Top 10 Quotes | Motivational Quotes – ” It is Difficult “

Never use the word

“It is difficult”

to a Client or the Stake holder on any assignment shared with you.

The purpose of your existence and interaction with them is evidence that it is difficult. And the dialogue with you is the proof, that you are being counted upon or they are seeking solutions in you.

I see service Vendors to Clients or internal teams putting forth to other teams most of the times, that it is a difficult job. It will take a really long time and a lot of efforts &  might be impossible too.

I hear Operations telling Sales, it is very difficult to deliver and meet client expectations Or HR telling Operations Team, that it is very difficult to manage employees.

What doesn’t justify to me is? if it was easy, what is the purpose of your existence and why an easy task needs skilled people? And if we portray something on those lines, aren’t we showing our lack of skill in dealing with our role.

– Sucheta Gour

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Women Quotes | Strong Women Quotes | Tolerance or Arrogance ? Timid or Self Respect?

There used to be a trend we used to teach our daughters tolerance towards everything with in-laws and husband. Today we want to make our daughters hold their self respect above all. Eventually there are two situations.


Firstly, more of independent thought process and everything is termed as threat to their self respect by daughter- in- laws. Finally the bonding is lesser in families with in-laws and husband.

Secondly, Daughter-in-laws are able to fight their battles alone and do not fall prey to the traditional tortures. They are able to maintain their identity and demand self respect.


Which of these conditions are more favorable condition for the society too?

-Sucheta Gour

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Inspirational Quotes| Top Quotes | Brain – eye coordination

Today we want an app to read a book for us.

How lazy have we grown?

Our brain- eye coordination is extremely poor. Our imagination process is going to hamper.

“We don’t have time” is a common complaint.

We can be on social media every morning and night without fail. Make time between our works to speak to unknown people. All this also would make sense if someone was qualitatively substantially benefited. But we don’t find time to read one page a day.

Reading develops imagination, vocabulary, knowledge, different point of view, wisdom and solutions. We are fine to read the content on videos in facebook and forward messages but nothing specific to improve our core knowledge and relating to our work.

We start feeling sleepy the moment we are on a book. We don’t try to curb our negatives and deal with ourselves when it comes to such good habits. We can watch a movie or party whole night till 4 am in the morning. We will have tea; listen to music to keep ourselves awake for all unwanted activities.

Why not serve the same habits to read?

Life is all about priorities, dealing with self to make ourselves successful

-Sucheta Gour

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Motivational Quotes | Life Quotes | Only the rich class sends their children to hostel

“Only rich can afford a hostel or the rich do not have time or bother to care for their children, so they outsource the activity of parenting”.

People might have developed different views on this concepts from defining class, status, prestige or whatever else to convince themselves on.

Where did this concept of sending children to Hostel come in from?
The Gurukul.

The kings could not be compared to anyone in richness. They could have afforded an army of maids or the best of the specialized teachers to care for their children. But they preferred to send them to these Gurukuls.

The Queens or Mothers of these Prince could dedicate all their time to bring up their Children who would be future Kings. But they preferred to keep their children away only for the reason that they should learn life, society from an undiscriminating and unbiased teacher and environment. Stand a fair competition, build the life skills to deal with any scenario, develop their decision making capacity, and people interaction skills.


The same trend continues today. You can’t buy education. You can’t swap your insensitive irresponsible, ignorant child with a sensible, sensitive, wise, responsible child. You might be filthy rich. But you can’t train your child in multi skills like formal education, music, sports, yoga, and reading — all with an intact schedule keeping him home


Secondly, sharing, caring, smartness analysis of people around, reciprocation to them, team work, and leadership can’t be taught with one or two children living together.

Again sending the child to hostel doesn’t guarantee your child’s success. The other factors also are important. But the same risk lies when you send him to any other school either.

-Sucheta Gour

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National Women’s Day | Happy Women’s day to me!!! |

Hey Women! We have portrayed weak and despised upon ourselves all our lives. We envied each other, tortured each other, sympathized each other, pulled down each other, and bad mouthed each other. We motivated the society to be influenced by us and continue the legacy of the history way forward to future. We highlighted our weakness, our helplessness and our emotional mood swings.

80% of the Women don’t even know the meaning of women’s day or there exists a day like this or what difference does it make. And it actually doesn’t make a difference. It’s like Valentine’s Day or Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. It starts with a wish and further more a gift and a party.

For a change, this Women’s day let us not claim that we are strong or we are capable of handling all the relations and duties well. Because we don’t need a certificate for what we are. God has blessed us with many skills and inbuilt strengths.

This Women’s day take an opportunity to thank him and wish the world “Happy Women’s Day” for having been blessed with us. Donate to a cause of a Woman or Girl child. Men play similar roles of Father, Son, Brother, and Father like how we play Mother, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Daughter, but we do with more enthusiasm, colorfulness and with a smile.

So Hey Women, set yourselves on your wings to reach out to the sky. GIGGLE, LAUGH, LOOK GOOD, GO CRAZY, FREAK OUT, DANCE, SING, HAVE FUN.

You don’t need anyone to compliment you, motivate you and laugh with you. You deserve the best and all of it.

Happy Women’s day dear Woman!! Celebrating ourselves every moment!!

-Sucheta Gour

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Background Apps Draining Battery | Management Blogs | Article about Corporate

Background apps draining battery.

We work for 9 hrs a day. We complain we don’t have time.

Inspite of that we have time to know everything else that is happening in the office. Who had a fight with whom? Who is envious about whom? Who is hooked up with whom? Which team member is the Manager angry with?

Our general knowledge on un-useful unwanted things is so good.

We don’t remember project deadlines, we forget our client SPOC names, the deliverable to our stake holders, our manager’s guidelines.

We have keenest of the observation on everyone’s expression. We remember every statement made against us. We are capable of going through a reference to context statements on that.

We are capable of discussing hours on how our colleague got blasting showing him sympathy and joining him in bringing out his frustration for his manager. We do not have time to pre-anticipate the trouble and help the friend to save from the scenario or help him correct the mistake.

Justification is we need entertainment. But shouldn’t any entertainment serve the purpose of refresh button and help us bounce back to work with better focus and energy. Ideally yes. But it doesn’t.

Rather it takes us deeper into the unwanted stuff draining our battery with all these unwanted thought’s, and information occupying the most important, and valuable space of brain. If not for all this info on brain and time spent on these, our growth and knowledge would have doubled or tripled definitely.

-Sucheta Gour

Women – Idiotic and Funny? | Women quotes | Relationship Quotes

Women are idiotic and funny -A god gifted-personality trait of a Woman. This entertains the other gender and everyone around. Life would have been colorless without these colors for Men.

Imagine a Woman being composed always, portraying strong, super confident and overtly wise always. Wouldn’t she sound boring?

Again men have different opinions about this trait of Women for different relations in different phase.

For Men,

If for a Daughter, this trait is always appreciated.

If Friend or Girlfriend, then this trait is accepted and fancied for certain duration, preferably initial phase of interaction.

If it’s Wife, then men are highly irritated with this trait.

If it’s Mother, then they find it strange at times, at times sweet, at times annoying before their Friends.

If it’s Sister, then irritating at times and at times cute.

But remember, a Woman is like a prism who exhibits all the colors of a rainbow even if a pale white color light passes through her. Motivate her for carrying all these faces. One of confidence, of fear, of foolish courage, of idiotism, of fun, of patience, of strength, of wisdom and many more.

She is a combination of extreme traits coming together, and exhibiting many at the same time or different times. Definitely with all the responsible roles to play to perfection- she deserves to keep her brains aside at times to relax, which she often does when she looks and behaves funny and idiotic.

But Hey Man! Don’t get judgmental about her on this trait. She is just sharpening all her traits, and fueling herself when she does so.

-Sucheta Gour


Children always look good | childrens | Motivational Quotes

Children always look good because they don’t carry apprehensions, fears, and worries on their mind. They have innocence and wonders in their eyes.


When they laugh, they do not hold themselves back. They don’t try to think how they look when they laugh or cry or what others think about them.


They are not trying to be judgmental about the people they meet. When they speak to anyone, they do not think of designing or fabricating their statements. When they pose for a picture, they aren’t trying to look perfect, they are just themselves.


Let us learns these from them. Let us save the Child in us and carry him with pride throughout our lives. We will leave aside an unwanted baggage which we carry always otherwise.

-Sucheta Gour