Be a Roman in Rome | Wise Quotes | Self Motivational Blogs and Articles

Originality campaigning. I completely respect people who can carry themselves with their originality.

But is it mandatory to make it awkward?

Almost all are required to wear a suit at a conference or a meeting.

Do we or can we argue why not wear a Bermuda or a jeans since it is more comfortable or a dhoti since it is our tradition?

We don’t do it at all.

Similarly isn’t it required to carry the statement ‘Be a Roman in Rome’?

Not that we are required to wear shorts in a foreign country but a Jeans or Trouser will definitely make us not look awkward. It’s just like wearing a night gown on the streets. Or a silk saree without an occasion.

Being under dressed or overdressed or an out of the place dressing will definitely draw people’s attention and raise their brows. To avoid awkwardness why hide it under originality campaigning.

Definitely we got to match our attire and presentability to acceptable levels when it comes to creating and maintaining a personality

-Sucheta Gour