When I wonder about the balance God creates in nature, in and between people, between all the beings, all the times for millions of years, from the smallest living being to the biggest, I wonder how it can be so well timed. 

All to perfection. Hats off to his logic, sustainability, memory, timing so much detailing. No technology can have so much in its store and to such perfection.

And here we are, trying for a lifetime to balance our own life- unsuccessful in all possible ways.

  • Sucheta Gour


Do people deliberately reveal your secrets?

Everyone is close to a few people—generally, more than one. 

So when you reveal your secrets to your closest friend, he/she would further share it with another friend closer to him/her and then to another more intimate friend. And that’s how it spreads. Not in deliberation but to share info or a topic to speak of or sympathise about someone’s situation or to find answers from others to the problems.

  • Sucheta Gour


The moment you speak of elections and voting, you become a brand ambassador of a political party. Should it be so? 

Can’t you be called a citizen who has invoked his responsibilities as a citizen of India and not merely a political activist?

Only 55% of Bangalore voted.

What an irony!

The youngsters feel voting is involving in politics. It is a waste of time to invest in polls. They feel hanging on instal or having fun with friends is more important than voting.

The educated crowd feels there is none worthy. All the parties and politicians are the same. It’s better to watch a Movie. Go on an outing with family, then go and vote.

Finally, these people are commenting on the decision on freebies and electricity tariff raise. You do not have the right to speak if you haven’t done your bit to bring in a leader who understands your basic concern.  If not a problem solver, not a problem creator either would have been a better choice.

We don’t have Buddhas to lead us. But definitely, we have the wisdom to choose between Shivaji Maharaj, Chandragupta Maurya and Aurangzeb. History has given us at least the fundamental wisdom to do so.

  • Sucheta Gour


Do not fear to commit on deliverables with respect to timelines or performance metrics.

Your journey to success begins from there.

Safe play restricts your potential of exploring self and outgrowing your limitations.

  • Sucheta Gour


Wash your hands before and after eating anything.

Do not wear your outdoor footwear inside the house.

Change to your home wear clothes once you are home.

Wake up early.

Do not sleep in the evenings at the time of lighting the lamp.

Eat home food and not junk food.

Eat your food in the designated eating area.

Play games which will tire you physically.

There were many a thing we learnt from our parents as default habits.

The irony is today; all those lessons have to be methodically taught, repeating with deliberation to our children.

Again, only if you can follow all the above rules religiously as parents.

  • Sucheta Gour


People reinvent the same wheel just to have jobs for themselves. Else, they will end up with no job at hand or fewer people in their teams. What a classic way of wasting an organisation’s money! 

They are additionally found being struck on where they are forever.

Few other people will wait for automation from an external agency to streamline the system because they fear owning, correcting and setting up the process because it comes with more effort initially.

And they fear failure and rejection too.

Just imagine the time and money involved in proving their false worth.

  • Sucheta Gour


What do older people mostly speak of?

Oh, we did this, we did that, how much fun we had when we were young. Those were the best days – lots to cherish. But you have many more years to look forward to and plan many more fun things for yourself.

As you grow older, your fears increase because you are dependent on others for many things and their outcome. You feel your energy levels are comparatively low. You feel fragile. 

Emotionally you get carried away easily, get hurt faster, have more time to weigh your strengths and weakness, you are more sensitive and influenced by the negatives and limitations you hear or assume about yourself – all because your mind gave up before your body did. 

At 50, you have 20 more years to go. At 60, probably a decade more. But, still, it’s a great deal of years to give up and live in regret, low confidence, fear or depression.

Remember all those years when you wanted a long break doing nothing, when you yearned for solitude when you have wanted to read all the books you wanted,  missed so many series and movies chasing your dreams and aspirations, all the sleep you wished for, all the lazying you were desperate for.

Life just gave you a golden opportunity to live it on your terms.

You might not be able to go on an adventure trip or party all night, or go biking or trekking.

But yes, you can go for a morning walk, do yoga with your friends, laugh, and crack jokes. Sing karaoke, feel young playing cards, carrom or chess with your friends. Life is always cherishable, even with old age or the worst pains.

  • Sucheta Gour


I’M WRONG’ when I accept this as being wrong; it makes me feel mature. I think I just started a journey on the right path, which will advance towards success. My trials will be reduced.

I see people hesitant to accept it and trying to justify it differently. It feels like speaking to a child who thinks if I don’t accept, I’m not caught or blamed. And it gets so difficult to explain to such people. They will keep on arguing about something which is black and that it is white. 

The wrong ones also lose their credibility by not accepting because, thereon, their decisions and statements are judged and verified about their being right next time onwards deliberately. People would interact or assign less accountable work to them. After all, people know that there is no scope for acceptance of being wrong, and hence corrective action also will be delayed. Because the argument will squeeze the energy, it is a waste of time with such people.

Again you don’t have to accept when you aren’t wrong. But when you are proven wrong, to keep up the ego, there isn’t any point in denying either.

  • Sucheta Gour


Thank you.

Being grateful to someone is a symbol of strength, not weakness. People feel if I’m thanking someone, it’s because I’ve been helped with something I did not possess or was my weakness. So, thereon showing gratitude is accepting my shortfall or weakness on which I fetched some help

No, being grateful is showing courage to seek help. To reduce your trials in obtaining success. And the gesture of gratitude is reciprocation for receiving support in time and motivation for the one who helped you to help you again. And for the others to help you too. Celebrate your gratitude towards people so that more people will be willing to help you.

  • Sucheta Gour


The life you envy isnt the life that brings happiness to you. 

 The one you have is envied by someone else. Make the best with your life. Ammend the wrong approaches. Cherish the right ones. Ignore the wrong in people. 

Appreciate the right. Life has to go on. Just carry miles of smiles.

  • Sucheta Gour