We hear people saying, “Forget the past. Start a fresh”

We hear people saying, “Forget the past. Start a fresh”….We need to analyse this statement and apply only wherever applicable.

Only our past mistakes guide us. We grow wiser with the analysis of these. They are the live examples to give us insight of how we or others acted, what were the reactions and repercussions.

Never forget your mistakes. Remember them to not repeat them in future. Most of the times we are facing the same scenario, people and situations. Overall 80% of our actions and responses are repetitive. Correcting them, Improvising them will make our life better.

It is nice to make new mistakes than repeat the old. It’s a sign of maturity.

-Sucheta Gour

A journey of friendship….progress in approach with age.

A journey of friendship….progress in approach with age.
When you are in junior school, friendship is being and enjoying a relation which is not bound by limitations, priorities, expectations and rules. You dont even know who is a friend and who is your enemy. You are going to play, fight and have fun with all in the school, colony or apartment. At times you also involve parents, they fight on your behalf and create distance between each other and ruin their impression. But you are again back with your friend. There is no memory maintained for good or bad. Fun and company to play are the only criteria on which friends are made. And since communication is on daily basis, and no great expectations so life and people (friends ) are beautiful. You dont think before you speak.Your anger, happiness, appreciations all are momentary. So no baggage carried.

Then you go to the next phase college, you start developing emotions for others’ actions. You start categorising and labelling people as good, bad, closest, not so close and further reciprocate in accordance. Your memory card starts popping up their actions from past making you judge people on their long term sustained actions, behaviour. You avoid people based on compatibility issues. You want people to be a part of your problem and fun, both.

Thereon you move to next phase, your career, you lose touch with many of your friends from school and college. But when you interact with them you relive that approach in words alone. But now, when you make newer friends, you are very cautious about their status, their background, judgemental and calculative at the same time. You have limitations, expectations, rules and priorities well defined against each friend of yours. Relations get formal. Assumptions are made about what other thinks, the behaviours are judged. Lesser communication leads to misunderstanding. You think before you speak. Further distance and extremely busy life adds to the relation turning out more formal.

-Sucheta Gour

Quotes were made in different phase, age and context based on their life experience of some instance at some point of time

Contradicting meanings of the quotes as perceived by youth cause confusion on their mind. They do not understand that, the quotes were made in different phase, age and context. The people who stated the quotes also made them in different contexts based on their life experience of some instance at some point of time.

For instance,

“Satisfaction is death”
“Be satisfied with what you have”
Now, which statement to follow? Be satisfied with whatever you are or aim at sky?

“Give a damn to what people say, you cant satisfy all”
“Its important to make an impression”
So, should you be bothered about improvising yourself or ignore what impression you are creating.

“Give time to your family.”
“Sacrifices make you successful.”
Accomodate your home sickness approach when your work and career is calling? or Sacrifice your temporary happiness to make your family permanently happy?

“Money is not everything.Make sure you earn enough before speaking such nonsense”
“Money can’t buy happiness”
Which statement again to chase?Make an excuse for not earning? Have money or dont bother to earn enough for your and your family’s comfortable life?

“Hardwork pays off”
“Work smart not hard”
We hear children justifying their laziness to their parents by quoting, you were a hardworking person, but I’m smart, so do not expect hardwork from me. Which one to follow?

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesnt change you.”
“If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
Should you go beyond your comfort zone ? Or avoid challenges resorting to the second statement?

We see youth picking up one of these statements for their convenience at different times.
Should they be making these statements as excuses for their laziness, incapability, poor confidence or other weakness?
Or should they be understanding the advantage or disadvantage of implementing these at the right time in the right way. Partial wisdom is widely spread in the youth now through social media giving rise to baseless arguments and beliefs just to get rid of hard work and challenges. Time to revisit the fundamentals and aligning the youth accordingly.

-Sucheta Gour

Age – the word defines it all

Age is being careless when you are a child
Age is innocence when you are young to believe ‘the whole world
is good and beautiful’
Age is ignorance when you are an adolescent
Age is inquisitiveness to learn new things
Age is wisdom if you have to advise youngsters
Age is maturity to analyse and react to situations and people better.
Age is just a number if you have to live life to the fullest
Age can be energy and enthusiasm when you are young or old to reach out to the sky…..

-Sucheta Gour

When you aim at promotions, higher designations, be prepared for never ending sacrifices first.


When promotions are thought off, salary and authorities are fancied, responsibilities aren’t.
That’s how growth is envisaged. Higher roles are looked up at as trophies.
But very few realise, that, its not an achievement to settle down on. Its the starting point from where life’s comfort zone is completely eliminated. Continuous Improvement is the never ending goal.
So ,when you aim at promotions, higher designations, be prepared for never ending sacrifices first.

-Sucheta Gour

Words can be fabricated. Actions can rarely be.


Actions speak loud and clear and are to be read .Words are always misguiding and used to capture people emotionally most of the times by wrong people.

Words can be fabricated. Actions can rarely be.

Further, showing consistency in fabricating actions takes a lot of toil over oneself. So people resort to words to impress and influence others.

Be impressed with consistent actions of people. Actions which are for your good, helpful and supportive. Never get carried away with words. Words like looks, may be deceptive.

-Sucheta Gour

Let us respect people for their knowledge or experience. Things are always easier said than done.

Let us not despise upon our Teachers, Parents or Managers just because they have achieved certain level of mastery in their subject or skill or lived life in the best possible way they knew and reached wherever they are by demonstrating the same consistently. Unlike us who are jack of all though we claim of knowing all. Given a chance all that we know put together, will not be able to arrive at anything constructive and sustainable but knowledge in bits and pieces which doesn’t take us anywhere.


We get judgemental about them just because they might not know facebook or twitter or some app on the mobile or info on the latest car or bike model .These would anyways not be the gauging criteria for anyone’ s knowledge in technology or any subject. Any of these just make single statements or give partial info or someone’s version (who might not necessarily be an expert in the same) with forward messages.
Let us respect people for their knowledge or experience.


It’s very easy to look down upon people who can”t present their knowledge or carry themselves well. But it is very difficult to acquire the same and emerge out like them if we face the same scenario.

Things are always easier said than done.

-Sucheta Gour

Aim at the sky, Success lies outside comfort zones, Perfection has to be chased time and again even after reaching there

All the Entrepreneurs are over ambitious. They want to serve as many clients as possible and to the earliest with quality, innovation and in great volumes.
Any successful entrepreneur who has been successful has been known as cranky, insane, dissatisfied soul, suffering obsessive compulsion disorder, insomniac, workaholic, over expecting, rude, upfront, decision makers against all odds, short tempered to the immediate reportees from the critics point of view. But these are the traits which led them to where they belonged.

‘Aim at the sky’, ‘Success lies outside comfort zones’, ‘Swim against the tide to reach higher’, ‘ Perfection has to be chased time and again even after reaching there’ – these weren’t just quotes for them.They were their ways of life.
People generally envied them, looked down upon them, and considered them bad bosses till they were accepted and appreciated by the whole world.Only few could align to their vision who dared to complete the race and believed in themselves.

-Sucheta Gour

How is it beneficiary for you? How much time and thought are you investing in it? What if you invest the same time thinking for your good?

People are not really jobless to interfere in others’ affairs but they feel other’s life more interesting and better than their own. And further levels are to envy and cause damage to others lives.

Its a natural feeling to either envy or feel happy for others. Which one will you nourish is the point of debate and why? So further, it depends on the person you want to nourish these feelings for- Friend, Enemy or just a known person.
Should you envy a friend, an enemy or just a casual acquaintance? How is it beneficiary for you? How much time and thought are you investing in it? What if you invest the same time thinking for your good? Or finding ways to better your life, career or family?
Moreover why feel wish for others sorrows or feel negative about others happiness?
No one on the earth has been blessed with only happiness including us. Its only that few of them have developed a higher threshold to sustain pain and still portray happiness. So when happiness crosses anyone’s lives, its our ethical responsibility to feel happy for them.

Overthinking also is a reason for feeling envious. Assumptions about others behaviours, feeling of tit for tat etc., superiority complex – all can add up to a offensive thought about others.

Above all, according to Science any negative thought crossing our mind or being nourished by our mind upsets the hormonal balance, depletes our brain chemicals required for happiness , damages immune system and shortens our telomeres, the endcaps of our DNA strands which causes us to age more quickly- all just because you aren’t happy with other’s happiness?
Not worth it.

-Sucheta Gour

Everyone is complaining….. in Covid

Everyone is complaining….. in Covid

The rich are complaining that they’ll earn less. The poor are complaining that they have to take loans to feed their families and stay alive.

Covid infected are worried with the fear of death, uninfected are worried fearing that they might be infected.

People with salaries are worried that they have to compromise on their lifestyle or start spending their savings due to paycuts. Whereas people who have lost their jobs are worried that their financial committments will suffer.

The Govt is worried that the economy will be affected.

The women are worried that their isn’t any support of domestic help.

Men are worried that their freedom is compromised.

So eventually the complete picture shows everyone in worries, pain and cribbing about the scenario.

If there is less, there are worries, if there is least also there are worries, if there is nothing, also, there are worries.
So shouldn’t we think deeply? Why are we worried? Because we always want a picture perfect life. When was life so? When will we develop acceptance and learn to be happy looking at the worse scenarios.

-Sucheta Gour