Top 10 Motivational Quotes on Co-Worker Friendship

Friends you chose. Employees are chosen by company designated people who would judge people for their skill and integrity towards work and company.


There is no Background verification check done on whether they are teetotalers or who are their friends’ circle or whether they maintain integrity in friendship or their relations with people where they are financially involved outside work etc…,


So be wise when you have to chose friends from your colleagues. Not all colleagues can be friends to trust with your most personal secrets or to help with finances or to rely on the most

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 10 Motivational Quotes | Inspirational Quotes

Power and money can be used for self pleasure or for the betterment of others. Choices are solely ours.

The first one needs shrudeness and pretense of being good.The second needs shrudeness, humbleness, will to sacrifice and strength to fight the distracting inner mind and the world.

So when you chase goals, make sure you make your choices and are also aware of the sacrifices you ought to do.

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 10 Motivational Life Quotes

The best realization is

“I’m going to work and deliver my duties, own my responsibilities till my last breathe. I’m aware of the struggle life has every day and I don’t resent the life’s approaches to make me stronger and wiser.”

People wait for good times which according to them means no work, no responsibilities, no duties and no risks but all gains, prosperity, richness, wisdom without having to do much to acquire them. We also deny that we don’t expect such a cake walk or perfect life.

If this wasn’t the expectation, then why do we crib about everything?

A journey to inner you to realize and match your thoughts, actions and words are so important.

-Sucheta Gour

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Parents Saying and Quotes | Top 10 Parenting Quotes

We can’t expect the whole world of youngsters to take a round about or rewind and live the way our childhood was or like our how our approach and life was. But definitely, like organic food, we don’t want our old ways of life to be sold in new packets branded, presented, marketed and sold at an exorbitant price back to our children like mango pulp, potato wafers, desiroti- veggie rolls, cow’s ghee and many more….


  • I wouldn’t be surprised if some day mobile apps and games are developed to teach our children ….mannerism, respect, right attitude and many ways of life which came to us as our culture in natural ways. And these apps would be charged and the youth would find it a matter of pride to install them and just having them would certify them to be carrying all the traits.


  • The future children would ask one day how am I to know that I should respect elders or do my own bed?
  • Or how am I to figure out what is the meaning of right attitude?

Children Quotes

  • Please tell me the difference between ego and confidence
  • What are the advises I should agree from my parents? And what I shouldn’t? Because I know my parents aren’t always right.

Inspirational Quotes

So focus on parenting to teach them as well as learn from them, align them as well as align to them. Let it be a two way interaction but with a wiser ‘US’ as parents. And also carry the confidence and explaining wisdom for why they should listen to us. Understanding values and adhering to them should be a way of life with no other option and without deliberation.

-Sucheta Gour

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Amazing Motivational Quotes for Employees | Job Quotes


People work for bosses and not for the organization. This has been so difficult to implement and every organizations mostly struggle in this perspective. To empower the Managers to lead and to educate the team to align to their Managers is a herculean task.


Unlike this is a scenario in politics or government where most of the people work for their bosses and not for the department, society or country. Further, very few of them work for the real purpose of it.

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