Wise Quotes about Parenting and its Phases

Parenting, the only subject where a parent gives exams every moment and never gives himself 100/100. Yet generation to generation we feel our parents were better than us as a parent.


As a parent every parent carries guilt when they grow older and recollect their smallest mistakes in parenting.

What a humble beings?
And as a child the child carries complaints about their parents till they grow up to be parents too.


What a late realization?

How phases of life make us thankless beings, ignorant beings and humble beings as we progress and all just in one life.

-Sucheta Gour

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Parenting Quotes for perfect parenting

I always felt no one will get judgmental about a mother’s upbringing or approach towards her children. Because a mother is always considered to be right about what she decides for her children and the way she executes those decisions. But that’s not true and need not be true either.

When people get judgmental about someone, the impact on the person is in two ways, either you try to get better or you give up.

And a mother is always willing to implement and re-implement kaizen (continuous improvement) for her child so she gets better. Result is a better child.

But at times the pressure she builds around herself (which is the result of people’s judgement) to be perfect is so high and child becomes a victim to that. She needs correction there too.

-Sucheta Gour

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Parents Saying and Quotes | Top 10 Parenting Quotes

We can’t expect the whole world of youngsters to take a round about or rewind and live the way our childhood was or like our how our approach and life was. But definitely, like organic food, we don’t want our old ways of life to be sold in new packets branded, presented, marketed and sold at an exorbitant price back to our children like mango pulp, potato wafers, desiroti- veggie rolls, cow’s ghee and many more….


  • I wouldn’t be surprised if some day mobile apps and games are developed to teach our children ….mannerism, respect, right attitude and many ways of life which came to us as our culture in natural ways. And these apps would be charged and the youth would find it a matter of pride to install them and just having them would certify them to be carrying all the traits.


  • The future children would ask one day how am I to know that I should respect elders or do my own bed?
  • Or how am I to figure out what is the meaning of right attitude?

Children Quotes

  • Please tell me the difference between ego and confidence
  • What are the advises I should agree from my parents? And what I shouldn’t? Because I know my parents aren’t always right.

Inspirational Quotes

So focus on parenting to teach them as well as learn from them, align them as well as align to them. Let it be a two way interaction but with a wiser ‘US’ as parents. And also carry the confidence and explaining wisdom for why they should listen to us. Understanding values and adhering to them should be a way of life with no other option and without deliberation.

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 10 Inspirational Parenting Quotes | Saying to be a Fantastic Parents

I might not have obeyed my parents when they instructed me, but I will preach the same to my child which I heard from my parents when I was young. That explains that wisdom dawned on me late, but when advised during my immature stages, I preferred to be unreasonable, adamant and revolutionary towards the advises and guidance I received.


I failed to have the courtesy to accept the guidance which was to make a better me. I wanted demonstrations at the cost of doing trial with my own life. And thereon when I realize my mistakes I took the same course of action my parents did-advising my child.


So, my TAT to self-realization was almost 20 years – from my adolescence to my child’s adolescence. But again i didn’t wanted to be humble or guilty because of my ignorance and wrong attitude during my time at the receiving end.


Now that my child is in my shoes and I in my parents’ I’m convinced of the fact that what goes around comes around too. Isn’t it better to correct ourselves in time than correct our children after having had the demos in our life.

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 10 Quotes to be a Perfect Parents | Criteria and Eligibility

Is the attaining of an age criteria for owning things or they need to be earned and you ought to deserve it?


I see a 5th standard boy demanding for a bicycle, a 7th standard child asking for a playstation or monthly pocket money, a 9th standard adolescent asking for an iPhone, a 12th standard boy asking for a bike.


And why do they feel they need them?

Just because they are of the age, it is a need and all their friends have it.

Now if we give a justification that we didn’t had these luxuries it doesn’t justify as it reflects many of today’s basic necessities which were at our times super dooper luxuries.


But if we have to give them any of these, do they deserve them, have they played their part to earn them from us or do they intend to use any of them for their growth or better living?

Let us analyse better. Our analysis and control creates a sense of responsibility and also pushes the child to put in his genuine efforts to make himself worthy for gaining things and just not put a demand for the sake of it.

-Sucheta Gour

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Best Quotes for 2019 | 2019 Quotes | What they see and what they are supposed to follow

Children get confused and we parents contribute to the maximum confusion.

Children see advertisements on the consequences arising out of smoking, but we smoke.

We give them lengthy advice’s.

Why they shouldn’t be on social media and we start and end our day with Facebook?

We get angry when they lie to us. We lie to 100’s of people around us in their presence without even the necessity to do so or involve our Child also to be a part of it.

We expect that they should understand the value of money. And we spend on unnecessary demands of children.

We want them to be empathetic about us when we grow old. We want them to respect us. We do not respect our own parents in front of them.

Here is a trend where Children are supposed to respect us only because we are their Parents, not because we are capable of behaving their parents too.

-Sucheta Gour

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Motivational Quotes | Life Quotes | Only the rich class sends their children to hostel

“Only rich can afford a hostel or the rich do not have time or bother to care for their children, so they outsource the activity of parenting”.

People might have developed different views on this concepts from defining class, status, prestige or whatever else to convince themselves on.

Where did this concept of sending children to Hostel come in from?
The Gurukul.

The kings could not be compared to anyone in richness. They could have afforded an army of maids or the best of the specialized teachers to care for their children. But they preferred to send them to these Gurukuls.

The Queens or Mothers of these Prince could dedicate all their time to bring up their Children who would be future Kings. But they preferred to keep their children away only for the reason that they should learn life, society from an undiscriminating and unbiased teacher and environment. Stand a fair competition, build the life skills to deal with any scenario, develop their decision making capacity, and people interaction skills.


The same trend continues today. You can’t buy education. You can’t swap your insensitive irresponsible, ignorant child with a sensible, sensitive, wise, responsible child. You might be filthy rich. But you can’t train your child in multi skills like formal education, music, sports, yoga, and reading — all with an intact schedule keeping him home


Secondly, sharing, caring, smartness analysis of people around, reciprocation to them, team work, and leadership can’t be taught with one or two children living together.

Again sending the child to hostel doesn’t guarantee your child’s success. The other factors also are important. But the same risk lies when you send him to any other school either.

-Sucheta Gour

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Children always look good | childrens | Motivational Quotes

Children always look good because they don’t carry apprehensions, fears, and worries on their mind. They have innocence and wonders in their eyes.


When they laugh, they do not hold themselves back. They don’t try to think how they look when they laugh or cry or what others think about them.


They are not trying to be judgmental about the people they meet. When they speak to anyone, they do not think of designing or fabricating their statements. When they pose for a picture, they aren’t trying to look perfect, they are just themselves.


Let us learns these from them. Let us save the Child in us and carry him with pride throughout our lives. We will leave aside an unwanted baggage which we carry always otherwise.

-Sucheta Gour

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Parenting Scenarios | Article about parenting | Daily motivational Blogs

Extreme love /possessiveness for the Child and Parenting skills are two different things. Every Parent loves their Child. There are hardly any Parents who do not love their Children. Few of them love them to an extent of doing anything for them whether it is right or wrong. Not always it is initiated with Child’s demands or needs.

Again at times it is because they want to portray an ideal Parent to the society and their Child. And hence chose wrong ways of Parenting.

Cases wherein Parents stand by their Child and believe in their Child to an extent that he can never be wrong.

Parents feel if not us who will stand by our Child and trust him?

Definitely true, but a clear indication has to be sent to the Child that just because you are my Child I wouldn’t always believe that you are right. I will stand by you if you are right and disown you if wrong. Since many Parents fail to do this the Children take wrong path and feel confident that their Parents will stand by them may what right or wrong.

There are enough cases of teenagers rash driving, wrong ways of fun, habits, drink and drive, rape cases or cheating on others. All these because they know the emotional weakness Parents carry.

In adolescence there are instances of Children trying to have two faces one with Friends and the other with Parents. Since it’s a growing phase there will be flaws in it. We got to know what to probe and know and what to ignore inspite of knowing. What to blow out of proportion and what to leave unnoticed. Trying to be cautious and to make our Child have a perfect opinion among relatives and friends should not leave the Child stressed and dual faced.

At times there is dependency developed. Parents underestimate or over secure the Child to an extent of doing everything and get him addicted to them that the Child further doesn’t feel confident without the Parent. In an attempt to be there for him always they turn out to be the host for a parasite.

Parents not realizing that the Child is growing and unwilling to give him his space. Definitely we got to know what he is doing, who are his friends, where is his thought process advancing. But over reacting on everything and trying to control all of the above to be a perfect picture will leave the Child stressed, distanced from the Parents. We say we don’t want him to think anything wrong. Let us understand what is wrong. He has a crush on someone. It’s a natural process of growing not to blow it out of proportion.

At times crossing the limitations to accommodate his demands. We feel we were deprived of many a things so we need to give our Children everything. We need not sympathize ourselves unnecessarily and try to compensate that by spoiling our Child.

There is a difference. Giving everything they require or deserve or we can afford or we want to prioritize just because he is our Child? These understandings should be well developed by us as Parents.

-Sucheta Gour


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