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Positive Quotes for Depression | Amazing Quotes


Suicide….. Is it a planned thought. Definitely Not…Its momentary madness, where your frustrations and weakness have overpowered your senses and wisdom.

So….how do we bring in awareness?

The thought ‘Hope for good’ needs to be amplified.
‘The reason for being kept alive by God’ inspite of any wrong happening needs to be highlighted


Will power of ‘Innerstength above anything on the earth’ which makes us feel like a HE MAN so that the thought of being overpowered by problems doesn’t meet us at all.

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 20 Best Quotes to achieve best things in your Life

We always wish for more than what we can hold but, why don’t we work more, to hold what we can wish?

We want promotions, better salaries, we want to get married and have children, go onsite to other countries or want a car, a house and many more. All these are our wishes. But to get promotions and lead people, are we willing to take the accountability for others job? i.e., our team.

To get paid better, are we willing to work more, take risk, and be proactive to deliver more than what client wants?

To get married and have children, are we capable and matured enough to care and understand another person?

Understand and deliver the responsibilities of a parent, led by example and give our children a justifying life?

Going onsite and deliver more than company’s expectation compromising on your time with your family and staying away from them.  A car, a house – can we work consistently to maintain our lifestyle and give our children the same too….

The answers and the actions required can be only from us. So, answer to yourself. Are you willing to change to match the requirement?

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 10 Life Sayings and Quotes about Prayers

I have heard all my childhood at home and in our school time moral science book that when you pray for others it is the most selfless and humble act of a human being.

When you pray for others, return back to you as others’ prayers or blessings for you. To pray for someone or to bless someone is the easiest thing. You just got to have a clean heart and a sincere wish and few words.

You can pray for a poor person you come across.

You can pray for the person in the ambulance passing by.

You can pray for an old person struggling with age and illness.

You can pray for a malnourished child in poverty.

You can pray for the victims of all the mis-happenings or nature’s cruelty.

And all this costs us practically nothing other than an intend and a habit to pray and wish for people. You never know which prayer or wish gets stronger enough to be heard. It might help a most needed person.

We are so busy praying for self that all our life falls short for few prayers for others.

What a selfish soul we are…

-Sucheta Gour

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Liquor Saying and Quotes | Alcohol Quotes

Being alcoholic or smoking in social gathering elevates your social status. There are infinite justifications as to why one should drink or smoke.


Drinking or smoking……

Is a fashion today?

Is fun.

Is belonging to your peer group.

Will maintain your body temperature in different seasons.

For few women it is bringing themselves on equal footing with men.

Knowing about different brands, combinations, age-wise likes and dislikes is known to be the most superior level of knowledge anyone can carry to contribute to the major topic for a discussion in a party or get together

Non-drinkers are out-dated or are the odd one out.


Definitely everyone have their inclinations, point of views on every aspect. But just because you are a teetotaler doesn’t make you less intelligent or out-caste or out- dated or you enjoy life lesser than people with such liking’s.

Proud to have friends valuing teetotalers like us.

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 10 Attitude Saying and Quotes


Taking advises, opinions, guidance positively is a long forgotten story.

If our parents dictate terms to us they are the worst parents anyone could have. Or they are ignorant towards trends and rigid.

If our siblings advise us, they do not want us to enjoy, they are jealous of us.

If our friends are trying to give their observations on us, they are judgmental and envious about us.

If our neighbors give their guidance to our children, they are trying to misguide, impress and influence our children.

If our in-laws try to share their experiences with their grandchildren, as a parent we feel they are trying to take away our children from us.

If our relatives try to guide us, we feel they have superiority complex.

If our bosses want to impose deadlines and targets on us they are villains and wishing company’s good aloe and not our betterment.

Are all the above true that no one on the earth wishes good.

No advice guidance or good will is taken in the right sense.

Why not learn to be receptive or neutral and stable?

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 20 Motivational Quotes on Positive Thinking

People who have created history and are remembered with respect till today are the ones who added value to people’s life for generations to come with their conviction and infinite efforts and sacrifices.


All such people’s personal lives from history when looked back into is full of tragedies, trials and traction.

Then, What motivated them to be there?

Did they know, they would be glorified some day? NO.

Then, Why did they tread a path so lonely ?


Just because it brought them a great sense of contentment in doing good to others. Such people will always be born to motivate us from the history and to add value to our future.

Their only motto has been and will be ‘Do good only for the sake of good’. No materialistic or selfish motives. Life so humble is still a blessing with whatever odds.

-Sucheta Gour

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100 Famous Life Quotes and Life Sayings | Quotes on Life | Influences ….copy cat

Most of the times we see ourselves from other’s point of view. We become conscious; try to modify ourselves to everyone’s liking around. Finally we lose our individuality.



We are influenced by people around and try to be them. And land up not being completely them or retaining our own self too.

Next of the influences are our ideal person be it movie stars or celebrities.

Whatever they act like or behave like we try to introduce those in us.


Of course, we need to adapt to good things around, but should it be like turning out to be a copycat alone???

-Sucheta Gour

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