100 Inspirational Quotes and Thoughts about the World

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Top quotes on Leadership

The corporate scenario will change when, Leaders realise that with designation and authority comes…. Responsibility to own up the role to deliver,
Lead by example

Stretching outside the comfort zone to achieve the targets
Ability to create positivity in people they lead at any cost,
Guiding the team to rightly explore their potentials

Better visibilty of problem and solution finding,
Succesful implememtation of the solution,
End to end deliverables,
Seeing problems as challenges and not as a dead end.
Proactiveness to take up challenges

Whereas leaders carry wrong notions about leadership like

Leadership is all  about salary increase or
Bigger ego to carry in the name of attitude,
Authority to exempt themselves from all the rules,

Better reasoning for not reaching targets,
Better story telling,
Better blame game
Not recording of the path walked by and thereafter leading to poor analysis
Demotivation with the planning or re- planning
Strategies without a blue print
Lack of sustainability towards actions.

-Sucheta Gour

Liquor Saying and Quotes | Alcohol Quotes

Being alcoholic or smoking in social gathering elevates your social status. There are infinite justifications as to why one should drink or smoke.


Drinking or smoking……

Is a fashion today?

Is fun.

Is belonging to your peer group.

Will maintain your body temperature in different seasons.

For few women it is bringing themselves on equal footing with men.

Knowing about different brands, combinations, age-wise likes and dislikes is known to be the most superior level of knowledge anyone can carry to contribute to the major topic for a discussion in a party or get together

Non-drinkers are out-dated or are the odd one out.


Definitely everyone have their inclinations, point of views on every aspect. But just because you are a teetotaler doesn’t make you less intelligent or out-caste or out- dated or you enjoy life lesser than people with such liking’s.

Proud to have friends valuing teetotalers like us.

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 10 Positive Quotes to reach Success

Half of the milestones are delayed because we don’t give way to learn, change and apply. We have 100 questions to ask verify for the most fundamental activity too, just to feel satisfied for the wisdom we carry. And finally we chose the easiest options of all.

And in addition we put forth an argument as to why any assignment given shouldn’t be done and what are the challenges. Rather, Why not look into all possibilities and the wisdom it adds to us?

An approach, so negative we have developed towards life and everything we come across wherein we have an ocean of reasons and a drop of solution which we still are hesitant to apply. Ratio of negativity is to positivity is somewhere like 1000: 1.

Irony is, we feel life, job, career everything will be sorted with this 1% of positivity.

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 10 Attitude Saying and Quotes


Taking advises, opinions, guidance positively is a long forgotten story.

If our parents dictate terms to us they are the worst parents anyone could have. Or they are ignorant towards trends and rigid.

If our siblings advise us, they do not want us to enjoy, they are jealous of us.

If our friends are trying to give their observations on us, they are judgmental and envious about us.

If our neighbors give their guidance to our children, they are trying to misguide, impress and influence our children.

If our in-laws try to share their experiences with their grandchildren, as a parent we feel they are trying to take away our children from us.

If our relatives try to guide us, we feel they have superiority complex.

If our bosses want to impose deadlines and targets on us they are villains and wishing company’s good aloe and not our betterment.

Are all the above true that no one on the earth wishes good.

No advice guidance or good will is taken in the right sense.

Why not learn to be receptive or neutral and stable?

-Sucheta Gour

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Top 10 Motivational Quotes about Attitude

It is very important to know where to apply an advise.

People say we should not take stress at work, so, I’m cautious enough not pushing myself to chasing targets.

I’m told I should be intolerant to harassment or ignore when people despise upon me, so, when my boss points out my fault and blames me, I get defensive, dont correct myself, and ignore.

I’m advised, “you cant please everyone”, so I dont make an attempt to please my wife or my boss too who are going to add value to my life.

I’ve heard attitude matters, it shows your confidence. So I wear my attitude on my sleeve and do not give way for my parents or teachers or boss to look down upon me even on being wrong.

-Sucheta Gour

Top 10 Strong Women Quotes

Women are over worked out so they get frustrated with everyone around.Their efforts about being perfect towards every relation exhausts them. I want to make everyone happy. No one should be discontented. She tries to live everyone’s dream forgetting her own. And in pursuing this goal, she herself remain discontented.


And finally at one point of life,when everyone in her life is used to her this behavior, but she grows older where she cant keep doing the same, she gets frustrated.


Or if everyone goes their ways which is the law of nature but, without being grateful towards her for all the sacrifices she voluntarily made, she starts to become selfish, possessive in few of the cases or just becomes silent or disconnected towards every relation around.

She then starts wondering, was it worth it?

-Sucheta Gour

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