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What is protesting?

How to protest and why to protest?


Is Protesting fashion or heroism or attention seeking or portraying strength or despising upon others?

What is the definition?

A protest shows that you are unhappy with some injustice done to your fellowmen, a community or class or group of society. It is to show your pain, concern towards self or your fellowmen, to propagate brotherhood and to demand justice or change.

Should such a humble cause be at the cost of ruining assets of the society or people or government or harming your fellowmen who are also a victim of such an injustice you want to fight for?

An innovative way of protesting is required in a democratic country like India, where, we can voice whatever we feel is injustice without harm.


It should aim only at showing concern but in an amplified way. Anger or dissatisfaction shown in a matured way. There was an instance in japan where the labourers in a shoe factory manufactured only one shoe of one leg. Neither did they stop work nor caused harm to people. So, when the management agreed to their demands they manufactured the other one which didn’t cause losses to the company either.

Adding to the above protest should also be along with possible logical and strategical solutions to resolve the problem and not just saying ‘NO’ to something.

-Sucheta Gour

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100 Management Quotes from Top Managers across India

Love people who say
they want deliverable as on yesterday.
Or give tasks which look impossible with least TAT.
Or make your lives miserable to deliver the unimaginable.
Look down upon you and say ‘ you cant do it’
Or do the assignment in certain deadlines or you are out of the assignment.
They are the ones
who make you identify your potentials or explore your strengths.
Push you ahead in life towards a successful you….

-Sucheta Gour

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Top quotes on Leadership

The corporate scenario will change when, Leaders realise that with designation and authority comes…. Responsibility to own up the role to deliver,
Lead by example

Stretching outside the comfort zone to achieve the targets
Ability to create positivity in people they lead at any cost,
Guiding the team to rightly explore their potentials

Better visibilty of problem and solution finding,
Succesful implememtation of the solution,
End to end deliverables,
Seeing problems as challenges and not as a dead end.
Proactiveness to take up challenges

Whereas leaders carry wrong notions about leadership like

Leadership is all  about salary increase or
Bigger ego to carry in the name of attitude,
Authority to exempt themselves from all the rules,

Better reasoning for not reaching targets,
Better story telling,
Better blame game
Not recording of the path walked by and thereafter leading to poor analysis
Demotivation with the planning or re- planning
Strategies without a blue print
Lack of sustainability towards actions.

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 10 Positive Quotes to reach Success

Half of the milestones are delayed because we don’t give way to learn, change and apply. We have 100 questions to ask verify for the most fundamental activity too, just to feel satisfied for the wisdom we carry. And finally we chose the easiest options of all.

And in addition we put forth an argument as to why any assignment given shouldn’t be done and what are the challenges. Rather, Why not look into all possibilities and the wisdom it adds to us?

An approach, so negative we have developed towards life and everything we come across wherein we have an ocean of reasons and a drop of solution which we still are hesitant to apply. Ratio of negativity is to positivity is somewhere like 1000: 1.

Irony is, we feel life, job, career everything will be sorted with this 1% of positivity.

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 10 Motivational Quotes about Attitude

It is very important to know where to apply an advise.

People say we should not take stress at work, so, I’m cautious enough not pushing myself to chasing targets.

I’m told I should be intolerant to harassment or ignore when people despise upon me, so, when my boss points out my fault and blames me, I get defensive, dont correct myself, and ignore.

I’m advised, “you cant please everyone”, so I dont make an attempt to please my wife or my boss too who are going to add value to my life.

I’ve heard attitude matters, it shows your confidence. So I wear my attitude on my sleeve and do not give way for my parents or teachers or boss to look down upon me even on being wrong.

-Sucheta Gour

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10 Best Work Quotes | Motivational Quotes on Management

Grapes are sour. We apply this almost everywhere in life. We don’t get the desired marks we say paper was tough, we don’t get the desired course we say the criteria for scrutiny and the process of assessment were difficult.

If we can’t deliver the expected results in the job, we say that clients aren’t good, Manager isn’t good or the process is incorrect. First thing we do is look outside and find problems with everyone and everything possibly around other than self.

According to us we did everything right and we are perfect. We live in a sphere of ignorance created by us and feel happy proud and blessed to be there. Blessed not by God, but by self. Practically we do not bother to remember and apply this small moral from the story ‘ Grapes are sour’ which we learnt in our school time.

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 10 Motivational Quotes on Co-Worker Friendship

Friends you chose. Employees are chosen by company designated people who would judge people for their skill and integrity towards work and company.


There is no Background verification check done on whether they are teetotalers or who are their friends’ circle or whether they maintain integrity in friendship or their relations with people where they are financially involved outside work etc…,


So be wise when you have to chose friends from your colleagues. Not all colleagues can be friends to trust with your most personal secrets or to help with finances or to rely on the most

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 10 Amazing Quotes for Career

Everyone wants a path created with no humps or pits on their way of advancement in career,job or life. No one bothers to have suspensions or fill up those pits too.With such a scenario, an expectation of creating a path all by himself is much beyond anyone’s expectation.

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 10 Motivational Quotes | Inspirational Quotes

Power and money can be used for self pleasure or for the betterment of others. Choices are solely ours.

The first one needs shrudeness and pretense of being good.The second needs shrudeness, humbleness, will to sacrifice and strength to fight the distracting inner mind and the world.

So when you chase goals, make sure you make your choices and are also aware of the sacrifices you ought to do.

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 10 Motivational Life Quotes

The best realization is

“I’m going to work and deliver my duties, own my responsibilities till my last breathe. I’m aware of the struggle life has every day and I don’t resent the life’s approaches to make me stronger and wiser.”

People wait for good times which according to them means no work, no responsibilities, no duties and no risks but all gains, prosperity, richness, wisdom without having to do much to acquire them. We also deny that we don’t expect such a cake walk or perfect life.

If this wasn’t the expectation, then why do we crib about everything?

A journey to inner you to realize and match your thoughts, actions and words are so important.

-Sucheta Gour

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