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Taking advises, opinions, guidance positively is a long forgotten story.

If our parents dictate terms to us they are the worst parents anyone could have. Or they are ignorant towards trends and rigid.

If our siblings advise us, they do not want us to enjoy, they are jealous of us.

If our friends are trying to give their observations on us, they are judgmental and envious about us.

If our neighbors give their guidance to our children, they are trying to misguide, impress and influence our children.

If our in-laws try to share their experiences with their grandchildren, as a parent we feel they are trying to take away our children from us.

If our relatives try to guide us, we feel they have superiority complex.

If our bosses want to impose deadlines and targets on us they are villains and wishing company’s good aloe and not our betterment.

Are all the above true that no one on the earth wishes good.

No advice guidance or good will is taken in the right sense.

Why not learn to be receptive or neutral and stable?

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 20 Motivational Quotes on Positive Thinking

People who have created history and are remembered with respect till today are the ones who added value to people’s life for generations to come with their conviction and infinite efforts and sacrifices.


All such people’s personal lives from history when looked back into is full of tragedies, trials and traction.

Then, What motivated them to be there?

Did they know, they would be glorified some day? NO.

Then, Why did they tread a path so lonely ?


Just because it brought them a great sense of contentment in doing good to others. Such people will always be born to motivate us from the history and to add value to our future.

Their only motto has been and will be ‘Do good only for the sake of good’. No materialistic or selfish motives. Life so humble is still a blessing with whatever odds.

-Sucheta Gour

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100 Famous Life Quotes and Life Sayings | Quotes on Life | Influences ….copy cat

Most of the times we see ourselves from other’s point of view. We become conscious; try to modify ourselves to everyone’s liking around. Finally we lose our individuality.



We are influenced by people around and try to be them. And land up not being completely them or retaining our own self too.

Next of the influences are our ideal person be it movie stars or celebrities.

Whatever they act like or behave like we try to introduce those in us.


Of course, we need to adapt to good things around, but should it be like turning out to be a copycat alone???

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 10 Motivational Quotes to reach your goal | Inspirational Quotes | Blaming Cowardish

Pleasing ourselves has become most important aspect of our life. To accommodate our right or wrong wishes we go to any extent and justify them with all possible things. Be it at the cost of blaming our parents, our Spouse, our Children, our Friends, our Society, God.


We are a coward not to accept that we are responsible for what happened to us. Always finding others to put the blame on.


For instance, I didn’t score in a subject because I was forced by my parent to choose the subject. I can never have a good life with my spouse because she/he is my parent’s choice.


I am forced for infidelity because my spouse doesn’t understand me.
Couldn’t we accept all such decisions of our life because life is about looking forward and making it better than crying on the split milk or mourning on our death again and again?

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 10 Quotes | Positive Quotes | Complaining and Whining

We are the biggest burden for ourselves.
We are getting habitual about cribbing on anything and everything. We speak about even essential daily chores as if we are doing a favor on ourselves.

For instance we say, “Oh! I’ve to drive and reach home.”

What is the other way?

Did we used to fly earlier or are we going to fly in future.


“Oh no! I’ve to order food or grocery.”

Fine. Do you prefer to live only by breathing in air?

Atleast this minimal effort is required to be alive, that you atleast order food to eat.


“I’ve to travel overnight to reach home.”

Seriously? Aren’t you happy to go home?

Wouldn’t you do anything to go home?


“I have to change my dress it’s so boring after a long day.”

Get a 24 hours armour stitched so that you save yourself from this trouble of changing dress every time.


“I’ve to take my family out for dinner this week.”

Wouldn’t you wait the whole week to be with your family?


We are so impatient and so lifeless. We complain and want to go home while in office. We want to complain about our spouse and children. When at home we want to complain about whatever is not to perfection at home.

We do everything complaining about something or the other. Luckily we aren’t complaining that we got to inhale and exhale. Definitely some amount of complaining brings out tour frustration. But should it be to this extent.

We are just a complaint box.

We never do anything with enthusiasm and positivity. So this leads to negativity creating a burdensome life. We only look for perfection. And the definition of perfection is nothing but doing practically nothing and still being happy.

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 20 Life Quotes | Positive Quotes | Stop worrying start thinking

Hope is the only fuel to live. Hoping to have a better tomorrow, People say don’t worry about tomorrow. There is a difference between worrying and thinking of how to reach our goals?

Only thinking can sharpen the brains and acting on it can take us further.


There is a difference between just working and chasing our goals. Only chasing our goals will keep us on the right track. It’s highly impossible to reach anywhere without carrying a goal. And just a goal doesn’t suffice. You got to draw a road to reach the goal. And to draw a road, you need to think at every step you advance.

What is right and what is wrong?

What is easy and what is difficult? What is smart and what is tedious?

If this thought process is called worrying, then we ought to live like animals only focusing on their thoughts for the day’s meal. In fact, even they plan and think. For instance, ants store their food for the monsoon. Squirrels bury nuts in the ground for winters. Birds build different types of nests in different places for nourishing their new-born and developing their families.


So, we the most superior creation of God with the most complex brain need to utilize his marvel creation “Our Brain” for the betterment of our future. The main function of the Brain itself is to think.

How can we deprive it of its basic function?

-Sucheta Gour

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Life Quotes | Cell Phone Quotes | No network? Feel blessed on weekends…

Detox the brain freeing yourself from gadgets once a while.

No network?

Feel blessed.

Every 5 minutes, we need the mobile either for work or for social media or to make calls.


How obsessed are we getting with the mobiles?

Technology is creating addiction and dependency. Learn to leave the mobile and stay once a week for a day. Shut down the mobile and keep it away in the nights so that the electromagnetic radiation doesn’t harm you.


The extensive use of mobile has just begun in the last 3-4 yrs. The repercussions and negative impact with proof aren’t available immediately.

In days to come definitely they will show up and then we will start of paying 10 times, and start cleaning up our habits like how we eat salads, organic – spend on a gym, workouts by paying 10 times more.


Let us not wait for that day. Let us begin today. No doubt technology is an inevitable part of our life and so mobile too. But definitely, we can come to terms with it amicably if we want to.

-Sucheta Gour

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10 Best Motivational and Inspirational Quotes | You are your Strength and others too

Very Fewer people can genuinely be your Strength. Most of the people can only be your Weakness. But expect you to be their Strength.

Everyone wants to be a parasite if they know there is a host to take care of them.This is the world we come across.

How do we deal with it?

Make yourself so strong that irrespective of how many ever parasites you nurture you still are Strong enough to be your own Strength too.

And bottom line still remains that if you can be others Strength you can any day be your own Strength too.

-Sucheta Gour

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30 Popular Motivational Quotes to live by | Daily Life Quotes | How much to spend on charity ?

How much to spend on charity?

When we do charity we feel how much we are giving to someone. We never think that we are only sharing 2-10% of what we earn. We always worry about what is given than feel contented how much is left with us.

Suppose we earn 50000 INR and are doing a charity of 1000 INR per month. We will do a collective calculation for 12 months and will feel bad and be hesitant to be paying 12000.

We will never think that it makes a huge difference to the lives for people who are deprived of basics like food shelter or clothing. It turns out huge to us because it is our money is the justification. When we have to party or buy dresses for ourselves or travel, the same money seems like we deserve to be spent upon ourselves.

How much is enough when it comes to spending on ourselves?

And how much is considered more, when we have to spend on these deserving people?

As an ethical responsibility isn’t it our duty to be giving back to God by doing good to people around?

Do a calculation and get convinced on the ratios between our Need, Greed, Luxuries and a poor person’s need alone. Probably we might go through a paradigm shift.

Second thought we induce in ourselves is, which place is genuine to be doing charity. You never need an institution and a tax exemption certificate to do charity. You just got to find a needy, poor person and they are present in abundance in every city, many around us. We just need to drop our mask painted with will issues to help anyone.

-Sucheta Gour

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