Top Quotes on Enterprenuership

‘Entrepreneurs are like Dads’.

They have the deepest pockets to run the whole show without interruption but make the greatest compromises with dignity.


They do not show what they go through but carry a lot of poise and strength. They keep the balance on the surface in a way no one ever gets to know the turmoil underneath.

Only difference is Dad’s appearance shows his sacrifices and Entrepreneurs doesn’t. Because an entrepreneur is always required to carry his confidence, his lifestyle, his success and his class more than his continuous pain and his struggle.

-Sucheta Gour

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Relationship Quotes to Speak Out | Solution for Relationship issues

Speaking out your emotions to your dear ones has been the biggest task for many a people for decades in the past. One good thing I see on social media is people wording their emotions towards their parents, spouse, siblings, children and friends.

I appreciate this trend of creating memories. Not to mean, be on it always but motivate each other in any possible way you can.

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-Sucheta Gour

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Inspirational Quotes on career growth


Job-QuotesMost of the people want a safe, risk free, effortless job. The one who rise up are minus this crowd. People are getting so used to complaining about every situation. Its become a way of life. Spreading all the negativity around themselves.
And how do we come to know about this approach. Because we hardly see people who say my day was awesome at the end of the day for a week continuously in any place and any job.
What I failed to understand is if there was a job like this was there a need of humans to do it.Machines would be more than enough.

-Sucheta Gour

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Motivational Quotes for Crime against Women

Injustice towards women has been an age old story. Women weren’t safe and happy even in the past. The difference is there was no media and technology to expose and circulate the information so fast and in a massive way.


Secondly very few women stood for themselves or for an other women so strongly, to join the voice against all the brutality they tolerated.

The change will begin when women in authoritative positions will support this movement with right and rigorous actions on time. Additionally the protest to tolerance and pursuance to making strict laws is the only way to compel law makers to induce faster justice in the system.


No more is a scenario where we can sit back assuming we or our daughters, mothers or sisters wont face it.

Only rigorous law enforcement in a defined,systematic,standardized way can create fear in the minds of such sinners and change the future of women.

-Sucheta Gour

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Wise Quotes about Parenting and its Phases

Parenting, the only subject where a parent gives exams every moment and never gives himself 100/100. Yet generation to generation we feel our parents were better than us as a parent.


As a parent every parent carries guilt when they grow older and recollect their smallest mistakes in parenting.

What a humble beings?
And as a child the child carries complaints about their parents till they grow up to be parents too.


What a late realization?

How phases of life make us thankless beings, ignorant beings and humble beings as we progress and all just in one life.

-Sucheta Gour

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Perfect Management Quotes for Employees


As  Manager,
We cant influence the results without inducing the efforts.
Efforts can’t be influenced without discipline.
Discipline can’t be introduced by being good, nice to self and all.
This is what is called as leading by example.
And here we speak about training, mentoring, skill development and integrity in a big way.

-Sucheta Gour

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Parenting Quotes for perfect parenting

I always felt no one will get judgmental about a mother’s upbringing or approach towards her children. Because a mother is always considered to be right about what she decides for her children and the way she executes those decisions. But that’s not true and need not be true either.

When people get judgmental about someone, the impact on the person is in two ways, either you try to get better or you give up.

And a mother is always willing to implement and re-implement kaizen (continuous improvement) for her child so she gets better. Result is a better child.

But at times the pressure she builds around herself (which is the result of people’s judgement) to be perfect is so high and child becomes a victim to that. She needs correction there too.

-Sucheta Gour

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