Pain humbles you or pain makes you arrogant and insensitive.

Pain humbles you or pain makes you arrogant and insensitive. Choice is ours.
It humbles you because you feel the pain of others. You are empathetic towards others.
You grow arrogant because you feel you are a victim to pain.

-Sucheta Gour

To learn from our Army……

To learn from our Army……

Unity in diversity
Sacrifices to the extent of infinity
Country over life
Team work
Toughness in the toughest terrains

These soldiers have emerged from all kind of societies and class of our country and have leveled up to one platform with almost same standards in all the above characteristics.
Can we learn atleast 10% and implement 5%.
Life will be well lived.

-Sucheta Gour

Why she isn’t loved? Is it beneficiary to be strong or is it better to be timid and dependent?

Strong women face depression not because they aren’t wanted by anyone. They are very important and effective in all lives associated with them. They can make a difference to even 1000 lives they associate with.
But they feel lonely because, they are not wanted by anyone to be loved or cared. But only to love and care for others.

Why she isn’t loved?

Many people assume she doesn’t need to be loved because she already have many who love and care for her.
Or few assume that she is so strong and practical, that she doesn’t value emotions at all.

Is it beneficiary to be strong or is it better to be timid and dependent?

I would still say strong, because a life with favours ,sympathy from others in the name of love which people will one day drown you in the debt of gratitude and drive you weaker emotionally is not worth it. And no one can shield  you and prioritise you forever.

There is a statement, ‘Fake it before you make it’. And if a life faking strength makes you so powerful from within, then why not? Eventually you get used to live a life full of contentment that you are self made and you do not need support. Expectations make you sad. A shoulder always makes you weaker. A giver is always contended.
What best can happen to you than to be in a place not to receive from people but from God Himself. Invaluable Blessings for all the good you’ve done and stood by all.

– Sucheta Gour

There are two types of people who explain more…

There are two types of people who explain more…
1) One who explains more because of the guilt they carry of wrong doing to the other.
2) One who explains more because of the fear of losing your loved one’s trust due to misunderstandings.
Both sound the same. The analysis varies based on the personality of one who is explaining.

-Sucheta Gour

Men….the first thing coming to the mind is, they are bad.

Men….the first thing coming to the mind is, they are bad. We find a dad , a son or a brother to be always great people. And rest of the world of men to be bad. Why is our perception highly influenced by the standard statements than the reality we see.There is so much glorification on Women’s day. And many men dont even know that their exists a Men’s day. All because, men do not glorify the way women do.They run out of words either to express or glorify. So…. let us join to wish all the men whom we see as father, brother, son, husband, friend

“A Happy Men’s Day to all of you!!! “

-Sucheta Gour

Do we fear efforts or success? Do we resist change or improvement?

Do we fear efforts or success? Efforts
Do we resist change or improvement? Change
But efforts lead to success and change brings in improvement.
Do we ever give a target of 35% to our child in their exam?
Then why do we expect a target of 35% from our Manager.
Or as a Manager why do we want to give a target of 35%

That’s because 90% of the crowd is happy only to do as much as required. They dont want to stretch their limits because they dont want to give in the efforts required for achieving more or gaining more. And the reason given is, if I do more, I’m expected to do much more.What is failed to be understood is, if I do more, I will be equipped with more knowledge. Stretching limits will make them explore their potentials

We arent responsible for others growth, why do we need to go that extra mile to improve our team member. Lot of efforts are required in training and sacrifices in setting examples.

Hesitation.Why will they listen to me? I’m not their parent. The age of being  parented has gone by for my team member. They arent children to be taught with a stick.They arent acers either to the trade they have got in.

Fourth, the management has to set guidelines for performance and measure them.The HR has to raise pip if no performance.Why should I be the bad cop?

Well, we never say why should i be the bad cop for my child.We are never happy when our child cuts corner to achieve something. But we are never bothered when the same things are happening by our team members. Eventually, results are compromised and Managers fill up more junk crowd with less potential, less skill, reluctance to hard work…..any day replaceable by a robot.

-Sucheta Gour

Are we looking for a child or a programmed robot? Who is an ideal child in today’s world?

An ideal child

Are we looking for a child or a programmed robot?

Who is an ideal child in today’s world?

One who will be obediently listening and following his parents’ instructions.
One who will not eat junk food
One who will score 100/100 in all his  subjects.
One who will follow hygiene,  take care of his room and his belongings with utmost care.
One who will wake up early in the morning and not be a night owl.
One who will not be on games app , play-station, Netflix, television and Instagram.
One who will not waste his parents money.
One who will marry a girl or boy of parent’s choice
One who will earn a lot of money.
One who will not go around freaking with his friends.
One who wont argue or disrespect his parents

One who will purse the career expectations set by parents and be successful.
One who will not be sticking on to gadgets always.
One who will be good in sports.
One who will be creative.
One who will actually respect his parents and not show pretense.
One who is empathetic about the genuine people around.
So on and so forth……

World has changed. All relations are turning out to be too practical or relations for need. Emotions are carried and portrayed in different ways. Today’s child is more a friend than a daughter or son. And the dynamics of approach of children towards their parents are totally different. So, give your child the responsibility of being a responsible and good human being.But at same time do not make him an emotional fool, weak minded, depended, less confident by over protecting or over caring.

The definition of a perfect child changes with time.Keep the basics intact and modify the outlook of approach and reciprocation towards your child’s actions . Keep your child grounded, hardworking and to be considerate.

-Sucheta Gour

Winning arguments is cheap. Winning hearts is royal.

Winning arguments is cheap.
Winning hearts is royal.

Teach your child to win hearts.
Today’s generation is more keen on proving their point, be it right or wrong.
And they can argue to any extent crossing the line of dignity in doing so.
Adolescence sets up a platform to justify such behaviour too. But if it doesn’t get curbed in time, this awkward behaviour continues to remain with the child creating a sense of over confidence,  superiority complex or inferiority complex hidden with arrogance.

Eventually when he is an adult ,the child reaches a stage where he feels he can get away with any argument just by overpowering the other and not developing wisdom by being a good listener. This leads to limitation of knowledge and unacceptance by others.

-Sucheta Gour

House wife & Working woman what will they prioritize first family or herself?

House wife
By default every house-wife is her last priority. Family comes above herself
the reason for she being a perfect mother and wife. And the family gives instances of a working woman despising her selflessness. She is different only in one way. She made her choices to prioritize others above herself.  She never lacked skill but the will to prioritize herself. She worked relentlessly for her family.
If she starts prioritizing only herself,0 the balance in the family is lost.So finally should she prioritize herself or should the family prioritize her?

Working woman
She has to balance either ways. Prioritize herself and take care of family too. But she can expect. She has her space.She is contented with the success, appreciation and money. She possess confidence and attitude too. But she has different set of challenges. She has too many fronts to manage. She is always guilty about falling short in one of her roles at any given point of time.
However both chase perfection in every role of theirs and mostly get disappointed by the reciprocation she gets in return.But never gives up on herself or people.
Hats off to the woman in your lives.

-Sucheta Gour

Erase the boundaries. Clear the baggage, Increase the bandwidth. Remain a child. Explore throughout your lives.

The boundaries we draw around ourselves are the only limitations we have in life. And these boundaries are drawn when we grow up to be adults. As a child we never had any boundaries or limitations. We believed in everything that was told to us. As adults, our capabilities increased but our boundaries got narrower stronger too.
As a child ,we studied seven subjects with different logic, we had time for play, extracurricular activities and what not.
As an adult our thought process got constricted. We struggled with one subject. We started carrying more baggage about future worries past troubles, fears of failures or envy about others.
Erase the boundaries. Clear the baggage, Increase the bandwidth. Remain a child. Explore throughout your lives.

-Sucheta Gour