All because of Darwin’s theory, “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST” Be it an Employee or Employer or Company

Covid 19 has been one of its kind in the last 100 yrs after Spanish Flu in 1919 which lasted two years and infected 500 million people, about a quarter of world’s populated.Of Course the medical technology is on different level today to find cure or immunization sooner reducing the chaos. But the impact of any pandemic will cause equal magnitude of losses proportionate to the financial scenario.

Industry developments :
Certain actions for next 18 months is suicidal for any organization once this lockdown opens.

Permanent Hiring
Inaccurate Manpower Planning
Official Travels
Fixed pay
Variable pay ratios
Back up resources
Bench strength of even a month
Support staff hiring
Performance management

Whether Domestic companies serving Indian/International markets or International companies serving any International markets.,No Government or Private Organization have been able to anticipate the losses this will incur in totality.
Because the duration of this scenario is still going unpredictable the count of lives lost and the impact on the economy because of these lives is not known yet.
the impact geographically ; like the countries affected have had what contribution to the stabilty of economy in the respective countries or other countries aren’t completely measurable in this scenario.

All calculations, predictions in terms of financial planning,Industry perceptions will go beyond any and everyone’s mastery and the best of data analysis.

The after effects of Covid 19 are completely invisible because crisis is still ongoing. Every support team will become a burden for the organization, operations will get more stringent,expectations of Employer will be sky high.
Cost efficiency which was everyone’s concern in the last two decades because of the highest level of competition from global players in every sector will now trickle down to the level of measuring cost of every task by every employee at every minute in every sector and department.
Industry has always become more demanding and wiser with every recession.
There will be only 2 types of employees who will survive.Real Robots and Human Robots.Now this pandemic will make every resource work like a robot. And AI will dominate the market to cut down on the cost eliminating most of the employees in the name of efficiency raised to an extent of 200 to 300% as the basic standards.
After 2008 recession, industry innovated and transformed with an accelerated speed – hikes were controlled, layoffs became a common topic till yesterday, performance measuring techniques became more stringent. Bench strength word became a sin.
Now after this pandemic, even a week’s cost for an employee will become a sin.All coordinating jobs will become an extra cost for the organization’s. Tolerance levels of every Manager and Management will become minus infinity.
All because of Darwin’s theory, “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST” Be it an Employee or Employer or Company

-Sucheta Gour

90% of people never try to explore opportunities and conquer reasons.

90% of people never try to explore opportunities and conquer reasons.
Challenges are a part of anyone’s life.
We feel resorting to reasons is the best way to escape problems or accountability.
But only the strong and the ones who want to succeed, grow and win find solutions.

90% of people never try to explore opportunities and conquer reasons.

The rest of them are happy, proud and contented with the limitations they have drawn around themselves. And they feel their reasons hide their limitations.
But they don’t hide. Instead, such people grow timid in their approach to solve and grow wiser at finding reasons for everything.
Wisdom at its heights of misuse.

-Sucheta Gour

HR’s skillset and role will be automated without even reaching 10% of maturity. What an irony?

Every aspect of a HR job revolves around knowing, managing, analysing and supporting people. Still as HR’s people are Aliens to us. We do not know definite and certain reasons for people’s behavior.

 HR job revolves around knowing, managing, analysing and supporting people

We know processes. We do not know the logic of any process. Most of the times, we try to figure out flaws in the process to make shortcuts of the process to make it convenient for us alone. We don’t try to figure out anything to manage our role and know people as HR. Since we HR’s behaved robotic, AI is all set to replace us. And its alarming now and will be worse tomorrow. A skillset and role which got automated without even reaching 10% of maturity. What an irony?

-Sucheta Gour

Knowledge Winning & Losing Arguments

Winning arguments is important.But losing them makes you more wiser.

We all feel proud of our knowledge on winning arguments. We are paid for winning arguments- our negotiation skills and convincing skills – so they are called on professional front.

The other story is when we lose arguments, we feel offended. But the wisdom beneath is when you lose arguments, your mind gets liberated from the thought process you’ve been clinging on to- for good or bad. There is one more point of view you get exposed to.

 -Sucheta Gour

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Wise Management Quotes about Team/Work


We made efforts to know and handle everyone around us. Only we left out ourselves and our team members with a decision that we are the most superior, so we need not change and the team members with an apprehension that they aren’t going to change.

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 10 Wise Quotes on Career Specialisation, Management



‘If I’m a HR , I don’t have the right or skill to judge some one in a technical area or in Accounts. We comment saying, he doesn’t even know about the basics of HR.

We don’t realize the basic understanding that,

why should he know?

He is a master of his trade like I’m a master of mine.

We always tend to judge others on our skill. And then get judgmental about them making statements that they aren’t good enough for the job and position they are in.

What an irony of our wisdom?

We need to respect other people’s knowledge. And moreover inspite of having spent decades in our own trade we still cant claim, we are 100% knowledged or 100% updated with the newer trends .In such a scenario is it fair to judge others in their trade.

-Sucheta Gour

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Motivational Quotes on Work Stress

Work doesn’t develop stress. Fear of not being able to achieve results creates stress. And fear develops when anything you take up isn’t given enough efforts or the gaps aren’t identified or ignorance about things and people.


So, stress doesn’t get induced by others or situations. We induce stress ourselves in us due to our weakness and want to blame the whole world for it.

If work induced stress, all those masons, semi skilled people at the construction sites, soldiers on the war front would have died of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack every day.

So, hard-work and rigor in our work doesn’t build stress.

-Sucheta Gour

Top Quotes on Enterprenuership

‘Entrepreneurs are like Dads’.

They have the deepest pockets to run the whole show without interruption but make the greatest compromises with dignity.


They do not show what they go through but carry a lot of poise and strength. They keep the balance on the surface in a way no one ever gets to know the turmoil underneath.

Only difference is Dad’s appearance shows his sacrifices and Entrepreneurs doesn’t. Because an entrepreneur is always required to carry his confidence, his lifestyle, his success and his class more than his continuous pain and his struggle.

-Sucheta Gour

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