I know the solution to the problem. But I won’t share unless asked or pleaded for.
I have a better idea, but if I give voluntarily, it won’t be valued.
My idea won’t be liked or bought, so let me not lose my image.
I give an idea, and it will have to be owned by me for execution, too. That’s so much work.
I don’t have any idea or solution, so let me condemn others who have one
I will not cooperate and support others’ ideas to make them successful. What is my benefit in all this?

Is this maturity?
Do we know the purpose and cause of being in any system?
Are we doing justice to the salaries and compensations we receive?
Are self-importance and self-esteem the same?
Is self-importance above the Company’s good?

~ Sucheta Gour

Winning arguments is cheap. Winning hearts is royal.

Winning arguments is cheap.
Winning hearts is royal.

Teach your child to win hearts.
Today’s generation is more keen on proving their point, be it right or wrong.
And they can argue to any extent crossing the line of dignity in doing so.
Adolescence sets up a platform to justify such behaviour too. But if it doesn’t get curbed in time, this awkward behaviour continues to remain with the child creating a sense of over confidence,  superiority complex or inferiority complex hidden with arrogance.

Eventually when he is an adult ,the child reaches a stage where he feels he can get away with any argument just by overpowering the other and not developing wisdom by being a good listener. This leads to limitation of knowledge and unacceptance by others.

-Sucheta Gour