Just because you are a woman, you need to learn to cook. Why?

You are a woman, you need to learn to cook. Why? Just because you are a woman. Let us stop relating everything to a gender and gain sympathy. Let us take pride in being the nutritionist and a chef for our family. We cook so that our family gets the best of the food.

Even a man can think accordingly. But women have been more consistent , mindful and better skilled due to the society’s impositions. The prototype will change over a period of time.

But whoever is cooking owns the responsibility of a nutritional food on time all the three times with great taste most of the meals you serve. So keep the gender aside. Cook for you near and dear ones with love.

– Sucheta Gour

Stand for the right. Stand for the downtrodden if they are right. Not the victim alone.

Its not violence against a community, profession, gender, category that needs to be opposed. Its violence against anyone who is right that needs to be opposed.
Next question
Who gets to decide, who is right?
Is the victim of violence always right?
An instance
There was a harassment to a girl occuring by a random person who was violently handled by a mob and this turned the culprit into a victim?
A doctor was reluctant to treat a patient and the mob dealt with him with violence. The doctor is a victim?
A patient was treated incorrrectly by a doctor, but becase of the limitstion of hospital or infrastructure, the patient died. And the mob punished the doctor holding him responsible.
The doctor is a victim?
A group of anti socials were stopped of executing a harmful event by police, but the police had to resort to violence. The anti-socials are victims?

From the above statements, a gender, community, or a profession cant be sympathised or considered victim always.There are victims and faulty people on both the sides in different scenarios. The ones who harm are bound by their duty, or limitation or emotion or situational temperament.
And the victims might be bound by weakness, ignorance, influence.
Stand for the right. Stand for the downtrodden if they are right. Not the victim alone.The definition of victim is varying according to different dictionaries of people in different scenario.
We have been taught to stand for our community, our peers, friends or family. Our worlds are narrowed and divided by considering ourself belonging to a certain category.Let us widen our horizons. Unite to think of self as a part of huge family, all the living beings of this world. Stand for humanity, mankind. STAND FOR THE RIGHT irrespective of the label on the victim.

-Sucheta Gour