Regretting Actions

We come across many people

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We are in a circle. What problems we face today, we give the solutions for the same to our children being on other side.What we feel is ‘tanashahi’ today from all the people above us or older to us, we repeat the same ‘tanashahi’ after knowing the justification for it. The gap is the time and thought process – to be able to see everything from other side of the table.
In every roles of our life,
like Senior in the school,
Senior team member in office, Manager,
Sr Management
Elder Sister
Elder brother
Mother in law….
this circle operates. And life goes on advancing. So watch out before you revolt on anything and everything.

-Sucheta Gour

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100 Best Quotes on Relationship and Friendship


We are happy in friendship because we don’t expect in friendship. Whatever we get is bonus.


In personal relations, our expectations are sky high because we have outlined every personal relations with many expectations.

Besides, we are saddened because, everyone have limitations and cant come through with all the expectations set.

Eventually we get into a blame, jittery mode towards relations. Its good to keep relations also on friendship mode with a little more casualness. The relations would look beautiful.

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 10 Wise Quotes on Career Specialisation, Management



‘If I’m a HR , I don’t have the right or skill to judge some one in a technical area or in Accounts. We comment saying, he doesn’t even know about the basics of HR.

We don’t realize the basic understanding that,

why should he know?

He is a master of his trade like I’m a master of mine.

We always tend to judge others on our skill. And then get judgmental about them making statements that they aren’t good enough for the job and position they are in.

What an irony of our wisdom?

We need to respect other people’s knowledge. And moreover inspite of having spent decades in our own trade we still cant claim, we are 100% knowledged or 100% updated with the newer trends .In such a scenario is it fair to judge others in their trade.

-Sucheta Gour

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Famous Quotes on life, Family, Education


We work all our life to earn a peaceful and classy time in life leaving aside work, worries of future or present and by the time we earned it, it is so late” This is what we feel. We grow so old and we cant enjoy the way the imagination and expectation was.

True. But if we were to enjoy that way then, there were many more challenges. Money, and secondly all the responsibilities towards secured life for family, education for children, growth in everything would have been compromised.

Now count what you gained and what you sacrificed, the reasons for sacrifice. After reaching towards the end of life it is very easy to say life would have been better the other way because we don’t take a count of our blessings-achievements and curses- sacrifices collectively.

-Sucheta Gour

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