Power of negative thought

People stop attempting to please you when they know what you think about them.

So, please don’t reveal your negative thoughts about them. You will never know when they succeeded in changing your thoughts about them. Build a better world filled with hope.

~ Sucheta Gour


I know the solution to the problem. But I won’t share unless asked or pleaded for.
I have a better idea, but if I give voluntarily, it won’t be valued.
My idea won’t be liked or bought, so let me not lose my image.
I give an idea, and it will have to be owned by me for execution, too. That’s so much work.
I don’t have any idea or solution, so let me condemn others who have one
I will not cooperate and support others’ ideas to make them successful. What is my benefit in all this?

Is this maturity?
Do we know the purpose and cause of being in any system?
Are we doing justice to the salaries and compensations we receive?
Are self-importance and self-esteem the same?
Is self-importance above the Company’s good?

~ Sucheta Gour

India loses world cup – life lessons.

India loses world cup – life lessons. Welcome wisdom from everywhere

India won 10 out of 11 matches. Still what mattered was the 11th match alone. A great lesson for all of us. People would soon forget the 10 matches and only remember the last one.

Consistency is very essential but only final results define your success. Over confidence that we will win is not the required ingredient. Confidence that we have to make it happen, working full throttle, fear of losing the final one and thereby multiplication of efforts before things go out of control is what required.

~ Sucheta Gour


We all try to align things when pushed to the corner.

We try our best efforts and make anything and everything a huge success. The real smartness is to have the last step first. It avoids waste of time, money and effort.
The approach required to have the last step first is – not giving oneself any other option, aggression to the extent of do or die in every assignment, hard work like there is no tomorrow and there is no second chance, confidence and belief every time that I am born to do this, again in every assignment, turning a deaf ear towards wrong influences and negativity, not looking for successful instances or examples from elsewhere to motivate self but create them from within.

~ Sucheta Gour


When egos become big, we humans behave as Gods.

We forget that even God doesn’t show ego or false pride.

~ Sucheta Gour

Negativity – A Brain Disease

I think brain diseases have a very complicated nomenclature since they are so.

Most people aren’t affected by complex and rare diseases but by widespread and ignored ones.
Negativity is one such deadliest disease. It attacks the brain and kills people’s opportunity to succeed without even giving a realisation of its impact during the process or after the process.
After the process, it seeks shelter in reasoning with a blame game to overcome guilt and depression of having failed.
How to avoid Negativity?
Negativity is due to overthinking, being influenced mainly by those who want to pull you down, fear of failure, and playing safe due to less confidence in yourself.
Inculcate the habit of ignoring everything that influences you negatively. Make self so strong to overpower negativity with positivity.

~ Sucheta Gour


An Entrepreneur doesn’t carry the pride or superiority of being rich, his Qualification, Age, Authority Designation, Wealth owned or Experience.

He is proud of his journey –

  • His never giving up attitude,
  • 12 to 18 hours of working hours every day without losing motivation or tiring his mind,
  • Capacity to handle 1000 negative opinions and reasons every day and still not disturb his positivity,
  • Face cash flow, Credit, Receivables, and sales challenges every day and still carry the courage to pull the show successfully every day
  • Carry farsight and 10-dimensional analysis therefore structuring his business with the highest confidence though there are doubts and apprehensions from 20- dimensions.
  • Hearing 1000 demotivated personalities and pushing their motivation with double the energy.
    Enjoying such a journey needs a different species. They are called “Entrepreneurs.”

~ Sucheta Gour

Relations – Strength or weakness ?

Relations can be your strength or your weakness.

It can either make you stronger to fight the world or can make you weaker to curl up in your cocoon. Choose your relations wisely.

~`Sucheta Gour

Appreciation v/s Resentment

Most of the time, you are living in ignorance about yourself.

When people are correct or execute some job successfully, the first reaction towards their righteousness is not appreciation but resentment. You go the extra mile to find ways to find the wrong in that action. In an attempt to look down upon others, you forget that you have fallen short in upskilling yourself. Acceptance that someone is right or better than you is indigestible. So, the easiest way of rebuttal is to despise the person or his action. This action makes you feel better but leaves you inferior.

~ Sucheta Gour

Trust the Process

Knowledge can be forced into people’s heads, wisdom can’t be.

Hard work can be forced upon people, but passion towards doing something can’t be.
Instances can be passed to others; you can’t make experiences to be felt. You can push the job onto people, but a career can’t be.

All the above can still be possible when you have trust in the person who is pushing you into them.

~ Sucheta Gour