Its not the failure of the system, but its the failure of mankind

No country can ever have a preparation to face pandemic. We have witnessed the stories of 1918 too, the Spanish flu. Its not the failure of the system, but its the failure of mankind. Life can’t be bought at the cost of life itself. Having 100 crore beds isnt a possibility. And oxygen source cant be sold like sim cards.
Every logic of strength, immunity, maintaining distance, age is going for a toss.Fear of deaths kills you even before death does.
So build mental health along with immunity. Stop the panic. Build a will power so strong to not budge ….may what.

-Sucheta Gour

Life is not for losers. The moment you give up, you have become checkmate

Life is not for losers.Losers …meaning people who have given up. Life at every stage is worth fighting for. Its a game of chess with you against yourself.And every check against you is always beatable and the game is never over..The moment you give up, you have become checkmate. So never give up.However hard life is, it is harder for someone else.And if he/she is still fighting, then it is your duty to fight back too.

-Sucheta Gour

Having nothing to lose is the biggest strength. Losing is the first step to start

Having nothing to lose is the biggest strength. For once feel it and you can achieve the greatest. Set yourself free from all fears…of losing the falls ego, of people’s impression about you, of failure. Losing is the first step to start.

-Sucheta Gour

Laugh and make people laugh. Distract people from the chaos around.

We have stopped living.We are just breathing. We are going to die. Speak something else.We are sounding so abnormal.We are motivating others as if the other one is near to death.We are advising everyone on the same topic and wishing them safety. This has become the new normal. Why cant we speak something else?
Look out of your boundaries…
Stop feeding your fears. Laugh and make people laugh. Distract people from the chaos around. Help them to be lost in anything other than the fear of COVID. We all will die….sooner or later. Only thing that has mattered or matters is what did we do when we were alive. How people remember you when you are gone. Forward jokes, merrying around, delicious dishes, blogs on progress, life skills. Speak of life, not of death and  sufferings. Negativity attracts negative thoughts and make us weaker. The whole Universe works towards making your thoughts true if strongly done. So, what do we want the Universe to do. Multiply our negativity or subtract our grief?

Every day when you come out, you see
plants and animals still living the same way they did before covid.The reason is no one is speaking about negative things to them everyday.
The virus itself is changing, transforming every second. How much precautions, to what extent and who all can. What are we claiming of ?
It began with symptoms, then asymptomatic,  Not affecting youngsters, then youngsters dying of infection,
Gets avoided with Vaccine but vaccine scarcity and we are still not aware of the long term effects of vaccine.
Situation is worse. But speaking, hearing, spreading and seeing negativity only attracts negative energy.

Do your part. Help people if you can, Take precaution, Adopt smiles, Spread Laughters.
Fake it before you make it. Avoid ignorance but dont burden your mind with too much information because no one can validate every information you hear in these times.

-Sucheta Gour

Comparing yourself with a more lazier person makes you feel further better, but doesn’t take you an inch ahead.

We have often observed between siblings , team members etc… many of these people most commonly pointing out at other and saying “You are only advising me, why not the others who are more lazier than me.?” We can’t justify our laziness by pointing out at others. Everyone has to decide where they have to reach and how. That should drive their actions. Blaming others makes you feel better. Comparing yourself with a more lazier person makes you feel further better, but doesnt take you an inch ahead.

-Sucheta Gour

If wives aren’t respected how can Moms be respected?

Moms are respected where wives are respected. If wives aren’t respected how can Moms be respected? The day husbands understand this, the sons and daughters will start following a righteous dad who will respect his wife and in turn respect the Moms.

-Sucheta Gour

Applying to most of the scenario

Applying to most of the scenario…..

When a woman is aked in an interview, are you married?
The question doesnt mean her potential decreases after marriage. It only means thereon she cant prioritise her wishes and ambition alone and she is bound by the influences and instructions of her husband and in laws who wouldnt prioritise her career like his own.

When  a woman is asked do you have children?
It doesnt mean her responsibilities have increased and so she is incapable of handling them. But, it is understood that she wont get any help from her husband in raising the child and only she has to own the sole responsiblity of raising the child. There would be only financial aid from husbands in the name of owning the responsibility.

When a woman is asked, are you willing to relocate?
The answer is ‘No’ in most of the cases.
Who is saying this ‘No’? Is it herself or she is just being a mouthpiece?

Still do you feel, these questions are pointed out at woman or are unnecessary?
Well…I dont feel so.Rather let us ask the husbands and family answer these question for wives and daughter -in -laws.
Is it a common practice that the family and husband follow a woman’s career? No.It isnt.
That explains it all.

-Sucheta Gour

An essential lesson for every girl

No mother or father ever tells their daughter to take care of herself because her family needs her. An essential lesson for every girl….

The difference between arrogance and self respect. If you raise voice against being abused or ill-treated  or if you expect basic respect in return, you are called arrogant, egoistic and feminist.

The difference between giving importance to self and being self-centred.
You are blamed of being self centred when you also want to be given equal importance in the family.

The difference between compromising and caring for the family. Only when you make highest level of compromises and sacrifices without even making it known, you are considered to be caring for the family.

The difference between self esteem and attitude. Respect for self is considered as an attitude intolerable and unacceptable.

The difference between grooming for self and grooming for others. You are required to groom according to the family’s wish or husband’s wish. Mirrors are meant only to see yourself through others eyes and not your own.

The difference between nourishing the kid in you and being immature. If the kid in you is alive, you are known to be dumb and immature but your innocence and inquisitiveness is never valued.

The difference between setting expectations and being truly. If you put forth your likes and dislikes, what hurts you or what you don’t like,  you are known to be too demanding ruling over others and not accommodative.

The difference between strength and tolerance.
Your tolerance towards other people’s torture, physical and mental harassment is called your strength. Such a wrong way of defining strength.

The difference between being ambitious and insensitiveness. If you respect yourself, your ambition, your career,  you are selfish and insensitive.

The difference between obedience and being submissive. You are required to be submissive, not have a voice against anything unjustly. You should adhere to everything your better half or family dictates. Thats called obedience instead of submissiveness.

The difference between being stylish and carrying self well.
Its not wrong to be selfish or carry yourself well actually. But if you are carrying yourself well but blamed of being a style freak, its fine to be considered so.

The difference between empathy and having no preference for self.
The moment you prefer self over others in even a single instance, all the empathy you’ve shown towards others all the while for years is nullified.

The difference between co-existing and sharing a roof.
Living with someone under one roof and sharing each others pain, chores, responsibilities, loving each other are two different things which do not mean the same.

The difference between dominance and love.
In a relation, your opinion should count, your thoughts should not be suppressed in the name of love. The husband should also be willing to accept, support and treat you as equals and not only dominate you.

Wish we could make our daughters strong at heart and thoughts. We could make better daughter-in-laws and a better world in turn. It would lead to a society of responsible and loving men, sons, husbands, son-in-laws who would promote women’s respect by not only preaching but following too.

-Sucheta Gour

Be at war with life and situations, not with people. It’s a great waste of time.

Be at war with life and situations, not with people. It’s a great waste of time.

-Sucheta Gour

ME the Best for ME

I’m obsessed with myself not because I’m the best but because I’m second to none when it comes to dealing with myself.
Only I can make myself successful.
Only I can keep my self respect high.
Only I can build my confidence.
Only I can love myself the most.
Only I can handle myself.
Only I can manage myself.
Only I can solve my problems.
Only I can be a great company to myself.
Only I am my best friend.
Only I can make myself happy.

Only I can wipe my tears.
Only I understand myself.
Only I can motivate myself.
Only I can be my strength.
Only I can fight my battles.
Then why not ‘ME the Best for ME’

-Sucheta Gour