Motivational Quotes for Crime against Women

Injustice towards women has been an age old story. Women weren’t safe and happy even in the past. The difference is there was no media and technology to expose and circulate the information so fast and in a massive way.


Secondly very few women stood for themselves or for an other women so strongly, to join the voice against all the brutality they tolerated.

The change will begin when women in authoritative positions will support this movement with right and rigorous actions on time. Additionally the protest to tolerance and pursuance to making strict laws is the only way to compel law makers to induce faster justice in the system.


No more is a scenario where we can sit back assuming we or our daughters, mothers or sisters wont face it.

Only rigorous law enforcement in a defined,systematic,standardized way can create fear in the minds of such sinners and change the future of women.

-Sucheta Gour

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Women Quotes to Empower Women

Showing strength to win a female’s heart is a practice across many species and for ages.

Why is it so important to show you are strong?
To fight with her,
Over power her,
To control her,
To look down upon her or
To show other males that I can win and own her as a reward or prize
To prove to her that I’m going to protect you against all harm.

I’am strong enough to take your tantrums, your mood swings, your demotivations and be beside you in all ups and downs with a strong and stable mind and heart.

-Sucheta Gour

100 Strong Quotes on Women | Popular Women Quotes

Women are never in anyone’s prayers.Men are in every one’s prayers.
A wife prays for her husband. A mother prays for her child and the whole family.

But hardly we’ve seen women being in anyone’s prayers unless she is suffering from an ailment.

Shouldn’t this approach change?

When someone is unconditionally praying for your well being relentlessly. You also should pray for her at least once a while. Such a person needs prayers the most to be healthy, balanced to keep the balance in your world.

-Sucheta Gour

50 Motivational Quotes on Women

Care and concern for everyone around her is in the nature of a woman.She need not be trained or prepared for it.Neither can she pretend of not having those in her.‎ Those are her inborn qualities. Be it in the form of mother,sister,daughter,wife or a friend, she is always in form.

-Sucheta Gour

Top 10 Strong Women Quotes

Women are over worked out so they get frustrated with everyone around.Their efforts about being perfect towards every relation exhausts them. I want to make everyone happy. No one should be discontented. She tries to live everyone’s dream forgetting her own. And in pursuing this goal, she herself remain discontented.


And finally at one point of life,when everyone in her life is used to her this behavior, but she grows older where she cant keep doing the same, she gets frustrated.


Or if everyone goes their ways which is the law of nature but, without being grateful towards her for all the sacrifices she voluntarily made, she starts to become selfish, possessive in few of the cases or just becomes silent or disconnected towards every relation around.

She then starts wondering, was it worth it?

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 10 Strong Women Quotes | Powerful Quotes about Women


Identity of a woman is not defined by a good son, Successful husband or contented in-laws / parents, but by her ability to bring the best out of anything and anyone that comes her way which includes herself too.

She doesn’t need an introduction, isn’t desperate for reputation. She feels contented every time she is successful in adding value to others life as well as hers.

-Sucheta Gour

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50 Inspirational Quotes that will make you a Perfect Parents



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Top 10 Inspirational Quotes | Relationship Quotes | Men are Right

Ultimately, Men felt,

‘Men are Right’.

And Women also felt

‘Men are Right’.

These thoughts left

‘Women wrong’


To elaborate, a Man said “Women are weaker, crazy, nagging, less stable and hence need to be controlled. Women need to follow all the rules set by men”

Women agreed that men were right.


And thereafter any of the above traits and women became synonyms. So, when women came up with their version of being strong, thoughtful, responsible, stable, and independent – they were considered to be wrong or outspoken or characterless or insensitive.

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 10 strong Women Quotes | Powerful Quotes about Women | ‘I love her’ or ‘I glorify her’

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Women Quotes | Strong Women Quotes | Tolerance or Arrogance ? Timid or Self Respect?

There used to be a trend we used to teach our daughters tolerance towards everything with in-laws and husband. Today we want to make our daughters hold their self respect above all. Eventually there are two situations.


Firstly, more of independent thought process and everything is termed as threat to their self respect by daughter- in- laws. Finally the bonding is lesser in families with in-laws and husband.

Secondly, Daughter-in-laws are able to fight their battles alone and do not fall prey to the traditional tortures. They are able to maintain their identity and demand self respect.


Which of these conditions are more favorable condition for the society too?

-Sucheta Gour

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