Top Quotes on Enterprenuership

‘Entrepreneurs are like Dads’.

They have the deepest pockets to run the whole show without interruption but make the greatest compromises with dignity.


They do not show what they go through but carry a lot of poise and strength. They keep the balance on the surface in a way no one ever gets to know the turmoil underneath.

Only difference is Dad’s appearance shows his sacrifices and Entrepreneurs doesn’t. Because an entrepreneur is always required to carry his confidence, his lifestyle, his success and his class more than his continuous pain and his struggle.

-Sucheta Gour

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Inspirational Quotes on career growth


Job-QuotesMost of the people want a safe, risk free, effortless job. The one who rise up are minus this crowd. People are getting so used to complaining about every situation. Its become a way of life. Spreading all the negativity around themselves.
And how do we come to know about this approach. Because we hardly see people who say my day was awesome at the end of the day for a week continuously in any place and any job.
What I failed to understand is if there was a job like this was there a need of humans to do it.Machines would be more than enough.

-Sucheta Gour

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Perfect Management Quotes for Employees


As  Manager,
We cant influence the results without inducing the efforts.
Efforts can’t be influenced without discipline.
Discipline can’t be introduced by being good, nice to self and all.
This is what is called as leading by example.
And here we speak about training, mentoring, skill development and integrity in a big way.

-Sucheta Gour

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Wise Quotes to develop your personality

Limited visibility in every phase.
Sympathies are for self and people below you, not above you just because your visibility doesn’t extend till there.

As a child, your parent is wrong,
As a team member, your manager is wrong,
As a Manager your mgmt is wrong.

Sympathies by people go that way,
A parent, manager or management are required to hide their problems and play strong to keep the focus of the child,team member and company strong.

Only when you go to the other side of the table, you understand the true picture and sympathies him/ her but too late a realization as the person has moved away from that role in your life most of the times.

-Sucheta Gour

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Inspirational Quotes to increase our Capabilities

We always judge ourselves by what we are capable of doing but world judges us on what we have done and what we are doing presently.

So past actions become measurable and present actions solves the problems and gives us the confidence of still being capable.

We can never gain respect by speaking about what we are capable of doing or what we have done.

Above all, the most important becomes present as we are required to deal with it and come out with flying colours everytime faced by a situation.

-Sucheta Gour

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Management Quotes from Top Managers | Leadership Advices

Every responsible Leader/Manager today in any company is more worried or stressed about the fact that he is not able to cascade the importance and urgency of a project deadline downwards making people own and perform. And classic situations are when Senior Management expects employees to
• Have an adrenaline rush to stand up and own their job.
• Deliver company’s committment to all the stake holders.
• Do justice to all the money they have earned in the company’s ‘not so pressurizing employee good times’.

Rather many of them around tends to portray themselves as
• Not having common sense.
• Born yesterday with an IQ level and responsibility of a child.
• Suffering from alzhemeir’s disease with less or no memory.
• Keeping one leg outside the company always during such situations.
• Not willing to compromise on any of their luxuries.
• Creating problems or blowing up small problems and solving them to portray self as a hero than solving the existing problems.
• Expecting appreciations for even routine responsibilities.
• Unwilling to move even an inch without huge force or moving a milimeter after applying the highest level of force.

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 20 Management Quotes on Leadership | Management


When you have to lead a path being the first and only one of your kind it is definitely difficult but nevertheless challenging and adventurous too. And definitely such people are born for such roles in life. Eventually these people turn out to be role models. They aren’t disheartened by failures. And never look out for motivations.They spread motivation with there mere way of every day living.

-Sucheta Gour

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