


It’s very easy to look down upon people who can”t present their knowledge or carry themselves well. But it is very difficult to acquire the same and emerge out like them if we face the same scenario.

Things are always easier said than done.

-Sucheta Gour

Adolescence has become a dangerous phase for parents. You can be the best parent and still be wrong without knowing where you went wrong.

Adolescence has become a dangerous phase for parents. You can be the best parent and still be wrong without knowing where you went wrong.
Who is at fault?
Who should decide?
The parent or the child?
If parents decide and go with their understanding, the child finds them wrong.
If the child decides, then anyways, parents are wrong.
If no one decides, still with the current trend, the child doesn’t count on his parents and feels he is alone.

Thanks to social media, which is forcing children into creating an identity of their own ….very different from their parents at an early age. Bear the pressure of the opinions of peers and unknown people about the created status. And finally get into depression, distress, or commit suicide. Social media is giving the children unwanted importance, and they are building a wall of prejudice for themself.
And then parents are left with only regrets and questions which have possible illogical reasons.
Children are smart, intelligent today but only in bits and pieces. They can speak but no holistic approach to life. Most of the children today have social media as their parents. And with all their borrowed wisdom from Social media only in words, we feel they are better than us.

We feared what our parents would say. They fear what will the virtual world and their friends say.
Our generation also was conscious of their image among their peers but was strong enough to overcome it.
We were better. Generally, we never dared to create a situation for parents anytime to regret despite being right at times.
We were confused, but we knew our parents could decide the best for us. We were impulsive, but we respected our parents to the extent of subduing our impulsiveness.
We got so many blastings, whether right or wrong and still, we felt there is a long way to go…to learn to improve throughout our lives. Turning out to be right was a never-ending process, but today’s children think they are correct, and parents are wrong from the beginning – from childhood and not even adolescence.

They are so keen on justifying with a dominance that parents are wrong and they are right. They see a glimpse of others’ families -a perfect picture visible superficially or partially and feel everything is wrong at their own home or with them..comparisons are partial pictures with complete pictures. This picture will be shown to anyone by all with some hidden realities. How can they match?

Formal education on Social media for a defined tenure is a must for children today. The more we delay or ignore, the more disasters. We need to teach children life skills and how to apply their minds spontaneously than referring google for anything simple thing or complicated thing too. For instance, if a kite is stuck in a tree, to remove it, they will want to google it out. Online games are the only games they know. Insta is the only time pass they have. More the followers, the more the pressure to keep up your public image. Texting on Insta is the single communication mode they know. We have to teach them not to be carried with the opinions on social media.

Time to build a child’s mental and emotional health. We have to pull our kids out of this sooner. It’s every parent and society’s responsibility.

-Sucheta Gour

Every parent has a feeling, whatever earned by me belongs to my child. How about earning blessings directly from Him, unfiltered, unaltered?

Its better not to give any property or immovable assets to our children. The claims that come in when you are gone are unimaginable. Its like leaving behind a bunch of enemies in the disguise of relatives. Fighting your own kith and kin is a great heartache. Additionally the battle you have to put up for years keep you exhausted on your time, emotions and energy.

And above all, is such a fight worth it? An other fear is what if your child doesnt achieve anything by himself on his own capabilities. By giving him a secured feeling of having property arent we giving him an option to be lazy and not work hard. Are we raising our children to carry only our identity or build their own? Are we selfish than being sensible?
Now speaking of securing their education and livelihood cost till the completion of their education. That is the only earning we need to save and transfer to our kid.

Why not give your children best of the education, teach them the best ways of life which would help them earn and enjoy more than what you could give them.

Additionally, we could leave behind so much in surplus for the society. The lower rung of the society which can even be benefited by 1/5th of the property left behind will be grateful. And if they aren’t grateful also, isnt someone else keeping the account of our good and bad deeds?

Every parent has a feeling, whatever earned by me belongs to my child. All of us can earn money for our children. How about earning blessings directly from Him, unfiltered, unaltered?

-Sucheta Gour

Covid 19

Covid virus

Health threat
Economy slow down threat
Life threat
The world has turned out to be one city being affected by a pandemic like this. Also giving us realizations, no matter how divided we are by continents, countries, cities, race, language, community, culture, religion, colour…. we are all living in the same circle drawn around us by God.

Covid virus

Our problems are one and we respond similarly to situations.
So eventually
What do we do?
Stay composed
Stay positive
Build your immunity
Eat well
Stay contented
Thank God for not being infected.
And hope for the best with a smile and positivity.
Don’t stop living.
Because living is hoping.
And hope never dies till last breath.
Living with the fear of face and mind is no living.
Smile and positivity bring happiness back.
Just live with some basic necessary precautions.
We complained all our life saying we never get time to rest.
So here is all the time for you to rest.
No traffic
No hectic schedules
No deadlines
No meetings
No targets
Family time
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner on time
Work-Life sorted
Hopefully, this chaos will bring us the realization of how important and satisfying it is to be where we are.
And we humans a social being can’t be normal without social interaction.

-Sucheta Gour

Parents choose Importance b/w children’s necessities or luxuries

For few parents, their children’s necessities are more important than their luxuries And for few more their luxuries are more important than their children’s necessities. Balancing is of significance.

Parents choose Importance b/w children's necessities or luxuries

Understanding Life, Identity & Feelings by Yourself

All I understood till now in my life was that you got to keep yourself exhaustively busy with constructive and some result-oriented work.

Understanding Life, Identity & Feelings by Yourself & Others
Else you end up peeping into others life more or bothering others to an extent of causing nuisance or reading between words and not lines alone or living others life losing your own identity.
Of course, as a mother/father you got to live your child’s life and as a wife you need to live your husband’s life. But there has to be a thin, definite line to define the extent of losing yourself.

                                                                                  -Sucheta Gour

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Wise Quotes about Parenting and its Phases

Parenting, the only subject where a parent gives exams every moment and never gives himself 100/100. Yet generation to generation we feel our parents were better than us as a parent.


As a parent every parent carries guilt when they grow older and recollect their smallest mistakes in parenting.

What a humble beings?
And as a child the child carries complaints about their parents till they grow up to be parents too.


What a late realization?

How phases of life make us thankless beings, ignorant beings and humble beings as we progress and all just in one life.

-Sucheta Gour