I’M WRONG’ when I accept this as being wrong; it makes me feel mature. I think I just started a journey on the right path, which will advance towards success. My trials will be reduced.

I see people hesitant to accept it and trying to justify it differently. It feels like speaking to a child who thinks if I don’t accept, I’m not caught or blamed. And it gets so difficult to explain to such people. They will keep on arguing about something which is black and that it is white. 

The wrong ones also lose their credibility by not accepting because, thereon, their decisions and statements are judged and verified about their being right next time onwards deliberately. People would interact or assign less accountable work to them. After all, people know that there is no scope for acceptance of being wrong, and hence corrective action also will be delayed. Because the argument will squeeze the energy, it is a waste of time with such people.

Again you don’t have to accept when you aren’t wrong. But when you are proven wrong, to keep up the ego, there isn’t any point in denying either.

  • Sucheta Gour

Complaining only delays the process of acceptance and reciprocation to any challenge

It is imperative for us to adapt to whatever challenge life offers. It has been so from the beginning of the world. Why do we want to complain about it today? All that is required is to show how we deal with them. Complaining only delays the process of acceptance and reciprocation to any challenge. Sooner the acceptance, earlier you are prepared for the challenge.

-Sucheta Gour

Change and Chance both are punishments

Change is a chance when there is enthusiasm, positivity, acceptance, undefined, and limitless hardwork. Else change and chance both are punishments.

-Sucheta Gour