Best Quotes about Helping Poor | Motivational Quotes on Hunger Awareness


When you serve a hungry person with food, you cannot see whether he is rich or poor or intelligent or dumb.You only satisfy someone’s hunger. And the person who is serving food shouldn’t feel less contented on serving a rich person.

Because hunger brings in equality between every class, creed, caste, race or species. A rich when hungry cannot eat gold.

What an instance of lesson made available by the Creator?

-Sucheta Gour

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Daily Quotes about Life & Success | Become a better You


You have two choices when someone is annoyed with you.Stand up and change the impression with better efforts.Or give up saying I’m not here to please everyone.

Who are the people who change the world for themselves?

The one who take the blame and annoyance on a positive note.It isn’t possible to please everyone,but making an effort with positivity can definitely make ‘A BETTER YOU ‘ than what you were yesterday

-Sucheta Gour

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Famous Quotes on Life | Popular Quotes | Words for You, Action against you

Why didn’t they do this?

They were supposed to do this. You need to be analyzing actions when it comes to relations, not words.

Expectations need to be basic and based on fundamental ethics when it comes to any relationship. You can’t expect all the words to be always right from your near and dear ones.

We are human beings. We have the liberty not to think and build our sentences at least when we are with our dear ones.

We can have random talks and we can expect the same too from them because we know they won’t be judgemental about us, But if actions are wrong and words are sugar coated then the integrities of the person towards this relation is compromised.

There isn’t any point in counting on such a person. There exists such people who speak volumes to please you and have loads against you which speaks in their actions.

-Sucheta Gour

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Everyone is happy… | Happy Quotes | Family Quotes | Quotes on Life

We are bound to see only partial pictures. We are unhappy looking at the partial pictures of others lives, which they show filled with Happiness and Laughter.

No life is picture perfect.


We tend to see the Happiness and positive part of other’s lives and prefer to remain unhappy comparing our lives with them.

Definitely scope for improvement in everyone’s life is mandatory.



Heading towards perfection is further more encouraging, but not with a sigh on the Heart, but with a Smile and Enthusiasm on the Mind.

-Sucheta Gour

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Society terms these as Synonyms | Motivational blogs | Daily wise quotes

Are these following words Synonyms?

Being Rich and being Successful…

Society has made these words sound so similar. Musicians, Writers, Philanthropists etc.., they aren’t the world’s richest but are the most Famous, Successful in their respective areas and also contribute to the society in a big way.

Knowledged and Rich…

Why are Bureaucrats more knowledged than the Politicians?

Why Teachers do not come in the Rich category?

Famous and Successful….

Every individual is successful who lives his life owning his responsibilities, doing justice to his job and family. They are contented with their life and do not carry regrets about life. All aren’t famous but are successful.

-Sucheta Gour

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