Who is standing between our success and us?

Our trust in us.
Our efforts to the required extent.
Our ignorance nourished by us.
Our reasoning that ‘We cant do than the fact that We wont do.

-Sucheta Gour

Emphasis to shift from Company and Salary to Sector and Sustainability

Emphasis to shift from Company and Salary to Sector and Sustainability
Criteria for job security now will not be gauged by
How stable the company is?
How comfortable the job is?
How highly am I paid?
Which sector is sustainable at most of the times even in crisis?
What is the growth graph of this sector?
At what intervals the graph shows a decline?
Which deptt or skill I should be in to not be replaced by automation, digitalization or robotization?
How can I not become redundant in the organization?
How much can I save in this job?
Will I get paid throughout my career in this sector?

-Sucheta Gour

Emotions are the only way to deal with anyone and it applies to our own self too.

Emotions are the only way to deal with anyone and it applies to our own self too.

-Sucheta Gour

Revamping HR policies

Revamping HR policies….
It’s time to create a new HR Manual by all the Companies now.
New HR policies, Standard Operating procedures, Templates, and Agreements for all activities of all the departments.

To build a complete analysis of what will work, the processes, the challenges, the workaround -based on the forthcoming scenario will be a great task for any organization now. This activity will definitely take 18 to 24 months for the reason that, the scenario will keep changing every quarter. The impact on each Company, OEM, and Sr Management will have a cascading effect on the Sectors, Suppliers, and all the employees respectively.

Govt has already come up with historical decisions supported by new reforms and ordinances like never before. In the following months, the Government will also make a lot of amendments to the reforms at regular intervals to revive the economy and be a Model Nation to the rest of the world.

The change will be constant and at a faster pace than experienced ever before.
The need to survive will bring in this essential approach. Now the race is set up to excel with newer and tougher targets. Who adapts faster will win the race.

-Sucheta Gour

Happy with Work from Home Model? Redefining the whole World’s employment and employee engagement trend.

Happy with Work from Home Model?
Redefining the whole World’s employment and employee engagement trend.

With the lifestyle we had before COVID 19, our social life had got restricted to an extent of hardly any interaction with our neighbors, or we weren’t even familiar with the faces in our own apartments, or we hardly found time for our distant family members.
Post-Covid, our social lives will be further curbed as deliverables will matter more and not the number of hours which will make us glued to our laptops for more than the hours we spent in offices and travel. Social life will suffer. Relations with spouses will get stressed as there isn’t a break given in a relation. Life and relations will get monotonous and more repetitive. You won’t be able to walk into anyone’s house without prior permission but only on weekends. Work-life won’t end once you reach home. Work-life balance will get imbalanced to the extent of not being able to distinguish the ending line between work and personal life.

Post-2008 recession, the measuring parameters for performance had got rigid and one resource was required to do the work of two resources. Luxuries and benefits were cut down.
Furthermore, Technology is advanced to the extent of tracking and measuring performances more rigorously. Hereon, Companies won’t be measuring seconds and minutes, but the amount of results yielded. Task quality and Task duration won’t be emphasised upon, but ROI on the resource and success ratios for tasks assigned will be measured. Since efforts won’t be visible only results will be measured.

Competition will worsen.
It’s always a mutual deal of ‘Give and Take’ with any Employer for an Employee. Now the definition of giving will be redefined.
The ratios of variable pay compared to salaries increased after the last recession. And were applicable to most of the roles unlike earlier, wherein only Seniors had variable pay or very less people in the Company had Variable pay. Now even salaries will be clearly compared with the delivered outcome.

All Individual Contributing roles will convert on Work from Home. More sectors will adapt to the same.
Welcome to the virtual heaven which we are eager to turn out to hell.

-Sucheta Gour

Humbleness is a curse or a blessing? What should motivate you to be humble?

Humbleness is a curse or a blessing?
It’s a curse when people look down upon you. It’s a blessing when they value your worth. 99% of the people feel you are unworthy, weak, moronic when you are humble. That’s the reason you find very few of them.

What should motivate you to be humble?
Mere reason that you should respect every single person either for his/her knowledge, or position, or age motivates you to be humble. And respect will be earned only when you respect others.

-Sucheta Gour

‘We serve India’, ‘Make in India’, ‘Serving India’, and ‘Consumption by India’ is the Mantra and the priorities for every Indian Company today.

‘We serve India, We prosper’ is the Mantra for every Indian Company today.
A wise leader, a wise decision, and a great vision. Now it calls for every Indian to support and implement the same to succeed.
Our PM announces a 20 lakh crore, fifth biggest package in the world for reviving the economy.
Economy to be stimulated by reforms strengthening Infrastructure, Technology, Demography, and Demand.

‘Make in India’, ‘Serving India’ and ‘Consumption by India’ are the priorities.
We are the second most populated country in the world. If such a population cuts down the volume of imports even if from countries like China we are a self-sufficient nation with a stable economy. A philosophy thought off for quite a long time and lacking implementation in a robust manner is now taking the center stage and seeking a successful implementation.

Demand exists, the only diversion of the demand to local goods and an approach to look up at local goods needs to be developed.
Technology has been empowered by India across the globe by our valuable resources working outside India, Time to focus on empowerment in our own country, and give the credit to our country.
Our demography can be strengthened by Employment rules, Skill development, Clear expectations on deliverables, Standardized education system focusing on practical implementation and inventions, Time-bound assignments/ projects can induce the culture required to excel.

Next of the steps expected is to develop a platform with rigid rules like other countries to keep the focus intact and avoid manipulations. An Indian follows the rules in other countries and not in India. If an Indian’s approach can be developed to follow the same kind of rules and commit to deliverables with the support of the platform provided by Indian Govt and Corporates, the vision is not far off to be reached.

-Sucheta Gour

How stable and sustainable planning to opt for the future?

Indirectly, more stringent control on the people, and better initiatives by Govt. Hopefully, the implementation also turns out successful. I just predicted this in my blog on May 2nd and here we go…..
Three months pandemic -lockdown effect impacting a forthcoming three years functionality and pulling a few sectors two to five decades behind. How stable and sustainable planning to opt for the future?

• Landbank being developed in Gujarat. Tamil Nadu, Andhra to offers twice the land for companies opting out of China.
• UP Govt appealing new ordinance on labor reforms.
• India already preparing the road map to accommodate business out of China.
• More investors, more companies to be welcomed to India to revive the economy and make a golden opportunity out of the situation.

Though sad, a very historical initiative by UP Govt to
• Give holiday for most labor laws for the next 3 years
• 72 hrs engagement per week and 12 hours working/day as normal
• No minimum wages applicable
• Hire and fire at Company’s will.

Will there be a cascading effect upwards with these norms. Will there be a better engagement of well-paid resources too Or will only the lowest rung suffer?

-Sucheta Gour

COVID Scenario

COVID Scenario
Everyone’s hypocrisy surfaced.

Here we get to know, who valued lives, people’s security, money, or their wrong decisions as Govts and Leaders in the world.

But we as people (society), do we value our own lives, Do we take precautions, follow social distancing, save for future, better our performance to support our company, economy, and country?
So eventually, we also got to know how we as people behaved. We expected others to care for us and did not deal with ourselves logically for our benefit.

State Govts fighting over who would bear the travel cost of migrant workers
Projects, Manufacturing plants given green signal along with migrant workers to travel back home. Who is expected to work in factories, projects, and make them functional?

The economy needs to be supported by sympathizing with people or supporting the assignments of these sectors? How is our lockdown exit-plan or was there any plan in place?
Was our focus 360 degree or we just thought we had a magic wand?

We haven’t learnt our lessons. The crowd outside the liquor shops, the way we gave reasons to authorities to go out for unimportant things, the way we reacted to health workers and journalists, the way we cared for the poor as human beings.

We complained of no food, no job and there we were paying double the amount for liquor or standing in long queues in the hot sun.
Any society has a mix of good and bad. But if not for such scenarios will we ever be able to hold a mirror to ourselves and understand ourselves as a society?

-Sucheta Gour