Top 10 Quotes for Manager|People Managers

Managers have forgotten the definition of people management.They feel the equation needs to match with the team member or the people should have been performers or should have known the process thoroughly.

The fundamentals of possessing the skill of extracting the desired performance from anyone is a long forgotten story.

Grooming people by motivating them towards a successful career to chase and value addition by Managers to achieve the same – such approaches have started sounding only theoreotical.

-Sucheta Gour

Top 10 Motivational Sayings to chase your Dreams in your Career

“I’m pressurised with work . I can’t sleep “sounds better or “I’m going to find solution for the problem arised in my work.Till I find a solution, my conscience doesnt allow me to sleep”.

Just like how people say “Wake up and chase your dreams than just dreaming about them”.

How different or similar are these statements?

Which of them sound motivating and which of them sound frustrating?

How is it we created the first statement?

Only because of our inability to deal with ourselves and to pursue and perceive problems as challenges.Let us see things as they are and not paint them with untrue colours.

-Sucheta Gour

Top 10 Motivational Quotes | Life Quotes | Best is yet to Come

Everyone and everything is replaceable. The ones who think that they are irreplaceable live in a fool’s paradise. Everyone has to be a history some day and make way for newer histories to be created.

All legends set a bench mark and motivate aspirants to overtake and set newer ones.

Expectations always increase towards newer achievements and achievers too. So the best is always yet to come and will always remain yet to come.

-Sucheta Gour

100 Best Job Quotes to make your Monday Motivational | Quotes for Job Seekers

Everyone awaits a weekend and behave as if they live only for those two days. That shows how much people have started liking to run away from their responsibilities, and find their responsibilities to be burdensome. They feel they have fought battles in those five days and deserve a celebration on the weekend. Work has turned out to be stressful not because it has turned out to be stressful but we have converted it to be so.

Man has worked towards earning his food right from the beginning of his evolution and he did strive to earn it the hardest way earlier and a comfortable way now. Only difference is he was less wiser, analytical, farsighted and non-complaining or comparing then.

Life doesn’t lie in celebration alone; life lies in contentment in everything we do. When life itself cannot be a program written and configured to perfection, neither can be our job, our Manager, our Company or our Colleagues. The way we are required to accept life with its non-negotiable terms but still with lots of enthusiasm, hope, smile and never ending efforts of making it better.

 Let us also approach our job, our duty, our responsibility , our reason for respect in the society, our only source of making our present, our future, our children’s life better with lots of positive efforts, solutions, and enthusiasm.

Let us look forward for Mondays too with same enthusiasm as we look forward for Friday evenings. Let us face it with due respect to our role.

-Sucheta Gour

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Best Quotes for Job Seekers | Motivational Quotes on Career

More monitoring is making people less accountable and shifting all the accountability to the top most levels or the process created to align them. Everyone feels, the process and monitoring will drive them and the others too. So all the accountability lies with the process and the people who have created the process.


Everyone fails to understand that process acts as guideline and monitoring acts as reminders and validation.

Eventually they are also leading themselves to redundancy by not taking the accountability for contributing to the success and sustainability of the process.


Replacing people with automation gets easier with such approach.

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 10 2019 Motivational Quotes | Super Motivational Quotes | Fears commitment-doubts self?

A person who fears to commit about the deliverable can never advance in his life because the least he trusts in or believes in is, himself. He doubts his potentials the most.


Every job has challenges, life too has, but that doesn’t limit our desire to live, fight and commit to ourselves, our spouse and our child. We marry; give birth to children-all because of the commitment to ourselves to deliver the responsibility well.


Similarly we need to commit to our Manager, Client, and Team to deliver so that we show acceptance and sincerity to our duty. And also to believe in our efforts

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Top 10 motivational Quotes and Sayings Couple Entrepreneurs – Heart and Brain

When a couple entrepreneurs run a company – husband and wife are like the heart and brain of the business.

They have to work in synchronization though there are many instances where the opinions differ.


In few of the instances heart is given importance and few more brain is.

The way both these organs are essential for the survival of a human body, both contribute equally, a similar scenario lies on the other front too.

inspirational-quotesThe heart might sound idiotic or illogical or overtly optimistic, the brain might sound too practical, too strategical or overcautious. But both are required to level out things in life.

There isn’t a competition possible between them. And only one of them can win and the same won’t win always. The other has acceptance of losing. There can’t be a pride of having won. There can’t be a grudge on the other. They can’t look down upon each other for any reason.


The common goal of the heart and brain will be the body to win. The body carries the identity of heart and brain like how a company carries the identity of the entrepreneur. Anyone carrying lesser strength doesn’t mean he is going to be redundant or eliminatable.

The rules are so clear and well defined.

-Sucheta Gour

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100 Being Smart Quotes | Wise Quotes | Ah! An idea!!!!

Getting an idea isn’t an achievement any day. Pursuing, sustaining the idea and implementing it to success with motivation and improvisation are the biggest challenge.


There are lakhs of ideas people get every day. The best of the ideas.

There isn’t a need to feel a halo on our head just because of an idea occurring to your mind.


The journey begins only when the idea takes off for implementation with measurable progress and its share of challenges. An idea can be considered success only when its implementation is achieved with benefits and sustainability for a considerable duration.

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 10 Inspirational Quotes for Entrepreneurs | Youths | Young Entrepreneurs |

90% of the Entrepreneurs fail not because they aren’t having a direction but

Because they do not have a right direction.


Because they have plans but the P & L statistics are wrong.

Because there are no risks or challenges forecasted

Because of overconfidence / under confidence and wrong calculations.


Because of confusion and lack of decision making

Because they only cherish success on their minds and not failures.

-Sucheta Gour

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