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Habits build personality and approach.
Parents and Managers


In every day life, every situation we handle, our parents have played a major role in shaping our personalities and building our approach towards everything we come across.

They had loads of patience to teach us the most minutest to major actions of ours. Their approach was such wherein they followed up with us for years every moment on crores of actions from how we need to eat, what to eat, how to sit, how to think,what to think, how to pray etc..,

Finally they were successful in building the best of our habits by regularising those most of the habits which we live with for the whole of our life.


They ideally need to own the responsibility to shape our careers when we are freshers. They have experience on the process and they will have walked through the same phase as ours.

They need to build right habits, pursue with us to sustain our habits, analyse our age and phase of life and tackle us accordingly. Build our thought process in the right direction. Keep our motivations and confidence balanced.

Explore our strengths and engage us to deliver our maximum potentials.

– Sucheta Gour

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100 Strong Quotes on Women | Popular Women Quotes

Women are never in anyone’s prayers.Men are in every one’s prayers.
A wife prays for her husband. A mother prays for her child and the whole family.

But hardly we’ve seen women being in anyone’s prayers unless she is suffering from an ailment.

Shouldn’t this approach change?

When someone is unconditionally praying for your well being relentlessly. You also should pray for her at least once a while. Such a person needs prayers the most to be healthy, balanced to keep the balance in your world.

-Sucheta Gour

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20 Inspirational Quotes to be successful

Successful people’s life has been chaotic, unrestful with torturous people around them. Are they supposed to thank all of it?


Or complain about all the situations and people of past because all of it have contributed to their success.

Truth is, success looks much bigger an achievement and an important thing to carry than all the bitterness and complaints.


So you intend to forget all the troubles and forgive all the people. All of it you will have made as your stepping stones by laying them underway. And it is equally true that if not for all of it you would have lost motivation, somewhere half the way. Your zeal to bounce back wouldn’t have been this strong.

-Sucheta Gour

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