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We complicate our lives with 2000 rights and 10 wrongs. Whereas there are only 2 to 3 right and 2 to 3 wrongs.


Since we are chameleons who change and want to adapt to anything around us for only and only our benefit and pleasure, everything that takes us to our benefits and selfish motives are right according to us.

For a change we need to understand that for the sake of justifying ourselves, wrong cannot become right. And secondly who gets to decide, the right and wrong? – Our conscience alone- only if we keep it alive.

-Sucheta Gour

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It’s only because our comparisons are always calculated between what we were and what we are.

Our yardstick to measure what we have achieved or how successful we are is always with the past. We were not wise 2 yrs back or when we started our career.

Today we are wise and have added so many skills to our selves. We feel proud of our development. Definitely, you got to feel good about the journey and improvisation.

But the hunger to reach where we have to be at those phases of life should be revisited often. This approach expedites our journey.

Our comparison should never be with what we were and what we are. Rather, it should be with what we are, and what we should or we could have been at any point of time in life.

-Sucheta Gour

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Life – Blessing or a Punishment? | Quotes on Life | motivational quotes

People live life like a punishment. Whereas, life is always a blessing. We err, we succeed, and we perceive right or wrong things. We can see, hear, think, and speak. Whereas, none of the other living beings can do all these things.

We are strong, weak, happy, and sad. Sometimes we are ignorant, or enjoy our mistakes and sometimes we take pain in walking the right path.

We come across right, wrong, good, bad people. We are wrong, we are right. We learn, unlearn, and forget what we learn, relearn what we require. But all these are ways of life.

A journey unavoidable. We are all alone through all this. We and our thought process which influence our state of mind. We feel we have our near and dear ones along with us. But nothing and no one can come in the way of our interactions with any of the above.

We and our thought process decide how we will face all these. So, why blame life? Life as a human being is the most precious gift of God.

-Sucheta Gour

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Skill Issues, Will Issues and Laziness | Inspirational Thoughts | Daily Motivational Quotes


There are three things people will have skill issues, will issues or too lazy to do things. Definitely skill issues can be addressed will issues and laziness are the toughest ones to handle for any manager but a good manager would handle them too.

Will issues

Will issue for many reasons like,

I don’t know the skill gap and I don’t want to know or bridge the gap either as that shows my shortfall and make me feel inferior.

My Company doesn’t recognise me why should I work more.

I have so much to deal with in my personal lives. I am executing my job with the best possible efforts. My Manager should be happy that at least I’m coming to office and not taking leaves.

If I do more, I will be asked to do the most and expectations will be endless.

Laziness issues

Oh I’m doing so much let others do.

Let me find someone who can do and I will take the credit of it.

Let me pass on to a Junior who will have to do it to make me his Senior happy.

Let me do it later when it is really required.

Let me behave ignorant else I will have to do it.

Let me throw some impressive bunch of words so that words will satisfy my manager.

-Sucheta Gour

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