Who will be able to survive in their jobs after this pandemic? How to save jobs?

Who will be able to survive in their jobs after this pandemic?
How to save jobs?

  1. Who will work focusing on results in the least TAT and not count on the hours spent in the office?
  2. Who can handle multiple activities effectively – like an end to end activities, for example,
    • Client relationship Manager handling team management activities for deliverables too,
    • Talent acquisition Manager handling employee engagement, employee life cycle, payroll, and exit too.
  3. Who can commit to delivering 200% productivity with 50% of the team size? Efficiency to the core, setting newer examples.
  4. Who will not stick only to the job role defined at the time of engagement but take up additional responsibilities? Exercising an increase in bandwidth.
  5. Who will save double the defined budget in any activity? And will value the company’s every penny more than their own.
  6. Who will recover every credit from the market by going to the extent of pleading the client in time?
  7. Who will be able to extend their support to multiple depths being multi-skilled, like for example,
    • a resource in quality dealing with safety role too or
    • a procurement resource dealing with a commercial role as well.
  8. Who will not bring up will issues and ego in the way of work making themselves bigger than the Company itself?
  9. Who will not make interpersonal skills with other depths a challenging task for the Manager or Management as there are bigger issues for Managers and Management to deal with.
  10. Who will not need repetitive reminders and lots of egos massaging or cajoling to deliver the required deliverables?
  11. Who will need minimum guidance and supervision to deliver 200% demands of the clients in the least TAT?
  12. Who can keep their designations aside and focus on the company’s sustainability during this phase?
  13. Who will compromise on the 50% pay cut but double the job involvement to 200%? And can give their 1000% to serve a client.
  14. Who will parallelly upgrade themselves to stand the competition post this pandemic effect, since everyone will have worked hard during the economic slowdown and got better at their job? A scenario similar to – Kaizen forcefully implemented on every person and personality.
  15. For freshers, it will be tougher as they have to compete with experienced people who will come at the same salary as their demands and will also be equipped with the skill ten times more than them and attitude as grounded as the market scenario after having seen the dip in the industry- realty bites.

Bcoz Company has only two choices – ‘Survive or Vanish’. And any company or any individual too will only go with people who can make them survive. And all the above are rules for survival.

-Sucheta Gour

We are just paying for our sins. Why shouldn’t there be acceptance now?

We the most insensitive species of the earth..

When the Amazon rain forest was on fire, we lost 2.3 million animals.
When Australian forests caught fire, 1 billion animals died.
Forget about mourning or taking corrective actions, we weren’t even bothered to make ourselves aware of the numbers.

And today here we are counting deaths and affected cases in every country. Making news content and selling it again. Panicking looking at the death toll.

Because our fear for death is so huge and deaths in the forests were from other species and deaths now are from our own species. So PANIC?
We are just paying for our sins. Why shouldn’t there be acceptance now?

If we want to say we are fearing for our families? Then we weren’t born with them or were not supposed to die with them either. They lived before us and we’re supposed to live after us too. God has plans for the animals with no mouth to speak, brains as superior as ours or strength to express. He will take care of them to. We only cared takers for our family, facilitators …not the CREATOR HIMSELF. And we are destined to die on the day he has decided. NOT A MINUTE EARLY OR LATER. So stop panicking. Life begins at a point where the fear of death vanishes. Live without fear, majestically and with empathy for all HIS CREATIONS of any species.

Wisdom and Innocence

The biggest challenge is to keep your wisdom and innocence together.
But the best life is carrying wisdom and innocence together.

-Sucheta Gour

90% of people never try to explore opportunities and conquer reasons.

90% of people never try to explore opportunities and conquer reasons.
Challenges are a part of anyone’s life.
We feel resorting to reasons is the best way to escape problems or accountability.
But only the strong and the ones who want to succeed, grow and win find solutions.

90% of people never try to explore opportunities and conquer reasons.

The rest of them are happy, proud and contented with the limitations they have drawn around themselves. And they feel their reasons hide their limitations.
But they don’t hide. Instead, such people grow timid in their approach to solve and grow wiser at finding reasons for everything.
Wisdom at its heights of misuse.

-Sucheta Gour

Knowledge Winning & Losing Arguments

Winning arguments is important.But losing them makes you more wiser.

We all feel proud of our knowledge on winning arguments. We are paid for winning arguments- our negotiation skills and convincing skills – so they are called on professional front.

The other story is when we lose arguments, we feel offended. But the wisdom beneath is when you lose arguments, your mind gets liberated from the thought process you’ve been clinging on to- for good or bad. There is one more point of view you get exposed to.

 -Sucheta Gour

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Success Quotes about Life

Successful people chase perfection and are not satisfied even after reaching there.

– Sucheta Gour

Motivational Quotes on Life

Sinners and ungrateful people come in your life to amplify your good deeds. Be thankful to them. They make you stronger and add more to your good deeds account with God. You might get cheated by them temporarily. But the credit of good deeds to your account is permanent.

– Sucheta Gour

Powerful Quotes that can change the world | Reach success

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20 Inspirational Quotes to be successful

Successful people’s life has been chaotic, unrestful with torturous people around them. Are they supposed to thank all of it?


Or complain about all the situations and people of past because all of it have contributed to their success.

Truth is, success looks much bigger an achievement and an important thing to carry than all the bitterness and complaints.


So you intend to forget all the troubles and forgive all the people. All of it you will have made as your stepping stones by laying them underway. And it is equally true that if not for all of it you would have lost motivation, somewhere half the way. Your zeal to bounce back wouldn’t have been this strong.

-Sucheta Gour