Happy Independence day!!

Adopt Independence from all the harmful thoughts and actions like enmity, jealousy, selfishness, hostility, distrust, antagonism, ill-will, bad-mouthing, destructive thinking, over-assumption, lack of confidence, laziness, poor focus, lack of purpose, lack of persistence, procastination.
From the chains fastened around your mind and soul.
Happy Independence day!!

-Sucheta Gour

Choices are very hard to make between Parents, Spouse & Children

We got to be doing justice to both the ends in our lives. Our parents at one end and our spouse and children on the other.
Both of them are equally important. Our past and our future. We cant ignore one for the other.Then why not carry equal focus on both.

Choices are very hard to make between Parents, Spouse & Children
Infact our spouse and children also need more importance because they are completely dependent on us socially, financially and emotionally. Their identity and existence revolves around ours.
Whereas our parents most of the times are dependant on us emotionally.
Choices are very hard to make but some practical approach should help us align to the need of the hour.

                                                                          -Sucheta Gour

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Management Quotes to improve your Career

Habits build personality and approach.
Parents and Managers


In every day life, every situation we handle, our parents have played a major role in shaping our personalities and building our approach towards everything we come across.

They had loads of patience to teach us the most minutest to major actions of ours. Their approach was such wherein they followed up with us for years every moment on crores of actions from how we need to eat, what to eat, how to sit, how to think,what to think, how to pray etc..,

Finally they were successful in building the best of our habits by regularising those most of the habits which we live with for the whole of our life.


They ideally need to own the responsibility to shape our careers when we are freshers. They have experience on the process and they will have walked through the same phase as ours.

They need to build right habits, pursue with us to sustain our habits, analyse our age and phase of life and tackle us accordingly. Build our thought process in the right direction. Keep our motivations and confidence balanced.

Explore our strengths and engage us to deliver our maximum potentials.

– Sucheta Gour

Powerful Quotes on Entrepreneurship

More work and more responsibilities don’t stress Entrepreneurs any day. Every day has 24 hours only ,that tries to limit them. But nevertheless, successful entrepreneurs always have and they will figure out ways to convert 24 hours to 48 hours.

– Sucheta Gour

Best Quotes on Career, Achievements, Goal

The greatest self motivated people are those who do not get to hear the noise of appreciation after having the mess set right and job done to perfection.

Their goal is the result and they arent bothered whether they are appreciated or forgotten.

They achieve mastery in everything they do due to hands on experience and secondly grow wiser with every instance.Only 10% of the crowd are such.

Rest are those, who will be the first in the queue to receive appreciation. Their efforts are more to be visible and receive appreciation, than to get the results of the job, or the process of hardship to get the work done.

They are more busy in identifying the people ,who can do the job for them, so that they can take the credit for the same.

But eventually thei career advancement gets hindered after certain point as they are not hands on with the process.

-Sucheta Gour

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