Relationship Quotes to Kill your Ego

Most of the relations break because of people’s ego’s. Ego turning out to anger. Anger leading to offensive actions against the other. Eventually, bitterness and exchanging wounds never to heal for the rest of the lives. But there are few more people escaping with the reason of ego for convenience.

– Sucheta Gour

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Top 10 Generation Gap Quotes | Parenting Quotes

We need to teach youth to understand the real hard facts of life, the naked truth as it is known and accept them instead of waiting for a fancy pictured life to come true.

What we say are conceived by the younger generation in a complete wrong way. Our momentary frustration are better impacting them to take shortcuts or carry false ego or leaning more towards luxury. So watch out when you show them up.


We the older generation look back in our last years of life and say we should have enjoyed life more or given more time to family or self or better health. Suddenly the realization vanishes that everything you achieved has come with a price tag of your sacrifices.

Do we regret our successes?

What are we trying to say?

We could have reached here without the required amount of sacrifice or focusing on all the things or sailing in too many boats.

Secondly, we carry attitude, don’t compromise on what you are, and try to change just because people are building opinions about you.


Agreed. So does it mean, be the personality you are and don’t improvise or change for good?

You will get what you deserve when time comes, do not get desperate and chase. Someone is successful at the age of 28 and someone else at 18. So wait for your turn with this justification compromising on your efforts big way and not carrying the fire in your belly.


We need to teach our children the difference between stress and pursuing with efforts to reach somewhere better.

-Sucheta Gour

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Family quotes| Inspirational Quotes on Parenting | Parent or Friend?

Striking the balance between being a Friend and Parent to your Child.

‘We are Parents. We only need to control our Children’


‘We got to be friends with our Children.’

Which of these statements are true?

Well, in today’s world both are equally important and true as well.


The traditional conventional parenting sounds so right any day. But today’s world brings in lot of threat to our Children. So much exposure due to media, mobile, entertainment mode-everything being so openly discussed amidst all. And above all justification to anything and everything just considering point of views and giving way to scenarios. Wrong and convenient notions to many inacceptable aspects. Justification for all kind of lies, all kinds of relation and all kind of actions are leaving the Children confused and hollow from within.


To have a transparency about your Child’s mind, you got to be his friend to know his confusions and give him the right thought process. Before he finds his friends to confide who are on the same note as his you should be his first preference to share all his thoughts.

But apparently it is also equally necessary to exercise your control on your Child. Give enough household chores to your Child from the time he starts his movement. Be unjustifiable at times. It’s ok to do so. Don’t give explanation for everything you ask from him. Else you give birth to insensitive Children. They relate one justification to an other convenience of theirs and demand things from you.

Shift duties between each parent to exercise control on the Child.

Say ‘NO’ to your Child for most of the things which aren’t essential.

Your Child should have the best.

Definitely yes. Makes sense.

But best of what?

Best of the education, best of the books, best of the habits, best of the culture. Fairly good clothes and footwear. Not the best of the mobile, watch, shoes, dresses. These do not constitute for his need. And don’t develop his greed and taking you for granted to an extent that you become their last priority.

He can’t be your friend to command and demand things from you or treat you inferior. His superiority is because of you slogging, compromising and too much of unwanted importance given to him.


Teach him to value your money.

And above all teach him to value you.

Show him people who do not have Parents. Let him interact with such Children once a while.

Keep him away from you atleast for 2 years during his growing years. He needs to know the difference between life with you and without you.

Interact more with him than watching TV with him or communicating less with him.

Communication in the right way is one of the essential aspect of any relation.

We might be less multidimensional, technology savy and shrude compared to our Children. But we will still be there Parents.

Else we are responsible for a generation high on wrong attitude, wrongly tactful, spendthrift, disrespectful Children if no control exercised.

-Sucheta Gour

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Son in laws are always good… | Motivational Quotes | Wise Quotes

Wives are bad, Husbands are bad, Mothers are bad, and Fathers are bad. Daughters are bad, Sons are bad, and Daughter in laws are bad. Why there is never a son in law who is bad. Because the expectations are zero from a son in law. He is only born to receive and not give. Be it gifts, property, money, accolades.

Again sons are bad only after daughter in laws come in. What an illogical theory we have adapted. A son whom we have given birth to, whose culture is ours and whose thought process is developed by us is blamed of being influenced overnight by someone.

A son in law is never expected to pay a mother in law’s hospital bill as a duty. If he happens to do so it is a favor. And a daughter in law’s duty is to spend every penny she has earned for her mother in law when such a situation arises.

A son is supposed to pay a maintenance cost to his parents or at times other family members monthly even if they have a regular source of income like pension or some other source like rent or farm source. This is considered his ethical responsibility else he is an ungrateful son. His love is calculated on his spending capacity on them.

Whereas a daughter is not supposed to support her parent’s even if they do not a have a source to support a comfortable life in their old age.

A son in law should never care for his in laws by being with them in the hospital if they are hospitalised. But a daughter in law is required to do all her duties like a family member.

What a hypocrite society we have built?

-Sucheta Gour

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Mother in Law / Daughter in Law | Blog about life | Family blogs | Relationship Quotes

These are like the two faces of the coin. They can never meet. They are like numerical 6 which looks like 9 also when seen from the opposite angle. So, they are right from their respective point of views.

Irony is all Mother in laws have been Daughter in Laws and all of them had similar complaints against their Mother in Laws. It has been a hate love relationship always.

It’s only the battle to reiterate the authority, and control due to insecurity or unwillingness to share their Child with someone else which turns this character Mother in Law into a villain.

This is the extent which someone can go to when they love their Son Dearly and Blindly. Even a Daughter is their Child, but with Daughter the acceptance that she belongs to another family, and she is bound to go is the expectation from birth as a part of our tradition.

Mother in Laws are blinded not to see their own past, which carried bitterness towards their Mother in Law and the reasons for the same.

And on the other hand, since from generation to generation Daughter in laws have been changing. Mother in laws are sounding outdated.

So, in Today’s world only in cities these relations have evolved from being more torturous to less torturous, more authoritative to less authoritative due to education, careers of Women and existence of nuclear families with in laws staying far off.

So, as Mother in Laws, let us get liberal, and not try to prove our supremacy by advising when not asked for and over ruling every act or decision of daughter in law, just to show our control over our sons. Certain lessons life needs to teach than the Mother in Laws. And as Daughter in Laws, let us learn to ignore unwanted stuffs, inculcate the right advises and keep ourselves busy with constructive things.

-Sucheta Gour


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Daughter VS Daughter in Law | Family quotes | Best womens blog

When it is Daughters, we want to be supporting their careers, baby sitting her children and helping with house hold chores too.

When it is Daughter in laws, we do not even motivate them to carry on with a decent job.


When Daughters, we advise them to pursue to take only 3 months maternity leave to avoid a long gap in the career.

When Daughter in laws, we expect them to take a sabbatical for years till the child starts going to school or at times even post that.

When it is Daughter, we want them to spend lakhs on their shopping and looking beautiful. We are proud of their spending.

When it is Daughter in laws, we want them to be natural and find any basic efforts of grooming to be over fashionable.


When it is Daughters, we get an executive check-up done even for a simple head ache.

When it is Daughter in laws, even a severe illness needn’t be given importance and spent upon or the other extreme way is if she falls ill we says what a weak girl my Daughter in law is.

When a Daughter has Male Colleagues whom she works with shoulder to shoulder or late hours, we are proud.

When a Daughter in law even works in an office filled with Male she is characterless


When a Daughter carries herself well she has a style, a good dressing sense and mannerism too.

When a Daughter in law carries herself well, she is being fashionable attracting other Men.


A Daughter is taught how to hook up and control her husband and in laws.

In case of Daughter in law, the son is expected to control Daughter in laws.

Definitely one partner should compromise, sacrifice and maintain a low profile when it comes to a successful Family. But should it always be the same partner all the while or should it be divided.


Wow! What a society we Women have created for ourselves? Hats off to our double standards which we have nourished and empowered for generations.

-Sucheta Gour

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Who loves whom? Questions continued | Blog about Relationship | love | Positive Thoughts

When do you know he loves you?

Most of the women idealize their Dads and keeps them as their bench mark when they look for a life partner.

When he shows up the way he is and want you to know the real him.

When he has the courage to accept his wrong before you.

When he trusts you and confides in you.

When he feels free to be himself before you without the fear of your being judgmental about him.

When he is never done with you and keen on discovering something new about you every time.

When he comforts you with his arms even in the deepest of his sleep, he wants you closer to him.

When even an inch of distance becomes the longest distance for him.

When he fears losing you.

When he bothers to ensure every time about your food on time and your safety.

When he cares for all your essentials like the sweet nothings which any women would look forward for in her man.

When care for you is a way of life and not an act of deliberation.

When he plans your surprises keeping only your happiness on mind.

When he becomes restless seeing you in pain or grief.

When he can see the tears in your eyes even when you aren’t weeping.

When he notices you minutest way and can express it too with admiration.

When he remembers how you looked in which dress even when you don’t remember.

When he is possessive about you which shows in his ‘j’ factor.

When he can listen to loads of your nonsense without getting offended especially when you yourself are aware that it isn’t making sense to you.

When he tries to curb your bad habits without being offensive at all.

When he has the confidence to correct your wrong with his love.

When he is proud of your every small success and part of all the sacrifices towards it.

When he is your strength and never your weakness.

When he doesn’t look down upon your family members owing to the superiority complex or ego.

When he has the acceptance to your good and bad equally.

When he doesn’t portray a gesture of favor on you anytime.

When he dreams to share the best things of his life with you.

When he can respect you and love you unconditionally. When the sharing of any responsibility or activity in the relation is mutual and doesn’t burden you with the rules of the society and tradition.

When he walks by your side on the traffic being protective enough.

When he holds your hand without hesitation even amidst people.

When his touch portrays warmth and not lust or ego.

When he dreams of your happiness

When he is proud of having you.

When with age and time his love doesn’t fade away.

When his ego is not in the way when you correct him on a mistake.

When he can create moments for you throughout your life to strengthen the bond.


When do you know she doesn’t love you?

A woman can really be cold and insensitive at her approach if she doesn’t love someone.

When she is her priority and not you.

When she isn’t worried about what image she is creating about you amidst people.

When her actions do not convey care and concern.

When you are nothing more than a facilitator for her needs and life.

When she can be calculative about what is in for her in the relation.

When she manipulates things and situations for her good alone.

When she prefers to be only a part of your good times.

When she doesn’t change to make things happen for the relation.

When she doesn’t understand your pain.

When she is worried of her future alone.

When there isn’t a ‘WE’ feeling.

When she hardly trusts you and is more keen on building strategies against you and for her benefits.

When you are nothing more than an ATM card for her luxuries, happiness and needs.

When she can set up melodramas to handle your emotions to her benefit.

When cheating you is the way of her life.

When your emotions are never valued.

-Sucheta Gour

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