Do these questions be asked in the interview ??

Questions like

Will you be able to handle your job and kids comfortably?
Are you fine to travel for the job?
Will you be comfortable working with a company with a male majority?
are mandatory until…

• A male and the older members at home do not bind and hold accountable, only the female for all chores, duties, and responsibilities of the household, children and older members of the family.
• Until he doesn’t make a difference between his and her career.
• Until the males outside, her colleagues, her clients don’t accept a female as a human being and see her as a gender.

-Sucheta Gour

Words are like I, YOU, ME, WE, MINE & THEY

I, ME and MINE…
Life is much more than these three words…
Look out of the circle….
There are words like YOU, WE and THEY
These words are more in numbers in this world.

Words are like I, YOU, ME, WE, MINE & THEY


Parents choose Importance b/w children’s necessities or luxuries

For few parents, their children’s necessities are more important than their luxuries And for few more their luxuries are more important than their children’s necessities. Balancing is of significance.

Parents choose Importance b/w children's necessities or luxuries

HR’s skillset and role will be automated without even reaching 10% of maturity. What an irony?

Every aspect of a HR job revolves around knowing, managing, analysing and supporting people. Still as HR’s people are Aliens to us. We do not know definite and certain reasons for people’s behavior.

 HR job revolves around knowing, managing, analysing and supporting people

We know processes. We do not know the logic of any process. Most of the times, we try to figure out flaws in the process to make shortcuts of the process to make it convenient for us alone. We don’t try to figure out anything to manage our role and know people as HR. Since we HR’s behaved robotic, AI is all set to replace us. And its alarming now and will be worse tomorrow. A skillset and role which got automated without even reaching 10% of maturity. What an irony?

-Sucheta Gour

Youth isn’t age. Youth is a phase of life.

Youth isnt age. Youth is a phase of life.

A phase where you never get tired. Your positivity and confidence is on the highest level.
And you tend to forget to give up in that phase.
After certain age, when you groom yourself, people feel you want to look young and hide your age.
Truth for me is at any age, you need to look good, confident, energetic, pleasant, presentable and lively. And all these characteristics are of any human being who cant be defeated by life’s challenges or negative people around.
So when you colour your hair, or wear a trendy dress, exercise to grow thin and fit, remember…you are not defeating age, you are defeating negativity and spreading liveliness around yourself.
The body language of a person who is tired after a long journey and the body language of a person who has just begun his journey varies. Its important to maintain the energy levels of the beginning till you end.
There is no glorification for gathering sympathy for what you aren’t able to be because of your shortcomings.
And there is no fun in gathering appreciation for what you ought to be by rule.
So don’t hide age, but mask all the phases of your life with the phase called youth.

Knowledge Winning & Losing Arguments

Winning arguments is important.But losing them makes you more wiser.

We all feel proud of our knowledge on winning arguments. We are paid for winning arguments- our negotiation skills and convincing skills – so they are called on professional front.

The other story is when we lose arguments, we feel offended. But the wisdom beneath is when you lose arguments, your mind gets liberated from the thought process you’ve been clinging on to- for good or bad. There is one more point of view you get exposed to.

 -Sucheta Gour

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Understanding Life, Identity & Feelings by Yourself

All I understood till now in my life was that you got to keep yourself exhaustively busy with constructive and some result-oriented work.

Understanding Life, Identity & Feelings by Yourself & Others
Else you end up peeping into others life more or bothering others to an extent of causing nuisance or reading between words and not lines alone or living others life losing your own identity.
Of course, as a mother/father you got to live your child’s life and as a wife you need to live your husband’s life. But there has to be a thin, definite line to define the extent of losing yourself.

                                                                                  -Sucheta Gour

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Choices are very hard to make between Parents, Spouse & Children

We got to be doing justice to both the ends in our lives. Our parents at one end and our spouse and children on the other.
Both of them are equally important. Our past and our future. We cant ignore one for the other.Then why not carry equal focus on both.

Choices are very hard to make between Parents, Spouse & Children
Infact our spouse and children also need more importance because they are completely dependent on us socially, financially and emotionally. Their identity and existence revolves around ours.
Whereas our parents most of the times are dependant on us emotionally.
Choices are very hard to make but some practical approach should help us align to the need of the hour.

                                                                          -Sucheta Gour

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