We hear people saying, “Forget the past. Start a fresh”

We hear people saying, “Forget the past. Start a fresh”….We need to analyse this statement and apply only wherever applicable.

Only our past mistakes guide us. We grow wiser with the analysis of these. They are the live examples to give us insight of how we or others acted, what were the reactions and repercussions.

Never forget your mistakes. Remember them to not repeat them in future. Most of the times we are facing the same scenario, people and situations. Overall 80% of our actions and responses are repetitive. Correcting them, Improvising them will make our life better.

It is nice to make new mistakes than repeat the old. It’s a sign of maturity.

-Sucheta Gour

Quotes were made in different phase, age and context based on their life experience of some instance at some point of time

Contradicting meanings of the quotes as perceived by youth cause confusion on their mind. They do not understand that, the quotes were made in different phase, age and context. The people who stated the quotes also made them in different contexts based on their life experience of some instance at some point of time.

For instance,

“Satisfaction is death”
“Be satisfied with what you have”
Now, which statement to follow? Be satisfied with whatever you are or aim at sky?

“Give a damn to what people say, you cant satisfy all”
“Its important to make an impression”
So, should you be bothered about improvising yourself or ignore what impression you are creating.

“Give time to your family.”
“Sacrifices make you successful.”
Accomodate your home sickness approach when your work and career is calling? or Sacrifice your temporary happiness to make your family permanently happy?

“Money is not everything.Make sure you earn enough before speaking such nonsense”
“Money can’t buy happiness”
Which statement again to chase?Make an excuse for not earning? Have money or dont bother to earn enough for your and your family’s comfortable life?

“Hardwork pays off”
“Work smart not hard”
We hear children justifying their laziness to their parents by quoting, you were a hardworking person, but I’m smart, so do not expect hardwork from me. Which one to follow?

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesnt change you.”
“If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
Should you go beyond your comfort zone ? Or avoid challenges resorting to the second statement?

We see youth picking up one of these statements for their convenience at different times.
Should they be making these statements as excuses for their laziness, incapability, poor confidence or other weakness?
Or should they be understanding the advantage or disadvantage of implementing these at the right time in the right way. Partial wisdom is widely spread in the youth now through social media giving rise to baseless arguments and beliefs just to get rid of hard work and challenges. Time to revisit the fundamentals and aligning the youth accordingly.

-Sucheta Gour

Let us respect people for their knowledge or experience. Things are always easier said than done.

Let us not despise upon our Teachers, Parents or Managers just because they have achieved certain level of mastery in their subject or skill or lived life in the best possible way they knew and reached wherever they are by demonstrating the same consistently. Unlike us who are jack of all though we claim of knowing all. Given a chance all that we know put together, will not be able to arrive at anything constructive and sustainable but knowledge in bits and pieces which doesn’t take us anywhere.


We get judgemental about them just because they might not know facebook or twitter or some app on the mobile or info on the latest car or bike model .These would anyways not be the gauging criteria for anyone’ s knowledge in technology or any subject. Any of these just make single statements or give partial info or someone’s version (who might not necessarily be an expert in the same) with forward messages.
Let us respect people for their knowledge or experience.


It’s very easy to look down upon people who can”t present their knowledge or carry themselves well. But it is very difficult to acquire the same and emerge out like them if we face the same scenario.

Things are always easier said than done.

-Sucheta Gour

How is it beneficiary for you? How much time and thought are you investing in it? What if you invest the same time thinking for your good?

People are not really jobless to interfere in others’ affairs but they feel other’s life more interesting and better than their own. And further levels are to envy and cause damage to others lives.

Its a natural feeling to either envy or feel happy for others. Which one will you nourish is the point of debate and why? So further, it depends on the person you want to nourish these feelings for- Friend, Enemy or just a known person.
Should you envy a friend, an enemy or just a casual acquaintance? How is it beneficiary for you? How much time and thought are you investing in it? What if you invest the same time thinking for your good? Or finding ways to better your life, career or family?
Moreover why feel wish for others sorrows or feel negative about others happiness?
No one on the earth has been blessed with only happiness including us. Its only that few of them have developed a higher threshold to sustain pain and still portray happiness. So when happiness crosses anyone’s lives, its our ethical responsibility to feel happy for them.

Overthinking also is a reason for feeling envious. Assumptions about others behaviours, feeling of tit for tat etc., superiority complex – all can add up to a offensive thought about others.

Above all, according to Science any negative thought crossing our mind or being nourished by our mind upsets the hormonal balance, depletes our brain chemicals required for happiness , damages immune system and shortens our telomeres, the endcaps of our DNA strands which causes us to age more quickly- all just because you aren’t happy with other’s happiness?
Not worth it.

-Sucheta Gour

Why do these wars exist? Why do these barbarian ways of life still practised? Why lose lives for no reason?

Wars weren’t fought to prove anything, but one person’s thought which was right or wrong. That person who was a good orator, could hypnotise people with his thought process. The other side had no option but to defend.
Wars had great leadership applying great strategies. Many a times we fail to understand the very cause of war. We all are matured, can communicate ,convey, discuss, argue, disagree. When we are blessed with verbal skills and thinking capacities, why is it important to prove the might with wars. Animals mark their territories, why are we humans behaving similar.

In modern world , why not show case wisdom with trade war and verbal discussions than having a trade of lives. Where words end, weapons are initiated. But why do words end when we have a dictionary full of them. Fighting was a very ancient way of showing disagreement. Why didn’t fighting replace verbal arguments, strategical and intellectual trade war.
Why do these wars exist? Why do these barbarian ways of life still practised?
As a country you differ in opinion, thought process and practices….Makes sense. All people, societies, states, countries cant think the same. In such a scenario, why not protest against each other banning their products, their investments, adopting their technology .Why not empower people and the country to reduce dependencies or cause harm in an intellectual way? Why lose lives for no reason?

Today’s Leaders or Country representatives on both sides may disagree, cause war , people fight and lose lives for the belief in disagreement. Tomorrow’s leaders might agree. What about those lives lost? Is might shown only by fighting and losing lives?
Technology has come far ahead to change the world to the extent of being amazed. Why didn’t we come to terms with this primitive practice?
Its definitely important to prove that you can strong and defend any wrong by not being submissive. But why cant both sides find better and dignified ways to prove their worth?

-Sucheta Gour

‘Why are you keen on this job?’

‘Why are you keen on this job?’
“It’s pretty challenging, and I like challenges.”

90% of people fail because they want to face challenges designed by themselves.

Defining a self-designed challenge – The intensity should be just how much they can forego, the magnitude should be as much as they can bear, and the duration should be no more than microseconds. This is the recipe for a challenge.

In that case, have we mistaken challenge to be a sneeze. Because they say your heart skips a beat when you sneeze, it lasts a microsecond, it isn’t caused by you, and no one ever died because of a sneeze. But when you hear that your heart skips a beat, you panic. You feel you’ve reborn after every sneeze.

Well….. the commonly expected answer in an interview for ‘Why are you keen on this job?’ is “It is pretty challenging, and I like challenges.”
And when they join an organization, they reason out saying these challenges weren’t expected.
Or on the other hand, you want to do all the homework and figure out how fewer challenges are there in the job? How to pass them on to others? How to find reasons and justifications to convert the challenge into an impossible task before the Bosses?

We are surrounded by people with enormous skills and intelligence but trying to convert all of it into a National waste. We are all born smart and physically, mentally equipped to handle situations and challenges. We have done it time and again also in our personal lives. Then why are we finding escapes when our professional life offers challenges.

Today is the time to invite unknown, unexpected, unfabricated Challenges and accept them irrespective of your age, level, and authority. COVID is a colossal example- personally and professionally. Do not glorify challenges. Do not expect challenges to be customized by yourself. Avoiding challenges is avoiding success, opportunities, and avoiding LIFE. EMBRACE CHALLENGES, EMBRACE LIFE

-Sucheta Gour

Every parent has a feeling, whatever earned by me belongs to my child. How about earning blessings directly from Him, unfiltered, unaltered?

Its better not to give any property or immovable assets to our children. The claims that come in when you are gone are unimaginable. Its like leaving behind a bunch of enemies in the disguise of relatives. Fighting your own kith and kin is a great heartache. Additionally the battle you have to put up for years keep you exhausted on your time, emotions and energy.

And above all, is such a fight worth it? An other fear is what if your child doesnt achieve anything by himself on his own capabilities. By giving him a secured feeling of having property arent we giving him an option to be lazy and not work hard. Are we raising our children to carry only our identity or build their own? Are we selfish than being sensible?
Now speaking of securing their education and livelihood cost till the completion of their education. That is the only earning we need to save and transfer to our kid.

Why not give your children best of the education, teach them the best ways of life which would help them earn and enjoy more than what you could give them.

Additionally, we could leave behind so much in surplus for the society. The lower rung of the society which can even be benefited by 1/5th of the property left behind will be grateful. And if they aren’t grateful also, isnt someone else keeping the account of our good and bad deeds?

Every parent has a feeling, whatever earned by me belongs to my child. All of us can earn money for our children. How about earning blessings directly from Him, unfiltered, unaltered?

-Sucheta Gour

Leaders have proven their worth

In COVID, Every decision might have and be sounding wrong from Leaders of Govts and Corporates. But we ought to be thankful for one single thing that, these people had the courage to stand up and to take decisions, see through the misty air and predict with conviction.

Else rest of the crowd only made noise, created havoc, passed wrong information, condemned every decision without coming up with solutions.
Leaders have proven their worth. Right or wrong they are going to own it, implement it, if gone wrong, they will stay through it and correct it. They have not been fence seaters. Appreciate, Support, and Glorify them. They deserve it. This would be their motivation.

-Sucheta Gour

Happy with Work from Home Model? Redefining the whole World’s employment and employee engagement trend.

Happy with Work from Home Model?
Redefining the whole World’s employment and employee engagement trend.

With the lifestyle we had before COVID 19, our social life had got restricted to an extent of hardly any interaction with our neighbors, or we weren’t even familiar with the faces in our own apartments, or we hardly found time for our distant family members.
Post-Covid, our social lives will be further curbed as deliverables will matter more and not the number of hours which will make us glued to our laptops for more than the hours we spent in offices and travel. Social life will suffer. Relations with spouses will get stressed as there isn’t a break given in a relation. Life and relations will get monotonous and more repetitive. You won’t be able to walk into anyone’s house without prior permission but only on weekends. Work-life won’t end once you reach home. Work-life balance will get imbalanced to the extent of not being able to distinguish the ending line between work and personal life.

Post-2008 recession, the measuring parameters for performance had got rigid and one resource was required to do the work of two resources. Luxuries and benefits were cut down.
Furthermore, Technology is advanced to the extent of tracking and measuring performances more rigorously. Hereon, Companies won’t be measuring seconds and minutes, but the amount of results yielded. Task quality and Task duration won’t be emphasised upon, but ROI on the resource and success ratios for tasks assigned will be measured. Since efforts won’t be visible only results will be measured.

Competition will worsen.
It’s always a mutual deal of ‘Give and Take’ with any Employer for an Employee. Now the definition of giving will be redefined.
The ratios of variable pay compared to salaries increased after the last recession. And were applicable to most of the roles unlike earlier, wherein only Seniors had variable pay or very less people in the Company had Variable pay. Now even salaries will be clearly compared with the delivered outcome.

All Individual Contributing roles will convert on Work from Home. More sectors will adapt to the same.
Welcome to the virtual heaven which we are eager to turn out to hell.

-Sucheta Gour

Humbleness is a curse or a blessing? What should motivate you to be humble?

Humbleness is a curse or a blessing?
It’s a curse when people look down upon you. It’s a blessing when they value your worth. 99% of the people feel you are unworthy, weak, moronic when you are humble. That’s the reason you find very few of them.

What should motivate you to be humble?
Mere reason that you should respect every single person either for his/her knowledge, or position, or age motivates you to be humble. And respect will be earned only when you respect others.

-Sucheta Gour