Do we ever measure what we have received?

We measure all the shortfalls of Life

Do we ever measure what we have received?

Let us correct our Maths and retrospect upon 

Like happiness, the money we earn, acquaintances, friends, relatives, number of people who care for us, who help us, and for whom we matter.

Let us do it for once,

All our complaints about God, Life will vanish.

What we have received will always be more than what we have lost and the phase in which we have lost. Shortfalls keep us yearning to fill the gaps.

For instances, 

We can’t expect our parents to live till we die because we are asking for their misery. After all, old age after specific years is miserable.

We can’t expect our children to cling to us forever or vice versa because we are a hindrance to their growth and independence. Additionally, we are their liability and not their strength.

We wouldn’t value it if we had more money and knowledge than required. We would rather misuse it. So keeping ourselves occupied in earning money and knowledge would keep our minds sane.

-Sucheta Gour

People greed of money explains what are their efforts into it? How much of it is earned by them?

Graham’s theory of diffusion is very strongly applied in the greed of money.

Many a times we come across people in terms of relatives, friends, peers, children or any other acquaintances who feel, if someone has money it should be shared with them.

They do not attach a basic logic which explains what are their efforts into it? How much of it is earned by them?

Their contribution to earning such money is nill.

But they feel, its their birth right to share such money.

They get annoyed with the truth that it isn’t a righteous way to eye on someone’s money. They will either want it as loan or just because they project they are in need or in a worse scenario. And they don’t carry the slightest shame to ask or intention of returning the money.

Further, once they realize that you wont be a scapegoat to their plans, they will go to any extent to defame you.

We need to curb such relations or their intentions by not being a soft target to them. They eventually nourish their confidence out of such success and target many people at different or same times. Irrespective of the relation we carry with them, it is important to draw a line and restrict their actions. Else some day you repent your goodness too.

-Sucheta Gour