Ready-to-eat, Ready data on a click, Ready information at a click on google, Ready answers on Chatgpt,  instant food delivery, grocery delivery, medicine delivery, instant results – all kill people’s inbuilt skill – PATIENCE. Impatience is at the highest level on literally anything and everything. But one strange thing is impatience is for expectations from others, where someone else owns the deliverables towards you, where you are at the receiving end. And not where you are at the giving end and are required to deliver to others’ expectations. The day we standardise the expectations for both sides, I think half of our complaints towards others will reduce, or our expectations from others will normalise. And hope that happens soon.

  • Sucheta Gour


Men and women are not in competition with each other but compliment each other.
We disturb the harmony and widen the gap by being in conflict with each other. It is only certain class, community, region of the society which creates the bias basis the ideologies they have nourished. Certain other behave extremists on the liberal point of view which again sets wrong examples of women. An ideal scenario never exists. Moderation of words, thoughts and actions can still be an ideal and achievable goal.

  • Sucheta Gour


Bring back the innocence and inquisitiveness to explore better. “I know it all” eventually will only create over confidence and saturate learning capabilities.

  • Sucheta Gour


People management and parenting are ruthless jobs yet creative in nature and can never be technical or defined by a process

  • Sucheta Gour


When we describe a perfect family, does anyone have a perfect one with all ideal people? No. All the fingers of the hand aren’t equal. Its how we perceive and react to people, situations. We shouldn’t glorify people”s negative, carry on mind for long their shortfalls and judge them always. And for someone who is into deliberation of spoiling the environment and harmony of the ecosystem, it’s better to avoid their presence and interaction to keep the balance of mind—not trying to please everyone all the while but simultaneously not hurting anyone. Communicate without ego to avoid confusion and assumptions about each other. Keep the relationship simple.

  • Sucheta Gour


No one is looking at you when you are doing good. You are noticed only when you are doing wrong. Even the person who is benefited from your goodness will forget you over some time. Your worth is only for God to notice.
Again, do not do good to get something in return from God. Goodness should be your way of pleasing your soul, your way of life without deliberation. Appreciation from people is only overstating yourself. Please don’t fall prey to it.

  • Sucheta Gour


At times people feel,

Trials are fine to have than giving an ear to your spouse

Its fine to have a financial crunch than making your wife join hands with you in earning. 

Its fine to sound foolish before others owing to the ego than being corrected by your wife.

Its fine to hide your mistakes from your wife than sounding foolish by revealing it to her.

Its male ego or just ego?

Whatever, who is the one that looses?

If I’m asked, as a family you lose. Is it worth it?

  • – Sucheta Gour

Wisest of the species

We are the wisest of all the species. Still we fall prey to people, circumstances in different phases of life. Just because our heart dominates our brain. And it is good to be foolish too. You are pulled back to remain grounded, restart and re accelerate. Do not shy away from your foolishness. Everyone has been foolish at some part of time in life. Wisdom is still considered rising above and setting right a foolish decision. We cant keep our mind pondering over everything in deliberation for right words, right decisions, right actions 24/7/365 days of the year all our lives.

  • – Sucheta Gour


Teach your son integrity to deal with girls, or else be prepared for your daughter to be prey to someone else’s son. There was an era when advice was taken seriously by children. Now experiences only teach lessons is the notion. But not at the cost of someone else’s daughter. Examples should be picked by looking at the parents and siblings who can be role models for handling relationships and their advice to adhere to. And not from multiple affairs or failed relations that leave the generation broken, guilty, fearful, and disoriented from within. There is no excitement about marriage, life partner, or the essence of the relationship but the rituals.

Inspite of all the trials, there are maximum divorces unlike the era when there were no chances of having too many trials.

 Additionally, the prime years, when they must focus on their career, goes defocused. Somehow parents are not bothered when the son has an affair. Only when the son wants to marry do they get wary. But with daughters, parents are cautious about their affairs. Why are we okay with other’s daughters falling prey to our sons and not receptive to vice versa?

  • Sucheta Gour


You are wishing good for someone? Never regret. Every single account is handled well by God. Just dont expect goodness, gratitude in action or words in return from the one you helped. Don’t weigh his actions and words against yours.The one above is clear about your intent. There is none else more important to prove to.

  • Sucheta Gour