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Today we want an app to read a book for us.

How lazy have we grown?

Our brain- eye coordination is extremely poor. Our imagination process is going to hamper.

“We don’t have time” is a common complaint.

We can be on social media every morning and night without fail. Make time between our works to speak to unknown people. All this also would make sense if someone was qualitatively substantially benefited. But we don’t find time to read one page a day.

Reading develops imagination, vocabulary, knowledge, different point of view, wisdom and solutions. We are fine to read the content on videos in facebook and forward messages but nothing specific to improve our core knowledge and relating to our work.

We start feeling sleepy the moment we are on a book. We don’t try to curb our negatives and deal with ourselves when it comes to such good habits. We can watch a movie or party whole night till 4 am in the morning. We will have tea; listen to music to keep ourselves awake for all unwanted activities.

Why not serve the same habits to read?

Life is all about priorities, dealing with self to make ourselves successful

-Sucheta Gour

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