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Women are idiotic and funny -A god gifted-personality trait of a Woman. This entertains the other gender and everyone around. Life would have been colorless without these colors for Men.

Imagine a Woman being composed always, portraying strong, super confident and overtly wise always. Wouldn’t she sound boring?

Again men have different opinions about this trait of Women for different relations in different phase.

For Men,

If for a Daughter, this trait is always appreciated.

If Friend or Girlfriend, then this trait is accepted and fancied for certain duration, preferably initial phase of interaction.

If it’s Wife, then men are highly irritated with this trait.

If it’s Mother, then they find it strange at times, at times sweet, at times annoying before their Friends.

If it’s Sister, then irritating at times and at times cute.

But remember, a Woman is like a prism who exhibits all the colors of a rainbow even if a pale white color light passes through her. Motivate her for carrying all these faces. One of confidence, of fear, of foolish courage, of idiotism, of fun, of patience, of strength, of wisdom and many more.

She is a combination of extreme traits coming together, and exhibiting many at the same time or different times. Definitely with all the responsible roles to play to perfection- she deserves to keep her brains aside at times to relax, which she often does when she looks and behaves funny and idiotic.

But Hey Man! Don’t get judgmental about her on this trait. She is just sharpening all her traits, and fueling herself when she does so.

-Sucheta Gour


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Hey Women! Carry feminism with Pride | Inspirational Article on Women Empowerment

Women are blamed of feminism.

To elaborate they always get aggressive if something is spoken against their gender and get defensive, finally leading to an argument or fight.

Every human being is proud of his race, nation, his caste, community, his family, his gender when it comes to a discussion with the opposite or neighboring set. Though they all know the flaws, negatives of their own race, caste, creed, community, family, gender which they will definitely be discussing against in their own circles.


So, why all this hue and cry about women being feminist. Everyone gets aggressive, defensive – argue, fight for their own set where they belong. That’s pride for belonging where you are.

It is nothing but human psychology, and not restricted to female psychology alone. So, Hey Women! Carry feminism with pride on your sleeve.

-Sucheta Gour


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Definition of a Successful Woman

Definition of success has different meanings to different women.

For someone, success is being in a senior position of a reputed company,

For some, running a successful company being an Entrepreneur is success,

For some, taking care of home, family-giving rise to educated, cultured, responsible, children, supporting husband as a house-wife, sharing his dreams is success.

For few, supporting their husband alongside as a working woman is success.

All these women are most successful in their lives provided they don’t envy others, despise upon self or try to compete to be in some other role which will create imbalance in the life. There are no limitations to dream to be in someone else's role.

Only few questions to be answered are:

  1. Can we cope-up with such a life?
  2. Does it make us happy and contented from within?
  3. Is there something to regret about?
  4. Are we willing to do the sacrifices and compromises they have made?
  5. If we aren’t contented with our choices, role and place is when success becomes meaningless. Else, all the women are Super Women.

-Sucheta Gour

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Mother – Modern Mom

Today Mother’s role is much more than what it has traditionally been.Today Mother isn’t required only to feed the child , take his home work, care for him when he is ill and pamper him when he is good.Today mother’s role has turned out to be a multi dimensional, micromanagement role with lots of strategies. In simple words she should be a watch dog 24/7.Today’s mother require more deliberate efforts to make her child understand the difference between good and bad.

Teach the child

  • To believe in God may what come.
  • To match thoughts to words to actions.
  • To grumble less and achieve more.
  • To make them know the world by not shielding their innocence but by making them know the actual cruel world out there -and still maintain their innocence,
  • To understand the good and bad behaviors and approaches of people around,
  • Teach them the extent, limitations of every relation and acceptance to it.
  • To focus on the overall development of self- be analytical towards life’s situations without overthinking.
  • To work hard without the fear of failing.
  • Coexistence with others.
  • To not get carried away with any and every influences around.
  • To face life with positivity and enjoy the small happiness with open arms.
  • To know the meaning and limitations of fun and celebration.
  • To choose friends – understand their limitations, strengths and weakness- accept and respect all of them.
  • To overcome jealousy and share space with others.
  • The advantages, disadvantages , extent of use and limitations of technology, social media, culture shift, modernism.
  • To accept the changing culture but still keep the fundamentals intact.

A mother should focus on their overall
development – their studies for knowledge, sports for good health and additionally creative activities for developing a balanced sound brain.

She should groom

  • Respect the female gender,
  • Help their Moms, Sisters and Wives in household chores,
  • Accept the career focus of other gender,
  • Contribute to the success of the other gender
  • Respecting each others space and financial independence.
  • Trust and living up to the trust of the partner.


  • Be wiser, alert and safe,
  • Love all
  • Know whom to trust when it comes to choosing a partner or friends
  • Not let anyone step on their self respect
  • Compatibility with spouse and family
  • Importance of maintaining a healthy family
  • Carry confidence but not ego.

Finally, accept the modern , working professional, confident, not the perfect ,but still the best Mom the child could have ever had against the traditional, full time conservative Mom because whatever is the appearance the feelings and the commitments towards the child are the same.

Looks like a corporate job description, doesn’t it? Parenting has really turned out to be so complicated.Joint families taught half the qualities but with nuclear families scope of work for Moms has increased and Dads too.

-Sucheta Gour

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