Adaptability – Key to Survive…

What should mentors focus upon?
Work on mending habits and personalities of mentee.
To upgrade them to be agile, focused, accomodative and adaptable.
To understand and help in creating right habits and engage their time to deliver and prioritize.
To accept new things with open mindedness leading to transformation earlier and leading to progress. Reluctance only pushes the destination farther.
Skills will perish with time and newer skills will be born. Adaptability to new trends and reducing turnaround time in learning are the key to survive and thrive in the new world.

-Sucheta Gour

Young Generation …

Today’s youth suffers with overconfidence but zero action, Or confidence with lots of directionless action, Or zero confidence but  right action. The right permutation can only yield the right kind of results.

-Sucheta Gour

Process Creation phases…

Process creation is easy.
Process implementation is tough.
Process sustenance is tougher.
Process gap analysis is toughest.

-Sucheta Gour

Be your own guide…

Only thing to focus upon life is, where this path will lead me to. Not the stones or thorns of the path, not the companions who would or would not join you on the path, not the distance of the path and not the opinions of others on your journey.

-Sucheta Gour

Life Lessons through people…

People have been my greatest teachers. All I know, all I write is because I observe, analyse and hear them out. At times a seven dimension approach and at times a single dimension- both lead to many a paradigm shift. I didn’t have one case study, I had lakhs. Every person I met had a way of life or was directionless, carried a genuine thought process or was one among many, had great integrity or moulded integrity to suit themselves, had his own way of narrating his story or was short of vocabulary to express, had a great sense of humor or was boring to the core, had his own uniqueness or was a puppet in others’ hands. I lived them all. All ages from children to teenagers to oldies, across geographies, at all levels of work, all classes of the society and all religions- its been a blessing to have had interacted.

Travelling across the country got me much exposure. Not being judgmental or partial on anyone’s actions made me wiser at reading them. I thank all of them for all their instances and problems they shared with me. Few of which I could solve, few of which I intend to solve if they need me. Few of which I would leave it to time to decide. Few who got motivated by me, few who found me invading their brains, few who found me too practical and insensitive, few who found me positive to the core and few who wished to carry me on their mind as a problem solver for lifetime. However, I take pride in all the sincere advice I gave , because at the end of the day I saw people confirming with their affirmations on my ways and thoughts. I believed in automating people.

-Sucheta Gour

Professionalism and Ethics…

We all came from an era when teachers and Doctors were Gods. One imparted knowledge and the other saved lives. Both were the most essential people in every human beings life. They changed lives. But eventually both succumbed to the need and greed of livelihood like any other professionals. Most of them became great businessmen at the cost of values and ethics to survive and flourish. The world also moved on in synchronization negotiating on their fees for their services. Who started the trend is unknown. Who is impacted or who is the victim is unclear.

Who is wrong is indecisive. Who needs to be punished also is a question. All that can be drawn out as synopsis is only that both are wrong or right based on different scenarios. From a generalist approach, we have reached the phase of a case to case basis approach. So ,it isn’t possible to blame the crowd or the professionals distinctively. Both transformed in just one generation.

-Sucheta Gour

Be an Eagle…. Keep Flying Higher…

Be an Eagle
Any pain doesn’t last for longer until you don’t keep fueling it. All kinds of pain can be  your strength or weakness. Fuel them to make a fortune out of it. Calm minds don’t go farther. Pluck your feathers to keep flying higher.

-Sucheta Gour

Degrees of Appreciation…

Should we say good or excellent when someone is right? Depends on who the person is and number of interactions with them and the outcome we expect.
If a parent, we would want to say only good to our child to keep him grounded yet appreciated. If we are appreciating a friend, we would say excellent, because we don’t have to hold back or strategize when appreciating him. If a team member, we would say good or excellent based on the magnitude of work completed or achieved.
Analyse the difference in approach towards each of them. Why this difference? Its because we are more or less or not concerned about people in our lives.

-Sucheta Gour

The Journey to Leadership….

As leaders, while we grow we need to understand what is happening to us. Else we are confused and resilient throughout the journey. Learning is poor, observations are weak, adaptation takes longer resulting in delayed milestones. And the process of metamorphosis to other roles is intimidating.
There are many things which people don’t even justify on the path to the top. Few instances would be
ACCEPTANCE to the visibility you have.
FILTRATION – How much to filter the facts you know to your people below due to the visibility you have.
CONFUSION -To believe in the limited exposure of past or infinite opportunities of the future. 
INDECISIVENESS – To go by logic or limited visibility or to go by the instinct and vision of the Senior management.
DENIAL- The art of denial to the reasons of failures.
IN-SENSITIVENESS towards their own team members’ irrelevant reasons or empathy towards fellowmen.
TRUST BUT VERIFY -To trust blindly or to verify not only out of distrust but to avoid gaps alone.
PROCESS CREATION – To spy on every person to identify risks or to create a process to be caring for itself.
OPTIMISM & PESSIMISM- To go with the positivism of the seniors and conquer the negativity of juniors or to get demotivated by juniors and bring down self morale.
EXTENDED WORK HOURS –  To increase productivity and motivate a team or to feel stressed with multi tasking.

-Sucheta Gour

Adaptability and Flexibility…

Adaptability is so dominantly visible at every stage of our life. Yet, we have to come to terms with many aspects of our life. Especially when we have to adapt to many a things to be successful.

We aren’t trained to adapt to working for 9.5 hours after our graduation, travel 2 hours, cook or buy food for self for real long years, take responsibility of marriage and children. We kept changing and adapting in seconds, minutes, hours, days without reluctance, without sounding deliberate, accepting what seemed like a dream ,to a reality which turned out to be like the most normal way of living.

When it comes to job or career, we feel everything to be a rocket science, acceptance to even changing your workstation seems like a punishment, travelling to office like a roller-coaster journey, attending meetings like a herculian task, adapting to a client like a marriage with an alien.

Acceptance issues are too high. In spite of the best of our awareness, that’s the only way to grow, to meet our aspirations, to do better in our life, to cater to our daily needs and luxuries, we still want to behave ignorant towards the sole truth of all our lives. Why do have this indifferent approach?

-Sucheta Gour