We hear people saying, “Forget the past. Start a fresh”

We hear people saying, “Forget the past. Start a fresh”….We need to analyse this statement and apply only wherever applicable.

Only our past mistakes guide us. We grow wiser with the analysis of these. They are the live examples to give us insight of how we or others acted, what were the reactions and repercussions.

Never forget your mistakes. Remember them to not repeat them in future. Most of the times we are facing the same scenario, people and situations. Overall 80% of our actions and responses are repetitive. Correcting them, Improvising them will make our life better.

It is nice to make new mistakes than repeat the old. It’s a sign of maturity.

-Sucheta Gour

Age – the word defines it all

Age is being careless when you are a child
Age is innocence when you are young to believe ‘the whole world
is good and beautiful’
Age is ignorance when you are an adolescent
Age is inquisitiveness to learn new things
Age is wisdom if you have to advise youngsters
Age is maturity to analyse and react to situations and people better.
Age is just a number if you have to live life to the fullest
Age can be energy and enthusiasm when you are young or old to reach out to the sky…..

-Sucheta Gour

When you aim at promotions, higher designations, be prepared for never ending sacrifices first.


When promotions are thought off, salary and authorities are fancied, responsibilities aren’t.
That’s how growth is envisaged. Higher roles are looked up at as trophies.
But very few realise, that, its not an achievement to settle down on. Its the starting point from where life’s comfort zone is completely eliminated. Continuous Improvement is the never ending goal.
So ,when you aim at promotions, higher designations, be prepared for never ending sacrifices first.

-Sucheta Gour

Let us respect people for their knowledge or experience. Things are always easier said than done.

Let us not despise upon our Teachers, Parents or Managers just because they have achieved certain level of mastery in their subject or skill or lived life in the best possible way they knew and reached wherever they are by demonstrating the same consistently. Unlike us who are jack of all though we claim of knowing all. Given a chance all that we know put together, will not be able to arrive at anything constructive and sustainable but knowledge in bits and pieces which doesn’t take us anywhere.


We get judgemental about them just because they might not know facebook or twitter or some app on the mobile or info on the latest car or bike model .These would anyways not be the gauging criteria for anyone’ s knowledge in technology or any subject. Any of these just make single statements or give partial info or someone’s version (who might not necessarily be an expert in the same) with forward messages.
Let us respect people for their knowledge or experience.


It’s very easy to look down upon people who can”t present their knowledge or carry themselves well. But it is very difficult to acquire the same and emerge out like them if we face the same scenario.

Things are always easier said than done.

-Sucheta Gour

Aim at the sky, Success lies outside comfort zones, Perfection has to be chased time and again even after reaching there

All the Entrepreneurs are over ambitious. They want to serve as many clients as possible and to the earliest with quality, innovation and in great volumes.
Any successful entrepreneur who has been successful has been known as cranky, insane, dissatisfied soul, suffering obsessive compulsion disorder, insomniac, workaholic, over expecting, rude, upfront, decision makers against all odds, short tempered to the immediate reportees from the critics point of view. But these are the traits which led them to where they belonged.

‘Aim at the sky’, ‘Success lies outside comfort zones’, ‘Swim against the tide to reach higher’, ‘ Perfection has to be chased time and again even after reaching there’ – these weren’t just quotes for them.They were their ways of life.
People generally envied them, looked down upon them, and considered them bad bosses till they were accepted and appreciated by the whole world.Only few could align to their vision who dared to complete the race and believed in themselves.

-Sucheta Gour

Everyone is complaining….. in Covid

Everyone is complaining….. in Covid

The rich are complaining that they’ll earn less. The poor are complaining that they have to take loans to feed their families and stay alive.

Covid infected are worried with the fear of death, uninfected are worried fearing that they might be infected.

People with salaries are worried that they have to compromise on their lifestyle or start spending their savings due to paycuts. Whereas people who have lost their jobs are worried that their financial committments will suffer.

The Govt is worried that the economy will be affected.

The women are worried that their isn’t any support of domestic help.

Men are worried that their freedom is compromised.

So eventually the complete picture shows everyone in worries, pain and cribbing about the scenario.

If there is less, there are worries, if there is least also there are worries, if there is nothing, also, there are worries.
So shouldn’t we think deeply? Why are we worried? Because we always want a picture perfect life. When was life so? When will we develop acceptance and learn to be happy looking at the worse scenarios.

-Sucheta Gour

You are a Leader. You are born to lead.Challenges are the fuel and Solutions build your confidence.

You are a Leader. You are born to lead.
Challenges are the fuel and Solutions build your confidence.

Leaders carry a basic instinct of being farsighted.
Risks make your role necessary and significant in any organization.
Most of the decisions are to be made with conviction without having any visibility.
The number of intuitions you get right and the accuracy of the solution towards the problems make you an excellent Leader.

The journey to being a Leader is very intimidating. You walk alone. Your focus is unquestionable. Your visibility cannot be reached by most of them. What you see is not even thought of by others. So the acceptance levels are poor. But you not only carry a vision but also compliment it with your efforts and pave a way through the mist.

You carry the crowd along to reach the destination. You build the direction for many who would be lost otherwise. Your mere presence motivates people.

You can never give relaxation to yourself because everyone around you is observing you. You do not have a choice than to lead by example or to be looked down upon by others.

Your journey is unique. You have the courage to be positive throughout the journey. Your journey doesn’t have a final destination. The destination keeps altering every time you reach a milestone.

A problem needs a solution; a solution doesn’t need a solution. You see solutions to every problem even before it arises. You aren’t a victim of any situation. You are a warrior in any situation.
Hats off – to every leader of any department, Company, State, and the Country. You make the world worth living twice.

-Sucheta Gour

‘Why are you keen on this job?’

‘Why are you keen on this job?’
“It’s pretty challenging, and I like challenges.”

90% of people fail because they want to face challenges designed by themselves.

Defining a self-designed challenge – The intensity should be just how much they can forego, the magnitude should be as much as they can bear, and the duration should be no more than microseconds. This is the recipe for a challenge.

In that case, have we mistaken challenge to be a sneeze. Because they say your heart skips a beat when you sneeze, it lasts a microsecond, it isn’t caused by you, and no one ever died because of a sneeze. But when you hear that your heart skips a beat, you panic. You feel you’ve reborn after every sneeze.

Well….. the commonly expected answer in an interview for ‘Why are you keen on this job?’ is “It is pretty challenging, and I like challenges.”
And when they join an organization, they reason out saying these challenges weren’t expected.
Or on the other hand, you want to do all the homework and figure out how fewer challenges are there in the job? How to pass them on to others? How to find reasons and justifications to convert the challenge into an impossible task before the Bosses?

We are surrounded by people with enormous skills and intelligence but trying to convert all of it into a National waste. We are all born smart and physically, mentally equipped to handle situations and challenges. We have done it time and again also in our personal lives. Then why are we finding escapes when our professional life offers challenges.

Today is the time to invite unknown, unexpected, unfabricated Challenges and accept them irrespective of your age, level, and authority. COVID is a colossal example- personally and professionally. Do not glorify challenges. Do not expect challenges to be customized by yourself. Avoiding challenges is avoiding success, opportunities, and avoiding LIFE. EMBRACE CHALLENGES, EMBRACE LIFE

-Sucheta Gour

Be an encyclopedia, not a dictionary

Be an encyclopedia, not a dictionary, Produce and develop thoughts not repeat words. An orator is an excellent orator if he can word his thoughts to constructive actions and results.

-Sucheta Gour

Leaders have proven their worth

In COVID, Every decision might have and be sounding wrong from Leaders of Govts and Corporates. But we ought to be thankful for one single thing that, these people had the courage to stand up and to take decisions, see through the misty air and predict with conviction.

Else rest of the crowd only made noise, created havoc, passed wrong information, condemned every decision without coming up with solutions.
Leaders have proven their worth. Right or wrong they are going to own it, implement it, if gone wrong, they will stay through it and correct it. They have not been fence seaters. Appreciate, Support, and Glorify them. They deserve it. This would be their motivation.

-Sucheta Gour