Top 10 Attitude Saying and Quotes


Taking advises, opinions, guidance positively is a long forgotten story.

If our parents dictate terms to us they are the worst parents anyone could have. Or they are ignorant towards trends and rigid.

If our siblings advise us, they do not want us to enjoy, they are jealous of us.

If our friends are trying to give their observations on us, they are judgmental and envious about us.

If our neighbors give their guidance to our children, they are trying to misguide, impress and influence our children.

If our in-laws try to share their experiences with their grandchildren, as a parent we feel they are trying to take away our children from us.

If our relatives try to guide us, we feel they have superiority complex.

If our bosses want to impose deadlines and targets on us they are villains and wishing company’s good aloe and not our betterment.

Are all the above true that no one on the earth wishes good.

No advice guidance or good will is taken in the right sense.

Why not learn to be receptive or neutral and stable?

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 10 Motivational Quotes about Attitude

It is very important to know where to apply an advise.

People say we should not take stress at work, so, I’m cautious enough not pushing myself to chasing targets.

I’m told I should be intolerant to harassment or ignore when people despise upon me, so, when my boss points out my fault and blames me, I get defensive, dont correct myself, and ignore.

I’m advised, “you cant please everyone”, so I dont make an attempt to please my wife or my boss too who are going to add value to my life.

I’ve heard attitude matters, it shows your confidence. So I wear my attitude on my sleeve and do not give way for my parents or teachers or boss to look down upon me even on being wrong.

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 10 Strong Women Quotes

Women are over worked out so they get frustrated with everyone around.Their efforts about being perfect towards every relation exhausts them. I want to make everyone happy. No one should be discontented. She tries to live everyone’s dream forgetting her own. And in pursuing this goal, she herself remain discontented.


And finally at one point of life,when everyone in her life is used to her this behavior, but she grows older where she cant keep doing the same, she gets frustrated.


Or if everyone goes their ways which is the law of nature but, without being grateful towards her for all the sacrifices she voluntarily made, she starts to become selfish, possessive in few of the cases or just becomes silent or disconnected towards every relation around.

She then starts wondering, was it worth it?

-Sucheta Gour

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10 Best Work Quotes | Motivational Quotes on Management

Grapes are sour. We apply this almost everywhere in life. We don’t get the desired marks we say paper was tough, we don’t get the desired course we say the criteria for scrutiny and the process of assessment were difficult.

If we can’t deliver the expected results in the job, we say that clients aren’t good, Manager isn’t good or the process is incorrect. First thing we do is look outside and find problems with everyone and everything possibly around other than self.

According to us we did everything right and we are perfect. We live in a sphere of ignorance created by us and feel happy proud and blessed to be there. Blessed not by God, but by self. Practically we do not bother to remember and apply this small moral from the story ‘ Grapes are sour’ which we learnt in our school time.

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 10 Generation Gap Quotes | Parenting Quotes

We need to teach youth to understand the real hard facts of life, the naked truth as it is known and accept them instead of waiting for a fancy pictured life to come true.

What we say are conceived by the younger generation in a complete wrong way. Our momentary frustration are better impacting them to take shortcuts or carry false ego or leaning more towards luxury. So watch out when you show them up.


We the older generation look back in our last years of life and say we should have enjoyed life more or given more time to family or self or better health. Suddenly the realization vanishes that everything you achieved has come with a price tag of your sacrifices.

Do we regret our successes?

What are we trying to say?

We could have reached here without the required amount of sacrifice or focusing on all the things or sailing in too many boats.

Secondly, we carry attitude, don’t compromise on what you are, and try to change just because people are building opinions about you.


Agreed. So does it mean, be the personality you are and don’t improvise or change for good?

You will get what you deserve when time comes, do not get desperate and chase. Someone is successful at the age of 28 and someone else at 18. So wait for your turn with this justification compromising on your efforts big way and not carrying the fire in your belly.


We need to teach our children the difference between stress and pursuing with efforts to reach somewhere better.

-Sucheta Gour

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Best Quotes on Career, Achievements, Goal

The greatest self motivated people are those who do not get to hear the noise of appreciation after having the mess set right and job done to perfection.

Their goal is the result and they arent bothered whether they are appreciated or forgotten.

They achieve mastery in everything they do due to hands on experience and secondly grow wiser with every instance.Only 10% of the crowd are such.

Rest are those, who will be the first in the queue to receive appreciation. Their efforts are more to be visible and receive appreciation, than to get the results of the job, or the process of hardship to get the work done.

They are more busy in identifying the people ,who can do the job for them, so that they can take the credit for the same.

But eventually thei career advancement gets hindered after certain point as they are not hands on with the process.

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 10 Motivational Quotes

Advising is a trend today.
Whose advise to consider?
Three category of people
One who cares for you.
The first category would be those who care for you but you should not implement all of it but hear them out to respect their concern for you.

Second category who have not conquered failures with success

And third category who are succesful after all the trials and failures

The best of the three whose advices need to bought are the third category who have emerged succesful and are willing to share their sincere advises.

-Sucheta Gour

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