Do we ever measure what we have received?

We measure all the shortfalls of Life

Do we ever measure what we have received?

Let us correct our Maths and retrospect upon 

Like happiness, the money we earn, acquaintances, friends, relatives, number of people who care for us, who help us, and for whom we matter.

Let us do it for once,

All our complaints about God, Life will vanish.

What we have received will always be more than what we have lost and the phase in which we have lost. Shortfalls keep us yearning to fill the gaps.

For instances, 

We can’t expect our parents to live till we die because we are asking for their misery. After all, old age after specific years is miserable.

We can’t expect our children to cling to us forever or vice versa because we are a hindrance to their growth and independence. Additionally, we are their liability and not their strength.

We wouldn’t value it if we had more money and knowledge than required. We would rather misuse it. So keeping ourselves occupied in earning money and knowledge would keep our minds sane.

-Sucheta Gour

Overcoming Frustration…

What should you do when you get frustrated with something or someone. Well,  transfer the content from your head to someone close to you- friend, relative or spouse on a statutory warning note to them that “Forget it after heard”. Go to a nice place, shop something nice, eat your favourite dish, watch a movie.  By then you would have forgotten who/what irritated or frustrated you. Try it. It works. Life has been so simple and contented.

-Sucheta Gour

Change and Get Stronger….

“You can’t blame the lion to have been hungry. It’s the deer’s job to run faster.”
Being a scapegoat may attract sympathy but not yield results. Your weakness motivates someone to overpower you. You can’t blame the whole world. Change and get stronger.

-Sucheta Gour

Mind the Gaps….

All the gaps are between what is visible, envisaged and conceived as. Further, the solution lies in our intent, efforts and approach to solve them. But we only create uncertainty and confusion in solving them.

-Sucheta Gour

Change – An awaited affair…

People are always counted as Group, Community or Society. But I would say that,  there is an era of people who still need to  change. In spite of all the technology advancement, we still have not been able to reach out to them. A mobile in their hand doesn’t bring in that change. Change in thought process and  upgraded life style is yet an awaited affair.

-Sucheta Gour

Adaptability – Key to Survive…

What should mentors focus upon?
Work on mending habits and personalities of mentee.
To upgrade them to be agile, focused, accomodative and adaptable.
To understand and help in creating right habits and engage their time to deliver and prioritize.
To accept new things with open mindedness leading to transformation earlier and leading to progress. Reluctance only pushes the destination farther.
Skills will perish with time and newer skills will be born. Adaptability to new trends and reducing turnaround time in learning are the key to survive and thrive in the new world.

-Sucheta Gour

Young Generation …

Today’s youth suffers with overconfidence but zero action, Or confidence with lots of directionless action, Or zero confidence but  right action. The right permutation can only yield the right kind of results.

-Sucheta Gour

Process Creation phases…

Process creation is easy.
Process implementation is tough.
Process sustenance is tougher.
Process gap analysis is toughest.

-Sucheta Gour

Be your own guide…

Only thing to focus upon life is, where this path will lead me to. Not the stones or thorns of the path, not the companions who would or would not join you on the path, not the distance of the path and not the opinions of others on your journey.

-Sucheta Gour

Life Lessons through people…

People have been my greatest teachers. All I know, all I write is because I observe, analyse and hear them out. At times a seven dimension approach and at times a single dimension- both lead to many a paradigm shift. I didn’t have one case study, I had lakhs. Every person I met had a way of life or was directionless, carried a genuine thought process or was one among many, had great integrity or moulded integrity to suit themselves, had his own way of narrating his story or was short of vocabulary to express, had a great sense of humor or was boring to the core, had his own uniqueness or was a puppet in others’ hands. I lived them all. All ages from children to teenagers to oldies, across geographies, at all levels of work, all classes of the society and all religions- its been a blessing to have had interacted.

Travelling across the country got me much exposure. Not being judgmental or partial on anyone’s actions made me wiser at reading them. I thank all of them for all their instances and problems they shared with me. Few of which I could solve, few of which I intend to solve if they need me. Few of which I would leave it to time to decide. Few who got motivated by me, few who found me invading their brains, few who found me too practical and insensitive, few who found me positive to the core and few who wished to carry me on their mind as a problem solver for lifetime. However, I take pride in all the sincere advice I gave , because at the end of the day I saw people confirming with their affirmations on my ways and thoughts. I believed in automating people.

-Sucheta Gour