Who will be able to survive in their jobs after this pandemic? How to save jobs?

Who will be able to survive in their jobs after this pandemic?
How to save jobs?

  1. Who will work focusing on results in the least TAT and not count on the hours spent in the office?
  2. Who can handle multiple activities effectively – like an end to end activities, for example,
    • Client relationship Manager handling team management activities for deliverables too,
    • Talent acquisition Manager handling employee engagement, employee life cycle, payroll, and exit too.
  3. Who can commit to delivering 200% productivity with 50% of the team size? Efficiency to the core, setting newer examples.
  4. Who will not stick only to the job role defined at the time of engagement but take up additional responsibilities? Exercising an increase in bandwidth.
  5. Who will save double the defined budget in any activity? And will value the company’s every penny more than their own.
  6. Who will recover every credit from the market by going to the extent of pleading the client in time?
  7. Who will be able to extend their support to multiple depths being multi-skilled, like for example,
    • a resource in quality dealing with safety role too or
    • a procurement resource dealing with a commercial role as well.
  8. Who will not bring up will issues and ego in the way of work making themselves bigger than the Company itself?
  9. Who will not make interpersonal skills with other depths a challenging task for the Manager or Management as there are bigger issues for Managers and Management to deal with.
  10. Who will not need repetitive reminders and lots of egos massaging or cajoling to deliver the required deliverables?
  11. Who will need minimum guidance and supervision to deliver 200% demands of the clients in the least TAT?
  12. Who can keep their designations aside and focus on the company’s sustainability during this phase?
  13. Who will compromise on the 50% pay cut but double the job involvement to 200%? And can give their 1000% to serve a client.
  14. Who will parallelly upgrade themselves to stand the competition post this pandemic effect, since everyone will have worked hard during the economic slowdown and got better at their job? A scenario similar to – Kaizen forcefully implemented on every person and personality.
  15. For freshers, it will be tougher as they have to compete with experienced people who will come at the same salary as their demands and will also be equipped with the skill ten times more than them and attitude as grounded as the market scenario after having seen the dip in the industry- realty bites.

Bcoz Company has only two choices – ‘Survive or Vanish’. And any company or any individual too will only go with people who can make them survive. And all the above are rules for survival.

-Sucheta Gour

We are just paying for our sins. Why shouldn’t there be acceptance now?

We the most insensitive species of the earth..

When the Amazon rain forest was on fire, we lost 2.3 million animals.
When Australian forests caught fire, 1 billion animals died.
Forget about mourning or taking corrective actions, we weren’t even bothered to make ourselves aware of the numbers.

And today here we are counting deaths and affected cases in every country. Making news content and selling it again. Panicking looking at the death toll.

Because our fear for death is so huge and deaths in the forests were from other species and deaths now are from our own species. So PANIC?
We are just paying for our sins. Why shouldn’t there be acceptance now?

If we want to say we are fearing for our families? Then we weren’t born with them or were not supposed to die with them either. They lived before us and we’re supposed to live after us too. God has plans for the animals with no mouth to speak, brains as superior as ours or strength to express. He will take care of them to. We only cared takers for our family, facilitators …not the CREATOR HIMSELF. And we are destined to die on the day he has decided. NOT A MINUTE EARLY OR LATER. So stop panicking. Life begins at a point where the fear of death vanishes. Live without fear, majestically and with empathy for all HIS CREATIONS of any species.

Wisdom and Innocence

The biggest challenge is to keep your wisdom and innocence together.
But the best life is carrying wisdom and innocence together.

-Sucheta Gour

All because of Darwin’s theory, “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST” Be it an Employee or Employer or Company

Covid 19 has been one of its kind in the last 100 yrs after Spanish Flu in 1919 which lasted two years and infected 500 million people, about a quarter of world’s populated.Of Course the medical technology is on different level today to find cure or immunization sooner reducing the chaos. But the impact of any pandemic will cause equal magnitude of losses proportionate to the financial scenario.

Industry developments :
Certain actions for next 18 months is suicidal for any organization once this lockdown opens.

Permanent Hiring
Inaccurate Manpower Planning
Official Travels
Fixed pay
Variable pay ratios
Back up resources
Bench strength of even a month
Support staff hiring
Performance management

Whether Domestic companies serving Indian/International markets or International companies serving any International markets.,No Government or Private Organization have been able to anticipate the losses this will incur in totality.
Because the duration of this scenario is still going unpredictable the count of lives lost and the impact on the economy because of these lives is not known yet.
the impact geographically ; like the countries affected have had what contribution to the stabilty of economy in the respective countries or other countries aren’t completely measurable in this scenario.

All calculations, predictions in terms of financial planning,Industry perceptions will go beyond any and everyone’s mastery and the best of data analysis.

The after effects of Covid 19 are completely invisible because crisis is still ongoing. Every support team will become a burden for the organization, operations will get more stringent,expectations of Employer will be sky high.
Cost efficiency which was everyone’s concern in the last two decades because of the highest level of competition from global players in every sector will now trickle down to the level of measuring cost of every task by every employee at every minute in every sector and department.
Industry has always become more demanding and wiser with every recession.
There will be only 2 types of employees who will survive.Real Robots and Human Robots.Now this pandemic will make every resource work like a robot. And AI will dominate the market to cut down on the cost eliminating most of the employees in the name of efficiency raised to an extent of 200 to 300% as the basic standards.
After 2008 recession, industry innovated and transformed with an accelerated speed – hikes were controlled, layoffs became a common topic till yesterday, performance measuring techniques became more stringent. Bench strength word became a sin.
Now after this pandemic, even a week’s cost for an employee will become a sin.All coordinating jobs will become an extra cost for the organization’s. Tolerance levels of every Manager and Management will become minus infinity.
All because of Darwin’s theory, “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST” Be it an Employee or Employer or Company

-Sucheta Gour

Hope is the only possible thing we can think of.

Hope is the only possible thing we can think of.
And prayer is the only easiest thing to do.
We want everything to be done by others or God. But can we do something which will not pull us into this chaos again?
Can we follow the rules of nature? With a little discipline, sincerity, and sustainability not to show anyone, not to do a favor on other beings but by understanding their equal rights. And considering our duties towards other beings to coexist with us.
Here we were considering community, race, religion …and God clarified with a strong message that all creations of His are one community- all species, across the universe. Can there be a harder way of learning this lesson? Or should we be still stuck again in petty thoughts like who did it? Why they did? How they did it?

– Sucheta Gour

We considered ourselves supreme and here we are facing the wrath of these beings and nature

‘The World is Shattered with a Virus’ or should we correct this statement- ‘Human beings are shattered with a Virus’. Other than human beings every other living being is at peace and celebrating.The trees, animals, rivers- all are happy.They have been tired and facing life threat because of our noise pollution, air pollution, water pollution and land pollution too.

We never learnt our lessons.
We considered ourselves supreme and here we are facing the wrath of all these beings and nature.
This is still the huge warning which Nature and God have given us.Because mankind might still survive with some reduction in population.But if we still continue with our habits , eventually we might become an endangered species and then turn out to be extinct by nature very soon.

So after this chaos subsides, I believe, we need to have a compulsory lock down monthly thrice. To maintain the balance in ecosystem. And to reboot the nature

-Sucheta Gour

90% of people never try to explore opportunities and conquer reasons.

90% of people never try to explore opportunities and conquer reasons.
Challenges are a part of anyone’s life.
We feel resorting to reasons is the best way to escape problems or accountability.
But only the strong and the ones who want to succeed, grow and win find solutions.

90% of people never try to explore opportunities and conquer reasons.

The rest of them are happy, proud and contented with the limitations they have drawn around themselves. And they feel their reasons hide their limitations.
But they don’t hide. Instead, such people grow timid in their approach to solve and grow wiser at finding reasons for everything.
Wisdom at its heights of misuse.

-Sucheta Gour

Should it be called ‘HOPE’ or GAMBLING with someone’s life because you have raised an unworthy human being?

I pity these women who get
An addict for husband (alcoholic, smoking, tobacco, drugs etc…,)
A lazy person or
A timid person with zero confidence
The family gets him married with the so-called their version of ‘HOPE’ that he will improve after marriage.
And the bride is completely unaware of these hard facts.

She agrees for marriage with her version of HOPE that she is getting a life partner who will love her, respect her, care for her and understands his responsibilities well towards her, their family and the future. She comes together to find shelter under him in the society to love, respect, care- for him and his family and be reciprocated for all of it.
To her dismay and distress, she discovers the adverse situation hidden and finally comes to terms with it. This is where her version of HOPE disappears and merges with the HOPE of her husband’s family. Suddenly she starts believing that she is the reincarnation of Satyavan’s Savitri who fought Lord Yama for her husband’s life.
She takes his cruelness, frustrations, disrespect, harsh words, comments, ill-treatment more like a servant than a wife.
And eventually forgets her identity, her wishes, the definition of happiness, love, marriage, care, partner and lives a mechanical life with minimal feelings for anything.
A life ruined for someone’s ‘HOPE’.
Should it be called ‘HOPE’ or GAMBLING with someone’s life because you have raised an unworthy human being?

-Sucheta Gour

Covid 19

Covid virus

Health threat
Economy slow down threat
Life threat
The world has turned out to be one city being affected by a pandemic like this. Also giving us realizations, no matter how divided we are by continents, countries, cities, race, language, community, culture, religion, colour…. we are all living in the same circle drawn around us by God.

Covid virus

Our problems are one and we respond similarly to situations.
So eventually
What do we do?
Stay composed
Stay positive
Build your immunity
Eat well
Stay contented
Thank God for not being infected.
And hope for the best with a smile and positivity.
Don’t stop living.
Because living is hoping.
And hope never dies till last breath.
Living with the fear of face and mind is no living.
Smile and positivity bring happiness back.
Just live with some basic necessary precautions.
We complained all our life saying we never get time to rest.
So here is all the time for you to rest.
No traffic
No hectic schedules
No deadlines
No meetings
No targets
Family time
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner on time
Work-Life sorted
Hopefully, this chaos will bring us the realization of how important and satisfying it is to be where we are.
And we humans a social being can’t be normal without social interaction.

-Sucheta Gour

Parents choose Importance b/w children’s necessities or luxuries

For few parents, their children’s necessities are more important than their luxuries And for few more their luxuries are more important than their children’s necessities. Balancing is of significance.

Parents choose Importance b/w children's necessities or luxuries