Young Generation …

Today’s youth suffers with overconfidence but zero action, Or confidence with lots of directionless action, Or zero confidence but  right action. The right permutation can only yield the right kind of results.

-Sucheta Gour

Process Creation phases…

Process creation is easy.
Process implementation is tough.
Process sustenance is tougher.
Process gap analysis is toughest.

-Sucheta Gour

Be your own guide…

Only thing to focus upon life is, where this path will lead me to. Not the stones or thorns of the path, not the companions who would or would not join you on the path, not the distance of the path and not the opinions of others on your journey.

-Sucheta Gour

Life Lessons through people…

People have been my greatest teachers. All I know, all I write is because I observe, analyse and hear them out. At times a seven dimension approach and at times a single dimension- both lead to many a paradigm shift. I didn’t have one case study, I had lakhs. Every person I met had a way of life or was directionless, carried a genuine thought process or was one among many, had great integrity or moulded integrity to suit themselves, had his own way of narrating his story or was short of vocabulary to express, had a great sense of humor or was boring to the core, had his own uniqueness or was a puppet in others’ hands. I lived them all. All ages from children to teenagers to oldies, across geographies, at all levels of work, all classes of the society and all religions- its been a blessing to have had interacted.

Travelling across the country got me much exposure. Not being judgmental or partial on anyone’s actions made me wiser at reading them. I thank all of them for all their instances and problems they shared with me. Few of which I could solve, few of which I intend to solve if they need me. Few of which I would leave it to time to decide. Few who got motivated by me, few who found me invading their brains, few who found me too practical and insensitive, few who found me positive to the core and few who wished to carry me on their mind as a problem solver for lifetime. However, I take pride in all the sincere advice I gave , because at the end of the day I saw people confirming with their affirmations on my ways and thoughts. I believed in automating people.

-Sucheta Gour

The Journey to Leadership….

As leaders, while we grow we need to understand what is happening to us. Else we are confused and resilient throughout the journey. Learning is poor, observations are weak, adaptation takes longer resulting in delayed milestones. And the process of metamorphosis to other roles is intimidating.
There are many things which people don’t even justify on the path to the top. Few instances would be
ACCEPTANCE to the visibility you have.
FILTRATION – How much to filter the facts you know to your people below due to the visibility you have.
CONFUSION -To believe in the limited exposure of past or infinite opportunities of the future. 
INDECISIVENESS – To go by logic or limited visibility or to go by the instinct and vision of the Senior management.
DENIAL- The art of denial to the reasons of failures.
IN-SENSITIVENESS towards their own team members’ irrelevant reasons or empathy towards fellowmen.
TRUST BUT VERIFY -To trust blindly or to verify not only out of distrust but to avoid gaps alone.
PROCESS CREATION – To spy on every person to identify risks or to create a process to be caring for itself.
OPTIMISM & PESSIMISM- To go with the positivism of the seniors and conquer the negativity of juniors or to get demotivated by juniors and bring down self morale.
EXTENDED WORK HOURS –  To increase productivity and motivate a team or to feel stressed with multi tasking.

-Sucheta Gour

Ignorance can’t be bliss….

Not knowing what to do is the biggest sin of life. Because ignorance can’t be bliss. Contradicting the same, you cant know it all.
But keeping an open mind with a positive attitude to give an ear and implement it before its too late is the catch.

-Sucheta Gour

Staying alive needs justification…

Justify your existence wherever you are.
As an employee perform and be integral, as a husband or wife do justice to all your commitments towards your family members and show integrity. As a parent raise your child in a righteous manner. As a friend stand by the other and give sincere opinions. Make a difference with your presence and contribution. Being a passive personality doesn’t justify the very fact that you exist.
Your purpose of being born and staying alive needs justification.

-Sucheta Gour

Irony of humanity…

Irony of humanity.
COVID-19 did not horrify humans at all.
We did not understand the value of life and normal living.
No lessons learnt.
Heights of ignorance and in-sensitiveness demonstrated.
Killing, dying by a virus did not bring humans together towards sanity of thoughts.
We just followed the legacy of COVID -19 with a WAR.

Denial to Facts…

Few people prefer to live in an illusion world. Believe in what they want to see. Denial to the facts doesn’t mean you are right or risk is waived off. It only means, more efforts to success and further demotivation because of too much efforts

-Sucheta Gour

Acceptance levels – Exploring the Phases!!!

Everything is expected and accepted.
We need to appreciate ourself for all the transformation we have gone through.
Child’s tantrums at all ages for incorrect demands,
Society’s hypocrisy,
Ill-treatment of spouse,
Children turning out to spoilt brats,
Our parents’ unreasonable behaviour towards us,
Growing children turn insensitive to parents,
Spouse’s/ Partner’s infidelity,
Friend’s deceit,
People’s ignorance or interference,
Employees dis-integrity,
Employers shrewdness,
Colleagues tactfulness.

We have acceptance to all and expectations too under different circumstances.
Perhaps, nothing seems grossly wrong. We justify, or they justify with the most genuine reasons and point of view which brings in a paradigm shift. What is the threshold in either cases? If we justify every individual from their point of view, will we ever have a proper definition for right and wrong? If yes, how would it be? The innocent, victim would suffer and the culprit will be free.

We had lot of simple moral science which we learnt at different ages in school or from our parents. Can they be adhered to? Should they be valued? Or is it just a way for people to run over you? Or does it allow a relaxation towards bending our rules for self benefit?
All scenarios present.

-Sucheta Gour