Degrees of Appreciation…

Should we say good or excellent when someone is right? Depends on who the person is and number of interactions with them and the outcome we expect.
If a parent, we would want to say only good to our child to keep him grounded yet appreciated. If we are appreciating a friend, we would say excellent, because we don’t have to hold back or strategize when appreciating him. If a team member, we would say good or excellent based on the magnitude of work completed or achieved.
Analyse the difference in approach towards each of them. Why this difference? Its because we are more or less or not concerned about people in our lives.

-Sucheta Gour

The Journey to Leadership….

As leaders, while we grow we need to understand what is happening to us. Else we are confused and resilient throughout the journey. Learning is poor, observations are weak, adaptation takes longer resulting in delayed milestones. And the process of metamorphosis to other roles is intimidating.
There are many things which people don’t even justify on the path to the top. Few instances would be
ACCEPTANCE to the visibility you have.
FILTRATION – How much to filter the facts you know to your people below due to the visibility you have.
CONFUSION -To believe in the limited exposure of past or infinite opportunities of the future. 
INDECISIVENESS – To go by logic or limited visibility or to go by the instinct and vision of the Senior management.
DENIAL- The art of denial to the reasons of failures.
IN-SENSITIVENESS towards their own team members’ irrelevant reasons or empathy towards fellowmen.
TRUST BUT VERIFY -To trust blindly or to verify not only out of distrust but to avoid gaps alone.
PROCESS CREATION – To spy on every person to identify risks or to create a process to be caring for itself.
OPTIMISM & PESSIMISM- To go with the positivism of the seniors and conquer the negativity of juniors or to get demotivated by juniors and bring down self morale.
EXTENDED WORK HOURS –  To increase productivity and motivate a team or to feel stressed with multi tasking.

-Sucheta Gour

The art of following up…

The moment you learn this art, you aren’t a nagging wife, an irritating Boss, an annoying parent or an impatient vendor.
Firstly,  acceptance to the fact that we all need follow ups at both ends.
Secondly, whether we are junior or senior, we aren’t computers, we will miss out on many a things though priorities.
Thirdly, patience in not getting exhausted by the following up process
Fourthly, at what intervals do we need to follow up.
Fifth,  the approach required, the words to be used, the content which can make the right impact.
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-Sucheta Gour

Ignorance can’t be bliss….

Not knowing what to do is the biggest sin of life. Because ignorance can’t be bliss. Contradicting the same, you cant know it all.
But keeping an open mind with a positive attitude to give an ear and implement it before its too late is the catch.

-Sucheta Gour

Efforts v/s Results…

There is no end date for efforts and struggles of life. There is only end date for reluctance to accept the amount of efforts required.

-Sucheta Gour

Adaptability and Flexibility…

Adaptability is so dominantly visible at every stage of our life. Yet, we have to come to terms with many aspects of our life. Especially when we have to adapt to many a things to be successful.

We aren’t trained to adapt to working for 9.5 hours after our graduation, travel 2 hours, cook or buy food for self for real long years, take responsibility of marriage and children. We kept changing and adapting in seconds, minutes, hours, days without reluctance, without sounding deliberate, accepting what seemed like a dream ,to a reality which turned out to be like the most normal way of living.

When it comes to job or career, we feel everything to be a rocket science, acceptance to even changing your workstation seems like a punishment, travelling to office like a roller-coaster journey, attending meetings like a herculian task, adapting to a client like a marriage with an alien.

Acceptance issues are too high. In spite of the best of our awareness, that’s the only way to grow, to meet our aspirations, to do better in our life, to cater to our daily needs and luxuries, we still want to behave ignorant towards the sole truth of all our lives. Why do have this indifferent approach?

-Sucheta Gour

Corporate Politics…

Few people just rise by recording everything they do in a glorified way. Rob others efforts and label them with their name. Play enough politics to frame others
Few others are busy with their efforts in delivering results alone.
What yields in the long run?
The efforts yield results and the process enhances knowledge. Shortcuts only cripple you mind.

-Sucheta Gour

Appreciating Women….

We women got to learn to respect each other before commanding respect from the society and other gender or the younger crowd. Mother in law – Daughter in law, Manager – subordinates or Peers. We only have sympathy to give to another woman. Hardly do we appreciate another woman, accommodate her self respect, right attitude and motivate her. We always want to pull out the flaws of an other woman, despise upon her, knowingly allow her take the wrong path, get along with people who envy her, gossip about her, bring down her morale and doubt her confidence. We should not get along with others in commenting on an other woman, we should not be a part of insulting, or speaking about an other woman’s character, or despising upon her just because she is beautiful or successful or carries herself well.

There are many women who feel good by seeing the pain of an other woman and wants to keep them pinned down there. Such women go an extra mile in proving their dis-integrity towards womanhood.
We lend a shoulder or give an ear when she is at her lowest. We don’t want to see her at the top and appreciate her for being there.
If a woman is successful, and we see anyone trying to pull out her negatives, we get along, make apprehensions, spread  it more than her success – which is the sole truth. Irony of our Psychology is, we glorify our action for supporting some one crying than seeing to that no one cries. That is the reason for why we stand where we stand. We haven’t given a demonstration of how we need to be respected to the people around. The battle to be won is not with others at all. It is within us with us.
Appreciate one woman every time you find something nice about even if the action needs deliberation, look up at her, behave deaf to anything spoken against her. Show integrity towards your kind.

-Sucheta Gour

Is there anything that is wrong?

Everything is always right for someone, somewhere at some point of time. It’s all about where we see things from OR should the statement be corrected as, we always rationalize things to suit our benefits?
There is an other version for it too. What is good for me is bad for someone else and vice versa.  It depends on each one’s point of view.
So finally, nothing is wrong or everything is wrong. Who gets to decide, who should decide and on whose behalf?
So many questions. Unanswered, or  answered but not convinced. However where does all this take us.

Into a deep well , a world which we have created to revolve only around us.

-Sucheta Gour

Staying alive needs justification…

Justify your existence wherever you are.
As an employee perform and be integral, as a husband or wife do justice to all your commitments towards your family members and show integrity. As a parent raise your child in a righteous manner. As a friend stand by the other and give sincere opinions. Make a difference with your presence and contribution. Being a passive personality doesn’t justify the very fact that you exist.
Your purpose of being born and staying alive needs justification.

-Sucheta Gour